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👉 ​​The ONE Thing You Need To Make Ohyo Kumite Work

Become best friends with Ohyo Kumite's specific training style


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👉 11 Videos From His DVD That Show What Dynamic Movement Is

Learn How To Execute Ohyo Kumite In A Dynamic Manner.


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👉 Achieve Freedom Of Movement through controlling movement

Discover How To Create And INSTANTLY Execute Henka Waza


1 >> The 1 Thing You Need To Make Ohyo Kumite Work

In this 12 minute video, you'll learn EXACTLY how to get the most out of Ohyo Kumite. To use it what it's designed for and what you should do to make that happen.

While the explantions in the eBook make sense and will truly make a difference in your understanding and performance— this video tops it off.

It ensures you don't come to the wrong conclusion and connect the dots correctly.

Avoid interpreting the book in the wrong manner by taking advantage of this unique opportunity.


An issue of Ohyo Kumite is rigid performance, which is the opposite of Ishikawa sensei's demonstration.

Although it has been described clearly in the book, you know a picture says 1000 words...

...And video even more— especially combined.


We must never forget what Ohyo Kumite is originally designed for: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. 

Ohyo Kumite bridges the gap between Kata and Kumite— It's NOT a form. 

Learn it as a form first, then BREAK it.

Ohyo isn't designed to be used straight away in sparring, although some could be used in a copy-paste manner. Or parts of it.

It's the way you practise that matters most >> how you create Henka Waza (which leads to freedom of movement).

Example: In #8 (form) after Ushirogeri you should control the opponents Kamae on the inside...

...however: the opponent allows you to do that. Practically you may have to control from the outside, or press on his Kamae to jam it— this is Henka Waza (variation).

Such a change should occur INSTANTLY as you spot changes in the opponents movement. Or when his Kamae is unsuitable for controlling on the inside.

ALL Ohyo should be practised in this manner until you can't recognise the form and it occurs naturally.

This video series explains this in depth and shows several Henka Waza for each Ohyo Kumite.


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  2. PLACE CONTENT REQUESTS >> Still have questions after seeing all videos? Ask for more explanations, demonstrations, applications. Anything that isn't clear yet...

  3. PDF Download of all henka waza >> The In-Depth series contain LOADS of Henka Waza. Since these variations are new to you, I decided to take one more step to help you: The PDF contains the full list of all Henka Waza as demonstrated so you can look them up fast (easier to memorise and no time lost when you want to practise).

get unlimited access to all videos​ for just 7 euro

"And don't forget: Always practise deliberately, if you know how

- AJ

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