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FROM: Kuniaki Sakagami & AJ van Dijk — Authors of 'Secrets Of Wado'

SUBJECT: Why 'Secrets Of Wado' is a must have, and not just another book on your shelf

Dear Wado Enthusiast,

Welcome to ‘Secrets Of Wado’ — an exploration not just of techniques, but of the very essence of our beloved style. We are excited to take you on a journey that transcends traditional Karate syllabi as we dig deep into the very fabric of Wado through 352 pages and 1000+ images.

Unfolding smoothly like the first part of Seishan, the narrative flows: seamlessly connecting one chapter to the next. It’s how we reveal Wado's philosophy and mechanics using a unique setup: white and black pages.

The white pages delve into the underpinning philosophy, while the black pages explore formal techniques. They serve as examples to highlight how Wado’s fundamentals and principles come to life, reflecting the interconnectedness of Wado.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, new to the art or practise another form of Budo, 'Secrets Of Wado' is designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your practice, uncovering layers and insights that were previously unexplored.

Join us as we uncover the essence of the sophisticated and unique style created by Hironori Ohtsuka in 1934.

— Ohtsuka teaching in the UK in the 1970's, assisted by Sakagami 

'Secrets Of Wado' demystifies complex theories in clear, straightforward language, providing practical insights and thought-provoking experiments that promise to enhance your knowledge and skills. The depth covered, explained in the simplest way, is groundbreaking.

Get ready to dive deep into the fundamentals and principles of Wado:

Think Nagasu, Inasu, Noru, Ten-I, Ten-Tai, Ten-Gi, Meotode, Kuzushi and many more — topped of with practical insights and thought-provoking experiments that promise to amaze and boost your knowledge and skill.

With passion and dedication,

AJ van Dijk & Kuniaki Sakagami


Why we wrote 'secrets of wado'

— and why that matters for you

Do you open your front foot when you move forward with Junzuki, or not?

In Pinan Sandan, do you pull back your elbow before you move forward into Shiko Dachi with Hiji Uke, or not?

In a sequence  of four, like the first sequence in Chinto — should the rhythm be like a machine gun, pausing briefly after the first move, after the second or should you emphasise the last punch?

Oh and by the way: you're told that twisting your hip creates power, but what about a double punch? Or this sequence from Niseishi?

And most importantly: WHY?

These questions are the source of frustration, worry and misunderstanding. More troubling: it leads to you running in circles without clear direction or improvement. You'll hit a plateau that you can't break through because you're not progressing. Instead, you go from 'believing' in one variation and later in another.

Or worse: you're unaware that's where you're at right now.

This happens when:

  • Techniques are taught in isolation so you can't see the bigger picture (not to mention it takes ages to learn them all).
  • Details are too specific and have no practical value leaving you wasting time on details that don't matter.
  • And explanations and applications are shallow and unrealistic to say the least.

Problem: it happens all over the place.

Many instructors recycle the same cues and techniques regardless of their foundational effectiveness. Unfortunately, this is the downside of the Karate hierarchy where you don't question your teacher. It sure has its merits and you need the shut-up-and-do-it approach many times in your career, but not when advice is counterproductive. You're left doubting your skill and the fundamental value of your training.


  • When do you know when it's advice you should take on board?
  • How do you know if an explanation you hear from a high-ranking instructor is helpful?
  • Or even true? And in what realm?

Some of this may not ring any bells, but not to worry: we'll make absolutely sure you get it so you're empowered to deepen your Karate knowledge with lightspeed.

We see this everywhere and basically there's one simple solution. It's why we decided to start the grueling project of 'Secrets Of Wado'.

Generally, instructors point at symptoms:

❗️ Twist your hip

❗️ Straight your back

❗️ Point your foot forward

Fixing the symptoms is like a doctor prescribing medicine that creates side-effects, causing more problems than you had before you started. You need a doctor that looks for the root cause and treats that.

In Karate, the root cause are fundamental principles.

Nagasu is a principle. But it's not to parry — not fundamentally. Parrying movement, or doing Taisabaki to let the attack pass your body are applications of the principle. It's not the principle itself: that hides deeper under the surface.

Ko-Bo-Ittai is NOT to block and attack at the same time. That's just one of the many ways how the principle is applied, emerging from the fundamental components. No worries: 'Secrets Of Wado' is not a mathematical book with equations or complicated stuff that's won't help you. In fact, page 113 till 134 is devoted to Ko-Bo-Ittai. And it shows 7 ways, like this one:

We've seen instructors explain too shallow or incorrectly, too deep and unpractical or difficult to understand. Or instructors that make up explanations and applications as they go along...

Are these challenges sounding all too familiar? 

Are they the very beasts that gnaw at your passion for Karate, making you wonder about the path you're on? You're on the brink of a pivotal moment, one that can shift from enduring these frustrations to transcending them.

Maybe you don't feel any of these frustrations, but one thing is for sure: you love Wado so much you want to get to the bottom of it. To truly understand.

With 'Secrets Of Wado', we've aimed to once and for all bridge the gap between deep, profound explanations, doable practical applications and explaining that in an engaging manner in a way that's easy to understand.

Let’s explore the transformative journey 'Secrets Of Wado' offers, where each step brings you closer to the mastery and deep fulfillment that true Karate promises.

no holds barred

— why we're not keeping anything from you

Imagine a world where you always hear half-truths. It's like hearing only one side of the story. You form your opinion on just that, leaving you with false beliefs. It's worse if that's what you base your actions on.

It's the primary reason why most instructors teach that you have to twist your hips to create power. Sooner or later you'll run into contradictions and worse: limitations. 

That's how it applies to Karate, but it's also just the start. It's one of the many examples. Take Seichusen — the centre line. 

Don't freak out, but this is not correct 👇

Yes, this is the centre line, but it's only part of the concept. The true centre line is vastly more complicated. In 'Secrets Of Wado' you'll discover the ins and outs of Seichusen and how that affects your stance, movement and effectiveness of your techniques.

And that complexity? It's brought to you in bite-size chunks using straight-forward language so you can actually understand.

We really want to you get it.

For example, back in 2012 when I (AJ) wrote 'Wado No Michi'... This one 👇

Most books read "turn left with gedan barai" or "step forward and execute junzuki". I figured: you can tell that from the picture. No wonder all Karate books are considered a reference. 

'Wado No Michi' turned out to be an in-depth, enjoyable study book that revealed details on Wado's curriculum that only a few top-instructors know. By publishing such deep contents, it created raving fans all over the world (sold to 20+ countries worldwide).

That said, 'Wado No Michi' was a curriculum-based book. In 'Secrets Of Wado', you discover the very fabric of our beloved style, using techniques as examples. Just like the Sonobazuki-on-centreline one.

With 'Secrets Of Wado', you discover a fundamentals and principles step by step, compounding the knowledge into a holistic framework. It respects our traditional roots while embracing modern-day knowledge on biomechanics.

Your journey begins with turning the first page of 'Secrets Of Wado'. Working all the way to page 352, the book guides you through a transformative process, beginning with the fundamentals that many overlook.

For example, when you punch in Sonobazuki using Naihanchi Dachi, do you end up square or at an angle? 

(this is the correct line by the way)

As Sakagami often says:

"It's not a matter of right or wrong, it's about which way is the better way. And why."

In 'Secrets Of Wado', fundamentals and principles are explained using techniques as examples, so they're not only easy to understand, but also relateable and applicable.

We don't just tell you what to do, but especially why — and how that's essential. By understanding the 'why' behind each technique, you can innovate within the bounds of tradition. You're not merely replicating forms: you're engaging with them. Understanding their purpose and power — it's how you make your Kata alive and useful. So you can go beyond form and create almost endless variations that work.

The book lays out a structured pathway, adding one layer on top of another. This holistic approach not only sharpens your technique but also deepens your appreciation and love for the art, propelling you towards the state of mastery you're looking for.

Join us in 'Secrets Of Wado' as we chart the course...

🔥 From stand-alone details to interconnected principles

🔥 From made-up techniques to profound and effective applications

🔥 From incomplete knowledge to holistic understanding

Your journey to the very fabric of Wado starts here. Let's delve deep together and unlock the secrets that will elevate your Karate to new heights.

how you can secure your copy?

You’ve glimpsed the transformative power of ‘Secrets Of Wado’, and now understand the unique approach this book takes to teaching and understanding Wado.

It’s clear that this isn't just another refresh-your-memory manual—it's a profound journey into Wado's core that elevates your study, training and happiness from routine to remarkable.

Packed with in-depth, clear, and actionable explanations, each page brings you further away from unnecessary doubt and worry and closer to the mastery you seek, enhancing both your understanding and execution of Wado.

Now is the time to take the next step. Don’t just read about the potential improvements to your Karate skills—make them a reality. Purchase ‘Secrets Of Wado’ today and start transforming your practice immediately.

Let this book be your guide as you dive deeper into the philosophy and techniques that make Wado truly unique — way beyond form.

Click the button above to secure your copy.

Your journey to understanding and living Wado at a whole new level start now. Discover the secrets that await.

==> Awesome! I want the book. Send me "Secrets Of Wado".


— here's what well-known leading figures of Budo have to say:

Of course: you're free to choose to get 'Secrets Of Wado' or say no to this offer. It's our goal is to help you make an informed, confident decision. That's why we've asked professionals about their honest opinion on 'Secrets Of Wado'. 


"This pure Wado book combines an excellent layout with a script that’s expertly put together, making it a stand-out karate book — it’s a joy to read for all lovers of good budo."

EDGAR KRUYNING  //  President & Chief Instructor of Sogo Budo International — Budo Academy Physical Dojo, Ede, Netherlands.


“AJ’s relentless commitment and deep grasp of Karate and Kobudo promise that ‘Secrets Of Wado’ will significantly contribute to the development of Karate.”

MAKOTO YAGUCHI  // Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karatedo Kobudo Kenshin-Kaikan Daihyo — Saitama Honbu Dojo, Saitama-Ken, Japan


“As a professional teacher, I’m impressed how deep knowledge of Karate’s core is explained in a brutally clear way with concepts that transcend conventional methods and techniques.”

ANDREAS AMES  //  Karate & Kobudo enthusiast & Physics teacher


“This high-quality masterpiece produced by Sakagami and AJ is a must for any bookshelf as it’s guaranteed to satisfy your thirst for deep-diving into the inner workings of this fascinating martial art.”

DAVID SHEPHARD  //  Chief Instructor Of Suzuki Ha Wado Ryu Karate-Do Castilléjar, Spain


“AJ leaves no stone unturned in his quest for mastery and expertly guides the reader through the mechanical principles that underpins Wado. This book is great resource for anyone who wants to understand the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to unlock their full potential.”

SHAUN SMITH  //  McGill Certified, Doctor Of Chiropractic — Chiropractie Oosterhout, Netherlands.


“Reading ‘Secrets Of Wado’ feels like personal instruction which makes it a fine instrument for deeper understanding of Karatedō for anyone willing to study.”

GERTJAN MARTENS // Wado Platform Representative of the Karatedo Bond Nederland for 18 years — Suhari Dojo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

what do you get when you ORDER 'SECETS OF WADO'?



You get your hands on one 'Secrets Of Wado' which is a beautifully hardbound book, A4 sized with 352 pages and 1000+ images.

Hardcover — Exquisitely bound and intricately woven, ensuring durability and an elegant appearance.
A4 Size — Optimally sized for legibility with generously scaled fonts and large imagery.
352 Pages — Each page finished with a high-quality press varnish for a lustrous sheen that enhances both texture and color.
1000+ Images — Over a thousand meticulously curated images, each vividly detailed and brilliantly rendered to capture the essence of the subject.



Join us in The Netherlands on 27, 28 and 29 September 2024 and receive your copy in person.

To celebrate the launch of the book, we're organising a Book-Launch Seminar on 27, 28 and 29 September. This bonus is yours for free as long as spaces are available.

3: PRE-order vip masterclass 1 recording (51:44 min)


Building up to the book launch, Sakagami and AJ taught LIVE Masterclasses through zoom for PreOrder VIPs. The session is HD-recorded and ready and waiting inside The Digi Dojo.

We covered how to create a stable structure in various techniques, without energy leaking. You'll find out how something simple as Hikite turns into a profound fundamental skill. It connects directly to your centerline, your center and core principles of efficiency.

By mastering Hikite, you enhance your ability to generate power and execute moves with effectiveness. This skill is not just about pulling the hand back; it's about harnessing your entire body's potential to improve every aspect of your technique.

4: PRE-order vip masterclass 2 recording (52:43 min)


The stable structure we emphasised in the first masterclass is now taken up a notch, revealing how that works dynamically.

Not only did we peel back the layers of complex theory in an easy-to-understand way... but also we showed how to connect the dots through typical Kata Embusen. You'll discover 4 ways of generating power in part 2 of the masterclass.

and you're getting these bonuses too

— completely FREE

1: the sakagami interview


The 1 hour, 9 minutes and 8 seconds interview with Sakagami is inside 'Secrets Of Wado'. Instead of recording our voices like a podcast, we filmed the whole thing. Hearing the man speak, his tone of voice and body language give you a true feel for Sakagami's and Wado's history.

2: annual live 'secrets of wado' masterclass (lifetime acces)


Once a year, we get together online to enjoy Wado together, discover new findings and practise the latest breakthrough training methods that keep you white-belt-like excited for years to come.

3: EBOOK — the special edition



The eBook is A4 size with large images and to-the-point explanations to avoid confusion, so no more doubts about how to do Wadokai techniques properly!

The images come with key points that instantly makes your techniques look better. Including principle-based explanations so you can tell right from wrong with confidence.


✅ 6 Ido Kihon (From Junzuki to Tobikomi-Nagashizuki)

✅ All 5 Pinan Kata on consecutive pages so you can study without turning pages.

✅ Kihon Kumite 1 - 5 with close-ups revealing targets precisely

✅ 5 Kihon Kumite Ohyo that reveal Wado's hidden techniques

✅ 5 Tanto Dori demonstrating Wado's Koryu heritage

and to top it off...

You're getting a branded envelope containing an elegant 'Secrets Of Wado' bookmark and other goodies to treat you like a royalty.

We've done everything in our power to not just publish a book. Accompanied by masterclasses and goodies like the bookmark, 'Secrets Of Wado' is an experience.

here's what you get


✅ Secrets Of Wado
— Exquisitely bound and intricately woven A4-size hardcover with 352 pages and 1000+ full color images that deepen your understanding with vivid clarity.

✅ Book-Launch Seminar Ticket — while spots are open (€100)
— Join us through Zoom or LIVE in The Netherlands 27, 28 and 29 September 2024.

✅ PreOrder VIP Masterclass #1 Recording (€47)
— Master structural alignment and the depth of Hikite to power up and refine your techniques.

✅ PreOrder VIP Masterclass #2 Recording (€47)
— Uncover dynamic power generation through Kata Embusen, simplifying complex theories and connecting the dots in practical, powerful ways.


🎁 Branded 'Secrets Of Wado' Envelope (€4,95)

🎁 'Secrets Of Wado' Bookmark (€9,95)

🎁 Ancient Technique Sheet (€9,95)


🎁 Lifetime Access to Annual 'Secrets Of Wado' Masterclass (€197)
— Join us annually online to master Wado, uncover new insights, and practice breakthrough training methods that fuel your lifelong passion!

🎁 Wadokai Karate eBook feat Sakagami & Nukina (€27)
— Dive into Ido Kihon, Pinan Kata, Kihon Kumite & Ohyo and traditional Tanto Dori feat. Sakagami & Nukina.


🎁 The Sakagami Interview (priceless)

PRICING: € 442,85

...and we didn't even count the book yet...

now just 89 euro


— and what that means for the quality and depth of 'Secrets Of Wado'

Choosing to invest in 'Secrets of Wado' means engaging with a legacy of deep martial arts expertise, innovation, and dedication that is uniquely combined in our teachings, Kuniaki Sakagami and AJ van Dijk. 

Our collaboration brings a dynamic approach that combines traditional wisdom with modern knowledge and teaching methods, making the profound art of Wado accessible and impactful for you.

Sakagami brings decades of foundational experience from the heart of Wado Karate’s development in Europe, influenced directly by legends like Suzuki and Ohtsuka. His traditional mastery is complemented by my innovative teaching style, shaped by my experience with digital learning platforms and modern educational strategies.

Together, we bridge the gap between old and new, ensuring that the teachings honor the past while staying relevant to today’s martial arts practice.

Both of us are known not just for our Karate skills but also for our ability to adapt and communicate complex concepts clearly and engagingly. Whether it’s Sakagami’s deep-rooted understanding of traditional Wado techniques or my ability to contextualise these techniques for modern learners, our efforts result in a holistic learning experience that’s rare and highly effective.

Our partnership ensures that 'Secrets of Wado' offers a balanced perspective that respects traditional values while embracing progressive techniques and teaching methods.

By choosing 'Secrets of Wado,' you’re not just learning Karate; you're engaging with a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to martial arts education.

Sakagami and I offer you a unique opportunity to deepen your practice, enhance your understanding, and continue your journey in Wado Karate with a blend of authenticity, clarity, and innovative instruction.

==> Awesome! I want the book. Send me "Secrets Of Wado".

do you still have questions? 

My guess? You can find your answer below.

Q — What language is the book written in?
A — The book is written in English by me, AJ, in collaboration with Sakagami and proofread by David Shephard, native speaker and senior instructor in Wado.

Q — Do you ship the next day?
A — Normally, we ship every Saturday. Now that we've just started the book launch, we have to prepare 150 personalised books. To make absolutely sure shipping goes without issues, it may be a few weeks before we start shipping. You'll get email right away when we're ready to ship.

Q — Can you send it as a gift?
A — We don't apply giftwrapping, but here's what you can do: write the name of the person who the gift is for, and use your address. That way you can apply giftwrapping yourself and present the gift when appropriate. 

Q — I want to join the Book-Launch Seminar, but do I need to wait until the seminar to receive my copy?
A — No, you can choose the shipping method of your choice. You can choose 'pick up at seminar', but also to ship it directly to your house. If you pick shipping to your house, email us to secure your spot at the seminar.

Q — Do I get instant access to all bonuses?
A — When you activate and receive a bonus, you have instant access. Naturally, future events like the annual 'Secrets Of Wado' masterclass are included as soon as they are ready. We constantly add new videos in 'The Video Vault'.

Q — What does "lifetime" mean?
A — It's a figure of speech, meaning that as long as The Digi Dojo exists in its current form, you have access to all provided materials. Rest assured: I'm not quitting anytime soon.

Q — Can I wire instead of using this cart?
A — You can use PayPal, iDeal and creditcard to place your order. If you don't have a creditcard, you can easily connect your debitcard to PayPal in just a few steps.

Q — What if I receive a damaged book?
A — We ship your book securely using premium wrapping specifically designed for sending books. In the unfortunate event that your book arrives damaged, please contact us at info@the-digi-dojo.com within 3 business days after delivery. We will forward your message and images to the shipping company (PostNL), which is responsible for damages during transit. Shipments are insured up to €500 (unless you have chosen track and trace only for Netherlands or Belgium). We will assist with the claim process through PostNL.

Q — How do I contact customer support with issues about my order?
A — You're welcome to contact us anytime at info@the-digi-dojo.com.


Don't get this book if you...

⛔️ strictly adhere to your sensei’s teachings and are not open to alternative views or methods, 'Secrets Of Wado' may not suit you. This book challenges conventional thinking and invites readers to question and test the limits of traditional Karate teachings, encouraging a deeper understanding and mastery.

⛔️ For those uncomfortable with confronting established beliefs which may sound as the opposite to what you've been doing for decades, this book might feel too provocative. It encourages a reevaluation of what you know and accept about Karate, pushing you to break out of your comfort zone and expand your martial arts horizon, enriching your practice through new insights and understanding.

⛔️ If you’re looking to merely expand your technique repertoire or boast about your skills without fully grasping the philosophy behind them, this book won’t align with your approach.

'Secrets Of Wado' is crafted for sincere students: when you respect the art’s heritage and are eager to truly integrate and embody its principles, thereby genuinely enhancing your skills and knowledge.

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