Start Applying Teaching Skills That Professionals Use

here's WHY "the why question" should be one of your assets as a teacher

Learn HOW To Use And WHEN To Apply "The Why Question" To Guide Students That Benefit From This Approach

In this video I address two ways of teaching/mentoring your student. Are you using both AND are you using either one more or less depending on your student?

the learning pyramid explained

1/2 how to take your retention from 5%, 10 or 20 to way more than that

Here's details on Lecuture, Reading and Audio-visual and how you can use that for your studies.

2/2 taking MAJOR aDVANTAGE of small hacks that turn regular demonstrating, discussing and teaching into your best assests

These 23 minutes are well worth your time if you are looking to maximise every single minute that you are in the Dojo. 

Apply The Content Of These Three Videos To Increase The Quality Of Your Teaching. Fast

How To Teach Junzuki To A Class Ranging From White To Black Belt

Grab a paper and pen and get ready to plan out your class...

Copy Paste This Marketing Technique Directly To Your Teaching

Ishikawa Sensei used to say: "Little things make a lot of difference".

And that's exactly what JUST 3 WORDS will do:

Increased focus + upped workethic = higher quality training.

Two Important Things That You HAVE TO Start With

One is what you do in your first year of becoming a teacher. 

The other is without doubt MY MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERY in my teaching carreer - it comes down to 1 action.