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collection of video chats with pro's

video review 1

Chris decided to upload his Pinan Shodan for me to have a look at. The 6 minute video is aimed specifically on Chris' performance, BUT I adress many key principles that you can use too.

Video review 2

When I was over in Germany, Andy handed over his flash drive with ALL his Kata. I managed to review his Pinan Nidan and Pinan Shodan in the hotel room in between of the seminar and dinner. Here's my comments on his Pinan Nidan.

video review 3

Right after I sent out the mail about the next reviews, Neil sent me his Bassai. This review is unique in the sense that Neil's Bassai has features from Mr. Suzuki's version as well as some 'never seen before' variations.

video review 4

Andy's Pinan Shodan

Video review 5

Chris' Pinan Yondan

Take 2

Neil's Bassai take 2

Great development Neil, in such a short time!







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