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Karate is NOT just a straight punch

While my classmates were doing their homework properly (or not at all), I was drilling types of the fist: shape + name. Out loud.

Seiken. Uraken. Tettsui. Ippon, Nihon, Yonhon Nukite.

And there are many more, but who will teach you?

You probably know the different forms/shape of the hand —but do you KNOW them? Can you apply them without hurting yourself in a dynamic situation AND do you know when to use which one? 🤷‍♂️

I had NO CLUE when I got Ishikawa sensei's book. I designed the drill above (originally it's longer) to memorise the shape and the names.

Pretty cool, but it didn't help.

In fact... I hurt myself when I put it to the test.

It's an embarassing story really ... I (tried to) use Haito to hit one of those punching-balls on a fair. That didn't end well for my elbow. I had to seriously man-up to hide the pain for using it the wrong way.

Hey, what did I now... I was 15!


The fact is, many Karateka dream about knowing all the fancy stuff. Weird hand shapes and ways to strike...

...but when you're in the Dojo, all you do is a straight punch, Uraken and maybe Shuto and Shotei if you're lucky. 

I was fortunate to learn from Ishikawa sensei who taught me A LOT of those (I hesitate to say nasty) nasty moves.

It was only years later that I started to see how all were connected.

In "Mastering Shiyobui" I teach you everything I learned from Ishikawa sensei— put in a neat package with highly specific fundamental teaching that connects the dots straight away.


(you'll get an holistic framework instead of a bunch of seperate techniques)

inside mastering shiyobui you'll find...

46 videos

Discovering details you never heard before, including counter-intuitive ways of training that actually work.

beyond standard explanations

Instead of just explaining the shape, you'll discover the important elements that make it strong and effective.

fundamental details

The holistic approach drives deeper understanding that's true for all forms (you don't have to memorise 100+ details)

applications and drills

These videos are dedicated to teach you how to APPLY the forms and DRILL the movement.

Just want the technique list?

Seiken, Tateken, Urazuki, Uraken, Tettsui, Shuto, Yonhon, Nihon, Ippon Nukite, Hiraken, Haito, Shotei, Nakadaka, Hitosashiyubi, Oyayubi Ipponken, Koken, Hirabasami, Koko, Kumate, Nekote, Shishu, Koshi (Maegeri) Haisoku (Mawashigeri), Sokuto (Sokuto/Yokogeri), Kakato (Ushirogeri)

BONUS: ASHI SABAKI -Ayumi Ashi, Tsugi Ashi, Yori Ashi, Surikomi Ashi 

Yes AJ, but...

Don't worry. You don't have to:

  • buy expensive equipment to harden your knuckles risking injury.
  • strike sand, rice and stones for years, because you'll learn alignment and targets that don't need conditioning.
  • worry about your level as the skills are built inline with your currect skill level (in other words you can apply them tomorrow)
  • think "these techniques are not allowed"... punching someone in the face with Gyakuzuki is also not allowed. 

Get instant access to Mastering Shiyobui now!

46 Videos

Beyond Standard explanations

Specific Traninig Methds & Drills

A variety of applications

...covers details so you'll not only know the forms, but also understand it's versatility on a fundamental level.

You'll gain the ability to apply through the specific methods and matching & diverse applications. (Incl. 4x BONUS!)

Here's what Matthew Said

This course definitely did not disappoint!

The new ways to apply the fists were eye opening and the application for kumate was very informative. Because of that, I'll definitely be keeping my mind open to even more ways to apply the basics beyond what I've learned. 

I'm glad that I got it and would definitely recommend this series to anyone who wants to study the basics of karate in a new way.


when you should NOT get "mastering shiyobui"

  1. You know the pro's and con's of all types of the hands and feet
  2. You deeply understand alignment and know how that applies to all ways of attack, EVEN if you see one that you never saw before

  3. You see the versatility instantly which allows you to come up with many applications on the spot

  4. You can apply and use on demand WITHOUT hurting yourself because you know the crucial stuff that is explained in Mastering Shiyobui

All to such a level that you can use even the most unkown type as if it's a walk in the park.

If you want to dig deeper into traditional karate and you're serious about leaning beyond what you imagined— this course is definately for you.

What's inside?

When you get "Mastering Shiyobui" you unlock it in "The Vault", which is part of The Digi Dojo Membership Area. You'll be able to access all videos easily from the overview grid.

And there's a binge-watch playlist if you're up for it.

  1. 1
    The eye-opening Beyond-Standard-Explanation Videos will teach you NOT just things like "bend your wrist" or "curl your fingers". Instead, Ishikawa sensei's "Little things make a lot of difference" quote is exactly what makes these videos exceptional and create fundamental holistic understanding. 
  2. 2
    THE WAY variety of movement is taught creates that out-of-the-box understanding. Nobody wants to believe they think in boxes, yet 99% of us do... When you learn about "Kumate" (bear hand) you INSTANTLY have an image of a bear and how he would use it— but that's just one of the ways taught in this program...
  3. 3
    The series wouldn't be complete without specific trainingmethods and drills that hardwire the movement. Although this course is comprehensive and realistic, there's no way to master it without practise. That's why you'll learn numerous ways that have direct affect on the quality of your application.
  4. 4
    Just how specific and detailed can you get when it comes to creating applications? VERY. For example, Hiraken has a unique feature that can ONLY be illustrated using a specific target in a situation that meets angle and space requirements.

AJ VAN DIJK  //  Author

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>> General Secretary FEW Federation European Wadokai

AJ is always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado.

PETER MAY  //  7th Dan Wadokai

It's clear AJ knows what he's talking about.

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AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess.

NOBUYUKI NUKINA  //  6th Dan Wadokai

start mastering shiyobui in time to get these 5 bonuses 👇

  1. 3 Seminar Hacks to get more out of ANY seminar (11min) 

  2. How to SKYROCKET YOUR SKILL without changing your technique (best fundamental video I EVER MADE: 14min)
  3. Kushanku - Reduce 60+ movements to 3 Keys that finally let's you understand how it's all connected (22min)
  4. The 5 Fundamental Components of Niseishi that go so deep you can't imagine I would put that in a video (37min)
  5. From the two aspects of Karate to the two Wado Core Principles (23min)

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