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Do you feel insulted when people say "Kata is a dance"? 

You should. Because it's not.

That is, IF you're not just following the routine... (are you doing more?)

You have to use Kata as a method to deeply ingrain Wado's body movement.

The way forward is to ALWAYS focus completely on the key points that allow you to upgrade your skill.

That's why you unlock the Pinan Kata Pro Content. Access the fundamental key point based analyses that are deep, clear and actionable. Applications included.

You'll never focus on the wrong things again.

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Sanbon Kumite Videos

add a variety of techniques to your arsenal

Ishikawa sensei added techniques on top of Suzuki sensei's Sanbon >> 10 per category.

That's 10 Chudan, 10 Jodan and 10 Maegeri Uke. 30 Sanbon Kumite that are a peek inside Ishikawa sensei's brain. His kumite techniques.

Study them and turn your straight forward and back movement into angles and Wado Taisabaki.

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Ohyo Kumite Videos


Maybe... just maybe you're one of the few people who performs Ohyo Kumite correctly. But odds are you're not (sorry). 

Not to worry though... it's a mindset thing. A perspective.

It can be changed (I did it too and so did my students once I found out).

1 THING: A perspective that COMPLETELY affects the techniques you already know.

It changes HOW you execute the form— the same form... but a better, more effective result.

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First things first: you never will (it's a good thing)

BUT... there is a way to get WAY CLOSER to being satisfied or at least HAPPY with your performance without shaking your head or looking down to check your stance.

It all starts with knowing what's important (and what not).

Example: In Kihon Kumite #3 some are obsessed with the position of the right foot (even claiming that if you stand on this foot you can push him over and break his ankle). 

Here's the issue: 🔎

Too much zooming in. Emphasising...

It's counterproductive tunnelvision, focusing on what DOES NOT help your skill. In fact, you'll think about foot placement alone and lose sight of the bigger picture: PRIMARY PURPOSE and principle.

In Kihon Kumite, it's important to learn

  • How to use your body to move
  • How to use your body to block
  • How to use your body to punch
  • How to use your body to kick

And being smart about it using Wado Principles.

Stop thinking in pictures (stances), taking a 'good' Neko Ashi Dachi minding your raised heel... Instead: focus on movement learning how to connect your arms and legs to your body movement.  

Conclusion: body and principles first... not hand, foot, arm, leg and technique first.

Click to learn Wado's defense, counterattack and movement principles that get your Kihon Kumite to the next level. Today.

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€ 27

Tanto Dori Videos

it's kata, not kumite

If you're looking for knife fighting techniques that you can copy-paste when you're attacked in a dark alley...

...this content is not for you.

Tanto Dori is Kata designed as a package that teach you principles. Not techniques.

Here's the list of the original Tanto Dori:

  1. Kote Nage Dori
  2. Ude Garami Dori
  3. Hiki Tate Dori
  4. Hiki Otoshi Dori
  5. Unga Dori
  6. Zu Dori
  7. Eri Nage Dori

If that list gives you goosebumps (knowing access to 40+ videos is in arms reach), this content is for you.

Study all these Kata and variations through text, images and Pro videos covering details that matter.

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€ 27

love the traditional stuff?

I guess you're not a does-that-work-on-the-street type of guy.

That said, it should WORK

When someone grabs your wrists, can you really get out even if he doesn't want you to?

Go well beyond learning the traditional forms and discover:

  • Secrets of Tehodoki that work even if your opponent resists

  • Finesse of Kuzushi (spine manipulation) so you can throw without muscle strength

  • Direction of energy that teach using body weight and alignment

  • Sankaku principle that allows you to detect strong and weak lines of the opponent in a flash

  • Fundamentals of joint manipulation so your opponent can't escape your lock (and you can force him to move too where you want).
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