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The Secret Stretching Technique That Got Me To Touch My Toes And Almost Into Splits In 30 Days After 20 Years Of No Progress...

Want to increase your flexibility in no-time?

Join me! I'm doing another challenge this summer: FRONT SPLIT. (you can do front/side or both!)

  • Start Preparation Phase: 1 July 2020.
  • Start 30-Day Challenge: 6 July 2020.

It worked for me last year. It works for my students (5 min at the end of class) AND IT'LL WORK FOR YOU TOO. 

Remember that ONLY NOW, you can get access to the challenge + Elite Hacks for free when you get Alex' book "Hyperbolic Stretching".

When the program gets a MAJOR update, you get FREE access to all upgrades. But only if you join now.

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