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Through 348 pages and 929 images, Wado experts AJ van Dijk and Kuniaki Sakagami take you on an enlightening journey revealing the very fabric of the unique Karate style created by Hironori Ohtsuka in 1934.

You’ll soon find out that ‘Secrets Of Wado’ is not a conventional syllabus text like other books on Wado, merely cataloging standardised Kata. Instead, AJ and Sakagami peel back the layers of Wado’s fundamentals and principles such as Nagasu, Inasu, Noru, Ten-I, Ten-Tai, Ten-Gi, Ko-Bo-Ittai, Kuzushi, and Meotode.

The in-depth explanations that uncover the essence of the Japanese Karate style are accompanied by official Kihon, Kata and Kumite like Tobikomi-Nagashizuki, Seishan, Kihon Kumite 8 and many more — training methods included. On top, hard-to-grasp concepts like ‘Power Generation’ and ‘Direction Of Energy’ are revealed too, leaving no stone unturned.

This book demystifies complex theories in clear, straightforward language, offering practical insights instead of vague references like ‘internal energy’ that are impractical to implement. The depth that’s covered while explained in the simplest way is simply groundbreaking.

And did we mention the thought-provoking questions and aha-moment experiments? Get ready to enjoy, prepare to be amazed, and boost your knowledge and skill with ‘Secrets Of Wado’.

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