Seichujiku is the key to sharp axis rotation

what is seichujiku?

The term Seichujiku is commonly used when talking about using Seichusen for axis spinning. Seichujiku is therefore a part of Seichusen. It is an aspect of it. A stable axis creates speed and smooth movement and having one is considered a quality.

The Kanji used for Seichujiku are almost identical to Seichusen, with the exception of the last Kanji. Jiku translates into axis, pivot or stem although the first and second one should be considered, terminology wise. When talking about Seichujiku, there are one axis and two axes movements. 

get a sharper axis rotation with these seichujiku methods

Although the methods listed below contain more than just rotation - they are excellent to focus on Seichujiku development. 

practise ushiro gyakuzuki to combine shifting your line and controlling axis

Forward movement and to the side only help you so much as these are directions we naturally move in. We're used to it. 

With Ushiro Gyakuzuki you get the chance to explore uncharted territory that will develop your backward movement overall.

gedan barai with seichujiku dropping straight out of centre line

This method teaches you how to combine Seichujiku with Chinshinho. It is not a practical training per se - it is a fundamental training. To program your body. Developing movement patterns that create sharp and stable movement.