How to fold your karate gi

how to fold your Karate Gi

I knew it!

You want to know how to create that neat little package that the Japanese are famous for.

There are a lot of ways of how to fold your Karate Gi - also called dogi. Of course in Japan, there are different styles.

I learned only one though from Nukina Sensei which I share in the video below.

how to fold your karate gi the japanese way

Three advantages to folding your karate gi the Japanese way:

  1. You can't make it smaller than that: It's fits easily in your bag or suitcase when you travel.
  2. It puts your mind at ease (seriously): Fold it slowly and properly to feel what that means.
  3. It's cool😎
  4. It takes a lot of time though and you need a clean surface... it's not always practical (That's why you'll learn my way as well).

I know the Japanese way is cool - but my way is fasterπŸ‘‡

this is how i fold my Karate Gi

this is the japanese way



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