nice! your testimonial will help others decide to join us

nice! your testimonial will help others decide to join us

Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out your details‚Äč
  2. Import your picture through Facebook or Google (skip if you don't have FB or Google account)
  3. Answer the questions in a sentence (the ones with an *asterix are required, the others are optional)
  4. I will turn your answered questions into a smooth story, some words bold or underlined if that makes sense. Note that I will mail you for permission first if I had to tweak a lot.
*Why did you get your Pro Licence?
*What is the biggest difference for you between Freemium and Pro? And how does that help you?
What do you gain most from your Pro Licence, that you can't get when you are Freemium?
Assuming you had a frustration while being Freemium, how did your Pro Licence fix that?
How do you feel about having access to the full database, instead of access to limited videos and secured text blocks that Freemiums encounter?
What is your impression or experience about AJ being there for you when you have questions?
*Imagine you lose your Pro Licence, what would you miss most?
*What's the main reason you recommend going Pro to others?

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