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enjoy ebooks straight from the sold-out 512 a4 page hardcover-bestSeller "Wado No Michi" that produced nothing but raving fans all over the world for it's completeness and in-depth study of wado karate.

Wado No Michi

€ 17

Learn the stances and their function, and how to use your hands and feet to attack and defend (beyond the obvious)

πŸ‘‰ Learn 20 STANCES and it's FUNCTIONβ€” not only direction of feet

πŸ‘‰ Discover 23 Ways Of Using Your Hands And Feet For Attack

πŸ‘‰ Hand Style Applications Do Not Only Show Targets, But Specific Kumite As Well

πŸ‘‰ Research 7 Kicks As Well As How To Tactically Apply Them

πŸ‘‰ Study 18 different UKE WAZAβ€” each complemented with an Ippon Kumite that you can practise

πŸ‘‰ The IPPON KUMITE Contain Different Tactics And Strategies, Not Just Counters With Gyakuzuki

Wado No Michi

€ 17

study all 5 pinan kata deeply without getting lost in translation

πŸ‘ ALL 5 Pinan are explained IN-DEPTH with large images

πŸ‘ Learn the PROPER stances, techniques and combinations

πŸ‘ IMAGINE... Every Junzuki, Every Shuto Uke... each one with DIFFERENT EXPLANATIONS (not 'step forward with junzuki')

πŸ‘ Explanations are deepβ€”  yet explained in simple terms aimed for INSTANT UNDERSTANDING so you can apply it to your training

πŸ‘ Study revealed KAISETSU designed to promote understanding of principles

Wado No Michi

€ 17

learn proper distance and focus while building gradually from straight line movement to wado taisabaki with the advanced sanbon kumite

βœ… Study 30 SANBON KUMITE feat 10 Chudan, 10 Jodan and 10 Maegeri Uke (yes, including the ones from Suzuki sensei)

βœ… Discover the PROCESS OF MOVEMENT instead of "step back with uchi uke''

βœ… Learn how to modify straight lines to WADO TAISABAKI

***BONUS: Get my system to TURN 30 SANBON INTO 80 IPPON KUMITE including one simple tweak to increase difficulty (or make it easier)

wado no michi

€ 14

In-Depth Details On All Ohyo Kumite Revealed

Study the manual and discover: 

βœ… exact DETAILS of all Ohyo Kumite - beyond 'twist hip' and 'step and punch'. 

βœ… what the PURPOSE of the series is - way deeper than 'semi free fighting' or 'prepare for sparring'.

βœ… what MINDSET you should have - and how that affects your training and your skill.

βœ… HOW you should practise - so you benefit from what it is designed for.

Wado No Michi

€ 17

discover Principles, Process Of Movementβ€” And Body Mechanics Never Revealed Before

🀜 Learn ALL KIHON KUMITE (1 till 10) in depth

🀜 Discover BODY MECHANICS never revealed before to create quality movement

🀜 Find out about the PROCESS OF MOVEMENT rather than form and stances

🀜 Study HOW TO TAKE KAMAE without risking an immediate counterattack

🀜 Become able to CONTROL MAAI and know exactly when to move (or force your opponent to move)

🀜 Gain insight in PRINCIPLES such as Maai & Kiai, Ukemi & Torimi, Sente, Suki, Metsuke and Mazakai

🀜 Finally grasp the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SHIKO AND SEISHAN DACHI and why to use either one

Wado No Michi

€ 14

Download your copy to ALL your devices


(1) Ude Garami Dori,
(2) Kote Nage Dori,
(3) Unga Dori,
(4) Eri Nage Dori,
(5) Zu Dori
(6) Hiki Tate Dori and
(7) Hiki Otoshi Dori

πŸ‘Œ Enjoy PRACTICAL DETAILS that you can actually apply when you practise

πŸ‘Œ Tanto Dori has of lot of grabbing to unable the opponent to attack againβ€” it's the explained FINESSE OF MOVEMENT that creates quality

πŸ‘Œ Discover VARIATIONS OF MOVEMENT that improve your adaptability

Wado No Michi
€ 14

Study Traditional Koryu Jujutsu Techniques through Clear Images And Detailed Texts that teach you The Form And allow you to Dig Deeper Into The Skills


1) Te Dori
2) Zu Dori
3) Ashi Dori
4) Hiki Dori
5) Hiji Te Kansetsu Gyaku Tori Nage
6) Gozen Dori and
7) Shumoku Dori

➑️ AVOID COMMON MISTAKES such as Shi Ni Ashi when you practise

➑️ Study IMPORTANT DETAILS that work like hacks and make your movement really work

➑️ Master the ABILITY TO ADAPT halfway (without doing so) to make your Kata 'alive'.

Wado No Michi
 50% OFF 
€ 55

It's simple: GET THEM ALL

  • Kihon
  • Pinan Kata
  • Sanbon Kumite
  • Ohyo Kumite
  • Kihon Kumite
  • Tanto Dori
  • Idori

principles of karate

€ 14

Discover The Fundamental Components Of Meotode And Applications

I am proud to inform you that I was able to assist Kazumasa Yokoyama to complete "Principles Of Karate" back in 2015.

This eBook contains all philosophy chapters and includes the full chapter on Meotode. 

You learn the fundamental Kamae that is the origin of all movement that controls Seichusen and the opponent.

summer camp 2012
€ 14

Enjoy 29 Pages PACKED With Technical Content

Honestly. I don't know how but I had time to work a full week to produce this review.

It contains detailed descriptions of the techniques covered, along with pictures that show you exactly what it's all about.

If you love Karate theory, this is a must have!

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