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variations of kata (and how they come to be)

It's down to three specific reasons...

kime is a process- not a moment

Using this VERY simple example, you'll understand the biggest misunderstanding about Kime instantly.

zanshin and heijoshin

This video contains my biggest takeaway about Zanshin and Heijoshin. It ties back to your pair work and WHY we bow, close the distance slowly - et cetera.

differences in kata (and when that matters)

Barry asked: "...Differences between for example the Suzuki way of performing Kata and the now JKF Wado versions?"

The question is a bit broad so I took the liberty to use Niseishi as an example to explain how it works.

japanese terminology

Is it nice to know, need to know or both? It depends on the group you are in (there are three).

Karate is boring

Maybe I should rephrase... OK I will. And I'll tell you what my student did that really surprised me (that you should do too).

DONT DO THIS if you are taking your grading

No more words needed...

"Hey AJ, I was wondering what would be the best way to use 10 min training time every day to improve?"

Good question. I got that one recently and shot two videos about it. This one is on the meaning of a 10 minute window - what you should do and what mistakes to avoid.

do this EASY self assessment to determin how to fill your 10 minute window

Yes, you can do what I explained in the other video. If you can manage this (easy) self assessment it's even better >> Discover how to tailor your 10 minute window EVEN if you don't have much experience.

4 types of feedback

Do you leverage all 4 of them? One is quite difficult, but you can use at least 3 out of 4.

the why question part 3:

You need to ask questions to YOURSELF. My student 'failed' to do this well so I guided him in my Dojo. In this video I'll tell you exactly what I told him, so you can apply the method yourself next time you are back in the Dojo.

the why question part 2: STANCES

Correct the foot position or... how do you correct your stances?

the why question

Keep asking why until you reach the root, because that's where you find you next key point. Here's how it works.

the burden of knowledge

My son wants to know everything. It's a joy to watch, yet I know there comes a time when your knowledge starts working against you, unless...

a simple thing to stay on track

My grandmother only finished primary school. That's the package of knowledge she gained before she had to figure stuff out on her own.

We all know it's better to stay in school and get a degree to let's say - secure your future. So why don't we apply the underlying principle to our Karate?

Why you can't blame yourself to not know it

What follows after this: 2,4 ...?

I'll explain briefly why you can't know the answer for sure AND how that applies to your Karate (as usual). 

I'm not too keen on using these words but... This is a MYTHBUSTER for sure.

kata hitotsu sannen

You should practise a Kata for 3 years. Really?

how "total knowledge" can help yOU

It's without doubt one of the most important principes that I learned from Yokoyama Kancho. Here's how you can apply it to your Karate. To your training.

what do you think...?

Is Karate an individual or team sport? (Ok it's not a sport, but go with me on this one ok?)

machite and kakete 2/4


In simple terms it's block and counter. But is that really all there is to it...?

Machite And Kakete 2/4


Now THIS is how you can explain typical Wado movement.

Machite And Kakete 2/4


You probably know the explanation from Mr. Suzuki's video. But that's not the only one. And then there's the mental side and physical ability that you need to understand.

machite and kakete 1/4

Have a seat and find out whether a first strike in Karate exists or not. Do we have Karate Ni Sente Nashi? 

learn karate the japanese way

How my student was able to improve his movement instantly? Simply by looking at me.

BUT: He used a strategy called "Mitori Geiko" which I explain in this video.

the number one reason why your should be like a soldier

Use this approach when you practise...

how to improve your flaws INSTANTLY

Watch "The Downside Of Karate" first - then this one. Yes, it's really THAT easy.

the downside of karate

Take 4. With quotes from Sakagami and Yokoyama sensei.

sKIP the ritual

Kihon Kumite, Kumite Gata, Tanto Dori. You name it... All of them have a ritual (let's call it a ritual). Yes, officially you should do it: Bow, take stance, close Maai etc - but sometimes you HAVE TO skip it because...

sempai and kohai and fukazawa's worst case scenario


principle vS technique based training


if you are too specialised...


don't make THIS COMMON MISTAKE when you look to improve your stance and how to do that instead


timing in junzuki... is it step and punch?

tsukazu hanarezu


crescent movement in gyakuzuki no tsukkomi


wado has no defense against haymakers

use this scientific approach to improve your skill


two best reasons why wado has no bunkai 1/2


wado has no bunkai 2/2

pareto principle applied


the difference between traditional kata and competition


the difference between keiko and renshu is BIG

best benefit of a grading system and how that affects your training


suparimpei: the lost kata from wado and why that's ok


stop twisting your hip if you are an advanced student... do this instead

quality vs quantity


purpose and practise of yakusoku kumite


7 virtues of bushido: chu and the meaning of loyalty

ohyo kumite is not a form


martial arts comes down to two things


last but not least

kick higher in 30 seconds with this simple method


the jujutsu is wado


uncharted territory: movement patterns

STANCES 1/3 how important are stances in karate?


STANCES 2/3 kazumasa yokoyama's categories


STANCES 3/3 how to use stances to your advantage

what is the meaning of self defense?


the best lesson i got from ishikawa sensei


purpose of renrakuwaza

it's time to talk karate intro


basics up and down the dojo


is kumite gata better than kihon kumite?

improve your stance: what to do and wHAT NOT TO DO


ichi go ichi e


how to prepare for your next grading 2/2

how to prepare for grading so you are guaranteed to pass 1/2


how to make your stretching routine more effective


do you have a favorite kata? here's my uncommon answer...

do not start with limitation


the difference between ido kihon and renrakuwaza and how that should affect your training


is cross training a good thing?

connected and disconnected movement


3 rules to develop your karate faster


what all of us can learn from my son

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