Kuzushi – Destabilising the opponent (3 ways)

3 ways to apply kuzushi

Kuzushi means to destroy. Actually Kuzusu which is the verb.

Kuzushi is used to describe an action that destroys the opponents posture. Kuzushi Waza is in Wado often identified with contacting the shin, knee and upper leg of the opponent. 

Kuzushi on the shoulder and inner thigh.

Kuzushi on the outside of the lower leg and shoulder.

When applying kuzushi to the upper body, you can use your hand and forearm to apply noru and add weight for control.

Here's 3 ways to apply Kuzushi ⬇️

kuzushi by thigh manipulation in kumite gata 1

Kumite Gata Kuzushi

This is an example of Kuzushi from on inside. Use your upper leg to control him. It's often said that you have to use your knee, but strictly speaking your knee is not what is contacting the opponent. It's not the primary point of contact.

This kind of Kuzushi is completed using three elements:

  1. Correct body alignment
  2. Correct body positioning
  3. Using your upper leg to contact the inside of the thigh.


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kuzushi by lower leg manipulation in kumite gata henka waza

Kuzushi can be done in many ways. As long as you destablise his posture anything goes.

That is, if you're still stable yourself.

This example is Kuzushi applied when standing on the outside of the opponent.

This kind of Kuzushi is completed using three elements:

  1. Correct body alignment
  2. Correct body positioning
  3. Using your shin to contact the side of the lower leg. 

kuzushi by shockwave in kihon kumite 10

The Digi Dojo - Kihon Kumite 10 - Shuto Uke - Kuzushi

Instead of close distance Kuzushi, you can also destabilise him on larger distance. This is a great example from Kihon Kumite 10 where you hit the opponent's arm. 

If you do it well, his weight will move to the right creating Kuzushi.

In this case, twist koshi and your upper body to the left sharply to execute Jodan Shuto Uchi Uke.

Generate momentum in a small movement and thereby creating Kuzushi. 

Hit the inside of Ukemi’s forearm and ntend to break the opponents balance and to immediately counter attack. 

This type of shockwave techniques are called Hane.

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