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The Premium Series dig DEEP focusing on 1 subject that drives understanding without drowning in over-complicated (and often unimportant) explanations, venturing too far into the desert.

Here's the subjects available now πŸ‘‡


  • The Journey To Henka Waza || Achieve freedom of movement Through Real Henka Waza Without Complicated Body Movement That Takes Years To Master 
  • The Stances Masterclass || A True Masterclass In Stances Ranging From Standardised Rules To Fundamental Understanding
  • The Uke Waza Series || Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Accompanied By Matching Pairwork And Trainingmethods
  • Mastering Shiyobui || Discover 23 Authentic Ways Of Almost-Forgotton Traditional Attacks That Dramatically Increase Your Understanding And Versatility
  • The Meotode Naihanchi Drill Series || Framework to turn every movement into Meotode and create that muscle memory so it'll become as normal as Gyakuzuki.

the journey to henka waza

ACHIEVE FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT Through Real Henka Waza Without Complicated Body Movement That Takes Years To Master

Running time 101 minutes

>> Learn the Specific Function Of Henka Waza teaching you the most inner and deep meaning that creates freedom of movement.

>> Discover the meaning of Freedom of Movement that goes beyond physical movement without struggling with advanced types of body movement.


>> Find 5 Keys you need to apply in training because without them you can never create Henka Waza. I reveal the necessary actions to take, which are ridiculously easy yet often overlooked. Do this and your training becomes twice as valuable. At least.

>> Study 8 Henka Waza from Ohyo Kumite that teach you when and how to transform movement. Apart from being cool techniques to know, you learn how the theory is put into practise and what kind of outcome it may have. Watch this video as the final chapter of the study to complete the circle and gain holistic understanding.

Never mess up your pair work again and turn your mistakes into your advantages?


What AJ explaines will affect my partner exercises

Often Karate appears to be strict in the sense that there's only one way to do a technique/excercise. Through watching The Journey To Henka Waza I found there's a concept in place that encourages variation or adaptation to the situation. Very interesting.

What AJ explaines will affect my partner exercises the most. How to make the "official" techniques work with your current partner. How to react to unexpected situations. I like the idea of "freedom of movement" and applying the keys taught to every partner excercise.

If Karate means more to you than just a nice health exercise, I would recommend to have a look at the video.

In my understanding Henka waza is a concept that you should know and consider. Especially when you do partner exercises.

Give it a try and watch the first video - after that you have an idea and can decide if you want to go into the details πŸ˜‰

Francisco Neuman Shodan, WIKF Panama

A beginner's thoughts on Henka Waza

I had not yet come across the term Henka Waza and was interested to know what it was. In Karate, you hear the expression "every block is a punch, and every punch is a block", but in Henka Waza it all comes together and makes sense to freely flow from one technique to the next.

What's explained in "The Journey To Henka Waza" is a real eye-opener that gives my training more focus, since now I don't think in terms of one, two, three combinations, but in infinite flowing techniques.

Since I had never heard of the term Henka Waza before, I was very pleased to learn that this concept exists because, while it might be difficult to understand and apply at first, it's the core of what Karate is all about, regardless of style..

You won't regret watching this series even if you're already familiar with this concept. That's why I recommend you to watch this series because it presents this ideology in a practical way that is easy to understand.

Matthew Allen United States

Great series to learn freedom of movement.

I got access to The Journey Of Henka Waza hoping to learn how to better techniques of movement. The series did not disappoint! It helps me to find new ways of working on kata to find new variations.

A real eye-opener was to find out that freedom of movement isn't just physical, it's mental too. Especially the "how-to transform a missed technique into another" tips are very practical and easy to implement.

I would definitely recommend others watch the series because it helps to learn to adjust their forms to adapt in self defense situations.

If you think about watching this series... Definitely watch this series!

Arkadiusz Grzyb 1 Dan, Japan Martial Arts Academy, Poland

Become more complete and aware

I try to use every opportunity to improve my own skill as well teaching my students, and I felt that this series would contribute.

My expectations were that I'll become more complete and aware as a karateka and instructor, and The Journey To Henka Waza definately did.

That's why I recommend this series to anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of Wado-ryu and improve their level. I'm convinced you'll be delighted with the knowledge, information and communication contained here.

the stances masterclass

A True Masterclass In Stances Ranging From Standardised Rules To Fundamental Understanding

Imagine 5 categories of stances explained to this level πŸ‘‡

(Sample Video from the series on Kokutsu Dachi)

You see how not having this knowledge greatly affects your focus...

...You'll mind unnecessary elements which lead to:

  • foot instead of body movement
  • lower power-output
  • slower techniques
  • increased loss of balance

The full series is more than 1 hour of footage covering:

>> Details beyond what you've EVER heard (watch the Kokutsu Dachi video if you question the statement πŸ™‚)

>> Correct foot, knee and hip placement and WHY and HOW to get into the stance, focusing on healthy and effective movement


  • Wado's Leeway that ultimately prevent joint pain and muscle soreness (you'll feel more comfortable in your stance)

  • How to self-assess your stances without overthinking and putting time in improving stances instead of talking about it or looking down at your stance being counterproductive

  • Most unknown Ohtsuka sensei quote that affects the fabric of your Wado (that only a few high-level instructors understand and apply)

  • Trainingmethods and Key Points that not only create better stances, but more effective transitions and ability to use your whole body

develop your overall quality by taking your stances in a way that affects EVERYTHING (and balance is a by-product)

>> BONUS: Advanced lecture on stances (24.40 min)

Originally intended as one video, I added and eleborated in depth. You'll learn Sakagami sensei's approach, Yokoyama Kancho's insights and Yanagawa sensei's final conclusion.

Nile 5th Kyu - Pennsylvania, USA

Always return to the basics

As a professional musician and music teacher, I always emphasize to students that basics are important.

I often remind myself that no matter how much we progress in rank or in skill, we must always go back to basics and make sure our foundation is solid. I found especially effective how AJ demonstrated how the stances are all related to each other. This relationship is not often taught.

The Stances Masterclass not only taught me how to position my body, but I also learned how stances make movements easier and more efficient.

I have a better understanding of stances as they relate to each other. This will facilitate learning the basics in a way that it β€œsticks” because each stance is not taught in isolation.

Watching this series will help keep your basics sharp.

Ivan (IR) Dan Grade, England

Great series

I watched The Stances Masterclass to be reminded of the traditional stances I first learnt as a beginner many years ago, as we sometimes names get lost with all the modern sports karate we seem to teach.

The biggest takeaway I got was the straight forward and easy to understand explanations of the various stances by AJ.

I will re watch this video again and when I teach these in class I will be confident that I am teaching correct Wado Ryu stances the way they we intended.

The series exceeded my expectations by AJ explains and demonstrates the stances in a thoroughly professional way and expanded my knowledge.

I would definately recommend this series to anyone who is serious about learning authentic wado - ryu karate. Go into watching this series with an open mind, and you'll learn more than you thought.

the uke waza series

Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Accompanied By Matching Pairwork And Trainingmethods

Start here >> 

2 example videos that cover Soto Uke πŸ‘‡


5 Keys Of Soto Uke That Guarantee Quality Movement


Use This Goshin Jutsu As A Fun Factor As Well To Complement The Training Method From The "5 Keys Video".

Imagine... What would access to 30+ of these videos mean for your training? Or your teaching? For YOUR Karate.

Jodan Uke, Gedan Barai, Uchi Uke, Soto Uke, Shuto Uke, Morote Uke, Harai Uke, Hasami Uke, Osae Uke, Suikomi Uke, Mawashi Uke, Sukui Uke...

...and more.

Now you've seen the Soto Uke video, you can't unthink that knowledge. You'll focus on it in your training and guide your students better.

>> pairwork more matching.

Wouldn't you want to be in that position? Not being able to unthink the knowledge covered in the other videos? 

discover common features and unique specifics that drive holistic understanding and practical abilities

>> BONUS 1: Complete UKE WAZA presentation from Ishikawa Sensei's DVD
>> BONUS 2: In-depth explanation on "What Is Uke Waza"

mastering shiyobui

Discover 23 Authentic Ways Of Almost-Forgotton Traditional Attacks That Dramatically Increase Your Understanding And Versatility

How to turn your hands and feet into weapons, just as you've always imagined when you started Karate.

Wait until you see the list... Ipponken, Nukite and Hiraken are the normal ones.

Matthew Allen United States

Great course for mastering the basics!

I have always enjoyed learning new ways to apply the basics of karate. This course definitely did not disappoint!

The new ways to apply the fists were eye opening and the application for kumate was very informative. Because of that, I'll definitely be keeping my mind open to even more ways to apply the basics beyond what I've learned.

This is the first video series that has taught new ways to apply the basics.

I've always looked for new ways and been disappointed. I was cautiously skeptical when I started the series, but I'm glad that I got it and would definitely recommend this series to anyone who wants to study the basics of karate in a new way.

Having a good foundation in the basics of karate is essential, and this series definitely provides that necessary foundation.

the meotode drill series

This Form Is As Fun, As It's Fundamental: EXACTLY How Yokoyama Kancho Taught Us

Running time: 48 minutes

  • Learn Meotode STEP BY STEP so you can progress your basics from the ground up.

  • Add this INNOVATIVE TRAINING METHOD to your arsenal that teaches you to think outside the box.

  • Discover how basics transform into ADVANCED PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES.

Final result training in Japan ^^

access to fundamental, step by step teaching of meotode learning valuable skills (quality) instead of copying a technique that stands alone (quantity)

>> BONUS: Free access to The Meotode Crash Course

This is WITHOUT DOUBT the most popular videoseries I released the first round summer '17.

You'll learn:

  1. How Meotode Works
  2. Which Trainingmethod is effective for using Meotode as a follow up
  3. How to execute Meotode with two hands at the same time
  4. How you can do Meotode with Hikite
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