Ko Bo Ittai: Wado's principle from swordmanship

ko bo ittai: attack and defence become one

Ko - Attack

Bo - Defense

Ittai - Are one

Ko Bo Ittai means that your attack and defense become one

ko bo ittai is a mindset

Not just block for the sake of blocking. Or attack for the sake of attacking. Within your 'block' there should be attack and vice versa.

3 Ways To Apply Ko Bo Ittai

ko bo ittai with meotode

This is a specific Wado technique from Kumite Gata 1 that teaches how to use both hands. One for defence, the other for attack.

In other words: connect ONE body movement to a 'block' and attack at the same time. Twist to the right and use that energy to fuel your arm movement.

Ko Bo Ittai with Meotode

Meotode in kumite gata 1

Meotode can be seen as two hands at the same time and as a follow up. 

ko bo ittai by noru

This is not a punch but not a 'block' either. It's both at the same time.

The punch is done by Noru, which means rubbing contact that controls the opponents attack. It's 'block' and punch at the same time using the same hand. 

Ko Bo Ittai by Noru

Noru in kumite gata 10

The image shows Sakagami Sensei demonstrating say Ura Nagashizuki - executed at Jodan level. Kumite Gata 10 uses the exact same movement, although Chudan and Omote Nagashizuki.

ko bo ittai with irimi

This way to apply Ko Bo Ittai is similar to the first one: Meotode. 

The difference is that you don't really 'block' with the other arm. It's Kamae as a means of protecting your body just in case AND close to the opponent in case you need to follow up.

Sakagami sensei demonstrates Irimi on AJ van Dijk

Irimi in Kihon Kumite 7, kumite gata 7 and Sai kumite

Whether the attack is by Maegeri, Mawashigeri or even if a Bo is used... Key is to enter deeply at the right point in time.