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discover practical techniques that professional teachers use so you can unlock your students' full potential the second your Dojo opens for classes again.

(Nor Spend 4 Years Fulltime Behind A Schooldesk) 
I Did That For You...

Chris was lucky enough to jump on board for free (you can still get in for 497 right now instead of 997)


The tips, strategies, suggestions, ideas and skills...

Anyone who hasn't learnt any formal teaching skills should take the course. The tips, strategies, suggestions, ideas and skills will all add up to a far deeper appreciation and understanding of teaching abilities.

CHRIS WHITTAM  //  3rd Dan Wadokai

The course is now €497 but it doesn't end there...

In fact: My goal is to keep improving and adding to the course to finally offer it for €997 while you still feel that's a bargain...

That's what will happen to this course and materials that'll be provided to those who jump on board.

You can join now for just €497 which is next to nothing if you simply think about the rent you have to pay every month being able to teach your classes... 

And since it's online, you save money and precious time on travel, can study on your own pace while STILL getting the support you need through our dedicated forum that you normally get from 1-on-1 in-person teaching. 

If you only take your teaching a bit seriously, you want to jump on board.

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