Secure Private Training, Video Reviews & Consultancy

Personally Tailored Feedback

€ 297

Are You Ready To Take Your Karate To The Next Level?

  1. 15 minute Video Call to determine your gameplan
  2. Pick a Kata or Pairwork according to the gameplan and send me the video of your performance.
  3. I will send your video back with my comments for you to work on that month.
  4. Then send me your improved performance to repeat the process 6 times.

Just imagine what happens if you apply those same fundamental key points to other movements...

Wadokai Holland

€ 297

feeling stuck and unable to give your students what they deserve?

Let's do 3 one-hour calls where I will analyse your current situation and advise accordingly. Together we can get rid of your frustration while your students get the opportunities that they deserve.

It's not just one call, so I'll be guiding you through the process of updating your syllabus, improving the system you use to grade your students or to simply answer any questions you have.

The calls can be random, but they can also be used to highlight one key element and improve that specifically.

Practical example: You struggle with your grading syllabus. It's too difficult or boring for your kids, but you don't want to play games either. It has to be Wado and the transition from Kids to adult class must be smooth. And then the adults shouldn't have to show 100 forms, but with all Sanbon, Ippon, Ohyo etc... 

I know where you're coming from AND I happened to be a school teacher with a feeling (obsession) for structure. 

You'll discover the root cause of your concern while building the syllabus that matches your teaching and what you want for your Dojo or association. All this WITHOUT worrying about changing your syllabus completely (your students will be happy with the updated version).

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