Ten I, Ten Tai, Ten Gi: San Mi Ittai

San Mi Ittai is the heart of wado

Ten I, Ten Tai and Ten Gi are the three basic components - it is how Wado operates.

Together they are called San Mi Ittai

One Minute Principle Series

What is san mi ittai?

In fact, every movement should use all three components. It may occur that only two out of three is used, but the ideal is to use all three of them, this is called San Mi Ittai. 

this is how san mi ittai works

The creme de la creme from Wado. Here's how it works - there is no simpler explanation.

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Ten I

Ten I means to move somewhere else. If you move far away from the opponent, of course you are safe. However, the opponent is too. Hence, move to a position that you are safe, but the opponent is not.

One Minute Principle Series

What is Ten i?

The location you are now, is where the impact is going to take place, so it is not the most ideal place to be. Ten I reduces the chance of receiving the full impact.

Furthermore, Ten I is a method to give your technique more speed and power.

seminar san mi ittai 2014

In 2014, I analysed all major Wado principles in depth in such a way that it allowed me to break it down completely. It's a good way to teach in clearly in a seminar. Here's the result of San Mi Ittai from 2014.

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Ten Tai

Ten Tai is the second component which allows the attack to pass your body. It therefore has an avoiding function while at the same time creates more sharpness in your movement.

You need to use your body by i.e. twisting, shifting, dropping or rising sharply. 

One Minute Principle Series

What is Ten tai?

nukina summer camp 2010

Nukina Sensei not only explained how Ten I, Ten Tai and Ten Gi works. He also connected it to Kumite directly.

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Ten Gi

Use Ten I and Ten Tai to increase the power of Ten Gi, which simply means to execute a technique. Hence, after tactically moving to another position, you have to use the whole body to punch, kick, throw or control the opponent for example.

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What is Ten tai?

explanation 2015

Ten Gi is simply the technique. However, it's not just the extension of your arm or leg. The body movement dictates which technique should be used.

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