Tobokuho is to use gravity to your advantage

what is tobokuho?

Tobokuho refers to a falling (To) tree (Boku). This method (Ho) explains how you can move using gravity to your advantage.

Technically speaking Tobokuho is easy - just lean in the direction. That is how you can create the movement without any muscle strength and you don’t have to force yourself to move.

Therefore, instead of intentionally using muscle strength to move, you can just make the movement with power from outside your body or in other words with gravity. Some people or certain Karate styles might kick the floor to get a reaction from the floor that starts their movement. This however, costs energy. Tobokuho does not cost energy, in fact, the gravity does the work for you. Tobokuho creates smooth movement.

Did I mention the downside?

It's slow. 

Don't panic: there is a solution. 

Or better said, you have to see the full picture before coming to a conclusion. Tobokuho explained as "tree falling down" is missing one key element. This element solves the slow problem while still using gravity. It's all there in the video.

Are you ready to take it one step further? You have to consider different stances too. Unless you are ok with isolated knowledge...

The Diagonal Axis is the cherry on the cake to justify Tobokuho AND makes it extremely practical.


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