Neko Damashi Is Found In Several Kata

Meaning and application of neko damashi

what is neko damashi?

The literal meaning does not really help you. Neko means cat and Damashi means deceive. It may be something you have been using all along, but don't know it's Neko Damashi. And if you are not using it... you have to start.

It's in kushanku

Some movements from Kata seem awkward and unpractical. And as they are, practical is certainly not the word that you would use to label them. Although the reason as to why that is is not what I answer in this video. What I do answer is this: how you can APPLY the principle of Neko Damashi.

wanshu contains neko damashi as well

Wanshu has a typical movement that I have never seen in other Kata. Neither outside Wado. This movement uses the leg and arm to distract the oppenent - making it difficult to see what's coming. Allow me to show you how you can utilise this.



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