thanks a lot!

thanks a lot!

I appreciate you taking the time to write your testimonial about The wadokai seminar

I appreciate you taking the time to write YOUR TESTIMONIAL about the ohyo kumite ebook

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*Why did you join the seminar?
*In what way did our teaching meet or exceed your expectations? (what did you expect or look for, and what did you actually get)
*What is your biggest takeaway from the seminar? (technically)
What did you really like about this seminar that you miss or that lack in other seminars? (teaching or content-wise)
Instead of "I learned number 4", can you name a key point (or training approach) that you will start to focus on?
How will the content of the seminar affect your training? Will you focus on other or new things / implement methods taught and why?
*Would you join the seminar next time and why?

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