The Best Advice For When You Start Karate

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How to? I'll explain quickly in the video.

"Beginners talk" videoseries

how to use the syllabus (not for grading)

In the beginning its difficult to know what to practise. Everybody does what their sensei tells them in the dojo - but what if you practise by yourself too?

how to learn kata faster 2/2

It's a step by step thing if you want to go at it in a smart way. After shooting video 1 I figured to add some more tips. 

how to learn kata faster 1/2

Eventually you'll learn it. But why waste time by taking the wrong approach? 

There is a time to focus on details and a time to focus on simply learning the directions. The way you do it deterermines whether you will waste time or not.

Use this simply tip that you can apply right away.

apply this advice to focus - on the right things.

The Learning Pyramid tells you that you should be ACTIVE. In this video I'm sharing hands-on stuff that you can easily apply to your training - even if you are a white belt.

3 rules to develop your karate faster

Just make sure to do this... 

this is one of my worst mistakes that i want you to avoid

Yes, for me it worked out well. But the way I went from white to black belt was definately NOT the best way. In fact, for most it won't work out well at all. So here's what not to do: