spice-up your training with 23 proven-Effective Methods for more stable stances, sharper punches and effortless kicks 💯



  • The 23 are carefully selected and among the best I learned directly from Sakagami, Ishikawa, Nukina (Wado Ryu) and Yokoyama sensei (Shorin Ryu).
  • They're all made to work if you lack time or space, and no equipment is necessary.
  • The methods are Fun & Fundamental meaning they work no matter your rank and regardless of style.
  • Every method is presented in a clear and concise manner with to-the-point explanations — no fluff and training-ready.
  • We're sharing this book for free to help Karateka all over the world during this crisis, for a limited time. Be sure to download your copy now while it's still free.


T. Hotz United States

Right into the methods

The book goes right into the methods, rather than rehashing history or techniques. The author assumes that the reader already has experience with karate.

The pictures are clear and the instructions are easy to follow. The author is very crisp in his movements and does them perfectly.

This would not only be a great supplement for those who train alone, but for a lesson on using technique in crowded spaces. Techniques are only useful if we can make them work in all situations and surroundings.

Jeff 2nd dan, UK

Find those missing links

The book is a good quick reference if you feel you're missing something in your technique. It's is easy to access with plenty of tips, good explanations and good photographs.

Carl United Kingdom

37 years a studying karateka! 58 yrs old!

In these difficult times this book made me re focus and give me ideas on different ways to study. And to be honest, all contents met and exceeded. It has opened my mind to other square metre options.

Alison Morgan 1st kyu, Gary McLenaghan Karate, UK

Excellent book for training in a confined space

When I checked what this book covered, the first things I noticed were the wide range of karate moves and how they are broken down into steps.

I feel very confident about these methods because the text explains why a move is to be done a certain way or what precisely it is that you are looking to achieve.

When practicing at home it's easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing and the ebook provides variety. You can also mix and match to make a training session as long or as short as you want.

Hasheem Muththalif Black belt 3rd Dan- Wado Ryu Spinea Sri lanka

Very useful book

In Sri Lanka our Karate technical knowledge is low..This book has practical pictures and very clear explanations so it's very useful to overcome that situation.

Art Dan grade, Northern Ireland

Next to no other

AJ has been very thorough in demonstrating & explaining the techniques. The text was very clear on what to expect when movements are done correctly that also give incredible insights on what to expect when done correctly..

I believe anyone will benefit from AJ's training methods & the in-depth study that he has put here online through the years of hard work and the studying of the great masters that have (come on gone).

Dave Shephard 5th Dan (Wado Kokusai -Altiplano) Granada, Spain

Wado in lockdown

Training in a small area will be new to many people and is essential in these unprecedented times. The book and videos shows how to make the most of limited space and when I saw the book I straightaway noticed the ease, clarity and effectiveness of the drills.

AJ Sensei is a world class instructor. His teachings are always thoughtful and have meaning and purpose. They will increase your understanding of principles and techniques. You will not be disappointed.

Gary mcclenaghan 3rd dan wado, 1st dan shotokan, 1st dan taekwondo, 1st dan kick boxing , Bsc (hons) MA Ed.

My students already responded with a very positive attitude towards the content

This book is different from other literature I have studied for Karate training, techniques and theory because the illustrations and reasoning are very clear and precise which enables both the senior student and novice alike

The contents of the information exceeded my expectations because AJ and his team have put together information both from knowledge gained and information gathered from other masters and instructors and home the extra mile to produce and relay the information back to the reader clearly which in my opinion has not been achieved before in the martial arts literary field.

The videos complement the book because some students thrive on being able to visualise the technique from video and watch and re-watch the videos until they start to get a better understanding of what they are attempting to learn. Some students cannot learn from black and white reading materials they need a bit more which is where the videos come in .

I have already recommended the book/videos to my students and they have already responded with a very positive attitude towards the content which is very helpful.

Francisco Neuman Panama


Finally a book and videos that addresses practical home training.. For example, the methods on generating power without stepping forwards are simple yet effective.

Neil Bennett 1st Dan

A true guide with creative views

The E-book offers a true guide to basic forms. The creative views and explanations within the e-book are easy to follow and packed with all the information you’ll need.

It gets you to question exactly how you move, why you move in that way and produces a feeling of satisfaction when you realise how it all comes together.

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