Terms of use

Last revised: 27 April 2023

  1. Your free account or Pro Licence is for one user only: you. Do not share your login details with others;

  2. Your details may be used to inform you about our latest updates, products and events. External services (third-party) such as an e-mail provider and Social Media may receive your data to allow us to provide the best service;

  3. Payments are up front and never refundable, unless otherwise specified. In case of technical issues we will do all we can to get the initial desired result in a fair, honest and harmoneous way;

  4. Anything posted on this website may not be downloaded, reproduced, sold, shared or copied or anything alike. Neither for personal use. All content should be viewed through our website. You are welcome to share URLs and our Social Media messages;

  5. Inappropriate behaviour online as well as offline may result in indefinite exclusion of membership as well as participation in any Wadokai Nederland (and their instructor) related activities.

  6. Any formally legal not mentioned terms should still be considered, from the 'respect our efforts' point of view. We do not appreciate it, if you deliberately try to look for mazes or ignore the above in the first place. We trust that you understand the general message that we try to get across. In case of doubt, please contact us.