Kette Junzuki means to kick first, then punch

Kette Junzuki is Junzuki including Maegeri.

Kick first, then punch. The key for Kette Junzuki is to use the momentum of the kick and not letting the kick affect your posture.

A classical approach is "Ho Ho". And NO, not Santa's... If you want to be precise, 方法 should be written as Houhou. Yokoyama Kancho taught this to me, which means "the method of your steps" — as he called it. It means that your kicking techniques were originally connected to the direction you moved it in. 

Your step becomes a kick. Maegeri.

In the videos I show and explain you how to do the kick and punch and what you should be mindful of when you execute Kette Junzuki.

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keypoints of kette junzuki


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