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 Only for dedicated karateka 

Discover Your Individual Key Points and personalised training methods that Get Rid Of Your Bad Habits In 6 Weeks

Whether you joined the hologram series, have a pro licence, or own all karate DVDs in the world...

No matter how good instruction is, technical details and key points are for everyone. And even when you discover various ways that may apply to you...

...they may not exactly address YOUR habits. What you need to work on right NOW.

and SINCE IGNORING IT WON'T HELP YOU, that leaves you with 2 options...


For Maegeri, a zoomed-in key point is bringing your knee not only up, but also through center line. That works for everyone. But maybe YOUR thing right now would be to pull your shoulder blades to control your upper body as you kick...
Those kind of things add TREMENDOUS value to that SAME training, but youโ€™ll only find out if Iโ€™m able to point out what YOUR individual key point is.

You can try to figure it out yourself... โฌ‡๏ธ

option 1: figure it out by yourself.


Shoot a video to review your movement. Mind angles and specific criteria that not only shows your best but also your worst at the same time. So you get the most reliable data to review.


Turn your observations into actionable, highly-personalised key points. Something extremely specific that you can be mindful of when you practise that target your habits directly, attacking the cause (not the symptoms). 


Follow a strict protocol to avoid the mirror affecting your movement, or becoming dependent of the mirror to do techniques properly. Make sure the protocol ensures that your techniques feel the same whether performend using the mirror or without it.


Finally, drill the movement with old fashion on-the-spot training and basics up and down the dojo while minding your individual key points you formulated in step 2.


To make sure you're 100% succcessful, pick or design segment-focused training methods that match your habit, capabilities and take your age and skill level into account.

Instead of focusing 50% on training and 50% on the process (hoping you're doing it right) you can also pick option 2...

OPTION 2 ALLOWS YOU TO Focus 100% on training with unshakable samurai-like confidence

you know more than you can physically do

You know more than you can physically do.

It's that gap that allows you to comment on your own movement.

Gap: "The ability to provide helpful and precise feedback that allows you to improve your techniques".

Then what if we create these variations...

Variation 1: YOUR ability to provide..
Variation 2: MY ability to provide..

Do the math.

Imagine how big the difference will be if you do your own review, VS me. 

How much more confident you will be about it?

And how much more will you be able to gain in a short amount of time?

Not even mentioning the additional training methods that I'll recommend + HOW to practise, etcetera.

So instead of reviewing your own video, have me do it. That's option 2.

Option 2. 


For six weeks straight, I'll review your movement and send you videos where I point out exactly what YOU should be working on. 

1 >> The Gameplan Video Call

First we'll setup The Gameplan Video Call were we'll decide which techniques or Kata you should focus on. Getting clear on your habits, goals, and current training regime.

2 >> Record and send your video

Then, you shoot a video with your phone, according to the gameplan. Simply email it, upload it to your Youtube account or send for free through And if you donโ€™t know how to do ANY of those, simply send it through Facebook Chat or use Whatsapp. We'll make it work.

3 >> Get my review

After I analyse your movement, you get MY advice and discover what YOU need to focus on. Plus what training methods are best to add to your training. If necessary, I'll shoot videos of specific methods and add them to your review.

4 >> Work on my comments

Practise at least 10 minutes a day for a week. And then record the second video... and the third... etcetera...

For 6 weeks straight!

and there's more! 

If you take advantage of this offer now, you'll get these 2 can't-ignore bonuses


Key Point Bulletlist

Forget writing down every single thing I say in the video review that you'll get from me. And don't worry about not knowing how to put my comments into practise. If I comment "you arch your back and should keep the line straight", expect "pull your shoulder blades" in the key point bulletlist. 

I'm taking ANY preparation off your hands to minimize all risk of interpreting my comments in the wrong way so you'll be able to focus 100% on training with confidence.


Private Review Page

Normally if you get a video review, Iโ€™m sending you a link to download your video. But for this occasion, Iโ€™m setting up a protected page at where weโ€™ll collect ALL your video reviews + Key Point Bulletlists so you can easily access them 24/7. No matter where you are.

here's what you get

โœ… Gameplan Video Call (value โ‚ฌ197)

โœ… 6-Week Video Review Intensive (value โ‚ฌ1.182)

โœ… BONUS 1 โ€” Key Point Bulletlist (value 197)

โœ… BONUS 2 โ€” Private Review Page (PRICELESS)

TOTAL VALUE: โ‚ฌ1.576


Click Now, Pay In 7 Days

(or cancel for free even after the Gameplan Call)

Secure Your 6-Week Video Review Intensive ๐Ÿ‘‡


This offer is setup with a 7 day free trail, so you'll pay nothing now, but in 7 days which gives us enough time to schedule the Gameplan Video Call. 

If after the call you're not satisfied, or dont' think that the review intensive is the BEST for you right now, you can still cancel the trial for free. And you won't be billed for the Gameplan Call.

When you're confident, record your video and send it. The second your payment comes through, I'll fix your first review.

But only if you grab this offer now.

meet aJ

AJ van Dijk is a teacher, Chief Instructor of Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe and founder of The Digi Dojo.

He is a published author of several books such as Wado No Michi, Wadokai Karate Special Edition and Kata Applications and Analysis.

AJ has 20 years of training under Japanese supervision that lead to his broad and in-depth knowledge which he can apply. You'll notice by his clear explanations and demonstrations. That, plus his effective Taining Methods allow you to learn faster.

Because of his diligent work, AJ has become internationally regcognised Wado and Karate instructor to beginners, advanced students and instructors - reaching Karate enthusiasts worldwide through internet and up close in person at international seminars.

AJโ€™s mission is to help Karate students and instructors understand and implement simple yet extremely powerful Key Points and Training Methods that can unlock shortcut-like growth and get you to the next level without wasting time, money or theoretical overwhelm.

His unique and holistic approach combines traditional training with cutting-edge training methodology leveraging fun and illuminating experiments with effective and straight forward Training Methods.

When not training, teaching or being busy with Karate, AJ is interested in science, enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and binge-watching Netflix series while secretly still thinking about Karate.


AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. He will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

Nukina Nobuyuki, 6th Dan Wadokai

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