Me. 2006

Considering it's 15 years ago, I'm quite happy looking back at this performance. I have lots of comments though...

Want to know what I've discovered since then?

  • Saturday 10 April 2021
  • 12noon Dutch time (CEST) - watch our summer time now!
  • Duration: about 2 hours (warm-up yourself before the event)
  • Location: ZOOM (link is provided after purchase)

I don't call it a zoom class by the way...

It's a seminar.

Here's what NOT to expect:

  • A fun get together
  • A nice workout
  • A surface-level walkthrough of the Kata

Don't get me wrong...

You will have fun, break a sweat and get the walkthrough packed with the standardised stuff too.

But that's secondary.

During the Wanshu online class you get tools and key insights so your Wanshu improves...

...and so you know what to practise and focus on when you study on your own.

Join the seminar with experiments, tailored methods and in-depth stuff.

You have the chance to get lifetime access to the recording too. So even if you can't make it, arrive late or leave early, you can still get the recording.

==> Register for Wanshu Online Seminar

It'll be about 2 hours. You warm up yourself before the event.

See you there!

Regards, AJ

PS: It's an in-depth training. It's not to learn Wanshu from the ground up.

PPS: Here's Nukina sensei's performance from 2006.