discover how quick-relief foam rolling techniques are packaged in this exclusive routine you can do before breakfast to improve your mood and physical performance

Inside The Foam Roller Exclusive, you'll not only find a follow-along foam rolling session...

...and definately not only "do this" explanations that you can tell from just looking at it.

I've seen so many videos on YouTube about Foam Rolling and I noticed one common "issue" that are holding you back.

Hardly any videos are about what to be mindful of, and how to tweak YOUR training.

Because what if...

  • What if you're not strong enough to take a certain position?
  • What if that position hurts...
  • And what if you fatigue?

I'm addressing all this in great detail to be absolutely sure ANYONE can benefit from The Foam Roller Exclusive.

It's built so YOU can do it too. No prior knowledge or training required.

And it's not only my experience...

Next to Martial Arts study and practise for over 20 years under Japanese instruction, I'm also greatly interested in biomechanics.

When I "finally" met Shaun, my by now friend and Chiropractor, I was amazed by how much I didn't know.

Ever since, I worked with him closely and immersed myself in "How the body (really) works".

One of the results: The Foam Roller Exclusive.

In short, to make sure I'm absolutely sure about the quality, science and "physical-therapist-approval", I consulted Shaun more times than I can remember. And studied and got certified in other programs just to make sure you're really getting what I promise:

The Foam Roller Exclusive.

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