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  • DESIGNED TO FOLLOW-ALONG So You Can Focus On Practise (Not About Crafting A Class Or Worry About What To Do Next And Lose Your Focus Because Of It).

  • ALL CLASSES ARE PRE-RECORDED So You Won't Have To Build Your Day Around A Livestream And You Can Get Back To The Class Later.

  • THE CLASSES CONSIST OF BLOCKS OF 5 TO 15 MINUTES So Not Having Enough Time Is Not An Obstacle.
  • IT'S PERFECT FOR TRAINING AT HOME  because you Don't Need Much Space Or Materials (It's Pretty Much All Done On A Square Meter).

wondering what the classes are like?

Here are some examples...

you get lifetime access to class 1-10!

#1—Sonobazuki, Uraken & Junzuki including the #1 step-by-step method to learn how to move from your centre.

#2—Keri & Renrakuwaza with methods that promote better motor control by changing only one thing from your regular basics... (but make it twice as effective)

#3—Heavy bag training (that you can do in the air too) with "AJ value adds" + biggest "point your knee in the direction mistake" revealed (and how you should use that to your benefit).

- including advanced Uraken to Haito Meotode combination

#4—Pinan Nidan. With Key Points you NEVER heard before (100% sure) - especially the one that truly sharpens your Nukite.

#5—Gyakuzuki. I'm lifting the veil of The Training Method Trinity and connect this to one of the best methods I learned from Nukina sensei.

#6—Sai Kihon 1-10. You'll discover Karate versions as well so you can practise along even if you don't have Sai (you'll especially love the Kake Uke + One-Inch Punch method).

#7—Jitte. Including the the "final" answer about opening your front foot when you step forward...

#8—High Pace Basics. Discover how to build your training WITHOUT a warm-up as you squeeze in the important exercises in between of your variety-on-repeat training.

#9—Nunchaku. Join the fun and find out how to catch, strike and control Nunchaku. Step by step with plenty of high-pace repetitions.

#10—Jion. Easy enough to follow if you're new to the Kata. And packed with gems that even senior instructors can use to improve their techniques.


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What are the hologram series?

They’re Full HD, 30 to 60 minute follow-along Karate classes instructed by Wadokai Holland's Chief Instructor, AJ van Dijk. You'll you’ll be pushed to do proper practise, as if you're back in the Dojo 👊 

And since it's pre-recorded in the studio, you don't have to worry about a failing livestream connection, crappy audio or low quality video so you can focus on your training.

here are a few examples (full iist below)

Techniques like Junzuki and Jodan Uke require refined timing. Just repeating the Kata won't help too much, so during Kata training we 'sidestepped' and did this method. By using Shizentai you maximise focus on the objective. Simple. Clear. Effective.

Speed and power often is considered to come from hip twisting. And perhaps you're aware of shoulderblade movement. Still, that is "internal". You need to combine that with "external" forces like gravity. This method highlights using momentum.

Rohai has difficult movement where opposite leg, arm and body rotation and dropping are all combined. An effective way to improve your techniques is to isolate and practise that seperately before coming back to the complete movement.

"Isolating" and "Sidestepping" are strategies to improve your techniques faster. Similarly, you can highlight one embusen, or one movement, and then patch the Kata back together. This works best with ONE key point in mind. 

allow me to introduce myself...

👋 I’m AJ from The Digi, Chief Instructor for Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe and right now I’m consistently shooting 30 to 60 minute training videos where I give you that kick in the butt you need!

I call it: The Hologram Series. That's me and my son >> (more about me down the page in case you don't know who I am or why you should listen to me and take my classes)

You'll discover actionable principle-based key points you never heard before that get your Karate to the next level. Not to mention the breakthrough training tips that'll change your training forever. For the better.

Follow my count, my speed and my effort as I’m training with you while pushing YOU to keep up the pace — even if you're training at your house.

You’ll feel like being back in the Dojo again.


Why You Should Follow My Classes?

The last 20 years, I’ve studied tirelessly under Japanese instruction, published several books (The Hardcover Bestseller Wado No Michi being one of them) and directed and shot THOUSANDS of videos.

I’ve guided senior instructors throughout Europe in person through seminars and private instruction. Using specific key point based explanations and tailored training methods they managed to get to the next level and improve techniques they had been working on for decades.

And it’s exactly these teachings that you get inside The Hologram Classes for FREE.

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👉 Why Sonobazuki is the true fundamental that completely changes your view on training (for the better).

👉 How to shift your focus to different parts of the punch so you can improve faster and get to levels otherwise difficult (or impossible) to achieve.

👉 And Why and WHEN to use the 4 stances so you can truly tailor your training to what YOU specifically need.

And that's just what you'll discover from 1 of the 12 videos from The Giftbag that have a running time of 97 minutes.

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meet aJ

AJ van Dijk is a teacher, Chief Instructor of Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe and founder of The Digi Dojo.

He is a published author of several books such as Wado No Michi, Wadokai Karate Special Edition and Kata Applications and Analysis.

AJ has 20 years of training under Japanese supervision that lead to his broad and in-depth knowledge which he can apply. You'll notice by his clear explanations and demonstrations. That, plus his effective Taining Methods allow you to learn faster.

Because of his diligent work, AJ has become internationally regcognised Wado and Karate instructor to beginners, advanced students and instructors - reaching Karate enthusiasts worldwide through internet and up close in person at international seminars.

AJ’s mission is to help Karate students and instructors understand and implement simple yet extremely powerful Key Points and Training Methods that can unlock shortcut-like growth and get you to the next level without wasting time, money or theoretical overwhelm.

His unique and holistic approach combines traditional training with cutting-edge training methodology leveraging fun and illuminating experiments with effective and straight forward Training Methods.

When not training, teaching or being busy with Karate, AJ is interested in science, enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and binge-watching Netflix series while secretly still thinking about Karate.

AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. He will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

Nukina Nobuyuki, 6th Dan Wadokai

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