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Taisabaki Training Method

PS: Sakagami, May sensei and myself teach 25, 26 & 27 September 2020 in my Dojo. Join us!

Andy Ardelean 4th Dan

After AJ's seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch

AJ sensei always knows exactly what I need to focus on to take my karate to the next level.

He is the only instructor I know who focuses on key points rather than just form. That’s why you gain a lot of practical insights as well as theoretical knowledge, making each of his seminars a unique experience.

AJ sensei’s teaching method and demonstrations are also clear and logical.

After his seminars I always feel like I have taken my skill up a notch.

Chris Whittam 3rd Dan

I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice

It is clear AJ knows what he is talking about!

I was highly impressed with the technical content of both the techniques and his way of teaching. AJ guides and explaines in general as well as on a personal level - looking specifically for what I need.

That allows me to focus on how and what to move so that I can work on my own abilities.

His seminars give me loads of ideas and suggestions and I take away specific tasks that I now include in my practice.

All in all I have to say that AJ’s seminar is time well spent.

Neil Bennett 1st Dan

The Aston Martin of Karate teaching.....

I really enjoyed myself by receiving quality instruction balanced with patients and belief. At no time I felt criticised. In fact, I always felt confident that every element was improving my standards as a student of Wado. There was so much content to take away from the seminar, especially because their words hit home fast encouraging progression, confidence and self belief.

Albert Bouma 2nd Dan

You get cues and clues that make the difference

What you learn here will really take your Wado to a higher level. I get deeper insights that I have never heard anywhere else. Time is not just filled with exercises... No - you get clues that make the difference. Every time they explain a number of other fascinating facets of the Wado.

Fabio Luisa 1st Kyū, Italy

Informational, awakening and highly motivating

AJ and Sakagami sensei’s teaching is really involving, encouraging you to ask questions and the atmosphere is really nice.

Both instructors are extremely competent and skilled. They give clear explanations and plenty of valuable insights, providing me with the tools to improve.

I’m excited to share what I learned with my Sensei and Kohai and because of this seminar, I set my goals higher.

From now on for example, I'm working on the shoulder blade movement and the awareness of Seichusen following the advices and methods taught by AJ.

Eco Kleefstra 3rd Dan

I discover something new each and every time

With Sakagami, May & AJ sensei you really dig into the core of Wado. For some course you have to make time and this is one of them: I discover something new every time. What makes it even better is the particularly accessible atmosphere.

We ended up practising Goshin Jutsu, but not the way you think.

It's similar to what Yokoyama Kancho did with Kote Gaeshi...

He taught the fundamental "Seichujiku" aka Axis Rotation— using Kote Gaeshi AS A TOOL, a mechanism. Yokoyama kept teaching Axis Rotation but through Kote Gaeshi. He didn't teach Kote Gaeshi as a technique but as an application of Axis Rotation.

Sakagami Sensei did the same...

After teaching this method, he taught several Ippon Kumite AS AN APPLICATION of Taisabaki. How to use it. 

Adding a fun factor while staying true to the fundamentally important Taisabaki.

So why is that important to realise?

✅ It's easier to understand the techniques.

✅ And more effective to hardwire the movement. 

The good news: Fundamental applications are coming your way 👇

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