your kamae becomes a fortress

Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Plus Matching Pairwork And Training Methods To Make Them Work Against Anything That Comes At You — Self-Defense Included

Thanks to Ultimate Uke Waza you'll know how to block, use your blocks as attacks and control your opponent. All the way from fundamental key points to self-defense applications.

DETAILED yet easy-to-understand EXPLANATIONS

You describe it so detailed it's difficult not to get the point.

Thanks A LOT for this fabulous inspiration.

LENA  //  Norway

with ULTIMATE UKE WAZA, i help you...

✅  Discover a plethora of Uke Waza (blocks) and how they're extensions of your body movement. 

✅  Find the common fundamentals as well as the movement-specific keys you need to create quality movement. So you'll be sure your technique not only looks nice but is effective against a strong opponent as well (if he happens to have a strong grip you don't want to embarras yourself by asking him to please grip a bit more lightly...)

✅  execute high-quality techniques combining key point training with tailored methods.

Soto Uke for example, the outside block. It has 5 key points.

If you don't know them you'll hardwire an ineffective movement for years.

❌ Skill-wise you'll develop an unreliable bad habit, not Soto Uke.

❌ Application-wise... Well. Let's just hope you'll never need it for self-defense.

But you don't want to be that 👆. Not even a bit.

That's why you have to:

✅  develop the effectiveness of your blocks through specifically designed pairwork. Whether it's to improve fluidity, adjusting distance, self-defense or a feedback method — you'll have all the tools you need for effective movement.

✅  turn your arms into a knights shield so your opponent can't touch you. Ultimate Uke Waza reveals the important elements of blocking techniques because without it you can't use your blocks on stronger opponents. 

✅  seamlessly block and counter so your opponent can't attack again. You'll discover how to transform even the most rigid block into a flowing one so you can move from one technique to the next.

Stop him from keep coming at you for once and for all.

✅  use your blocks to attack in self-defense situations so you won't be limited by the never ending "vs Junzuki" training. Whether he punches, kicks or grab you — you always have an answer.

Download the eBooks and study the videos with methods, keypoint-based explanations and action-driven applications. Increase the variety and effectiveness of your Uke Waza.


Inspite of my 30+ years in Wado, somehow AJ sensei always manages to give me exactly the right advice that gets me to the next level. I never experienced that before. You can see that same advice shine through this course completely. I highly recommend Ultimate Uke Waza.

ROELAND CUPPERS  //  4th Dan Wadokai

what do you get?

Inside Ultimate Uke Waza you'll find loads of images, videos and deep-yet-clear explanations that provide you with pratical knowledge so you can practise and build a stronger defense straight away.


✅ 6 Core Techniques like Uchi and Soto Uke

✅ 7 Principle Uke Waza such as Suikomi and Harai Uke

✅ 7 Variations like Kake, Hirate and Sukui Uke

✅ [BONUS] Uke Waza videos (Ishikawa)


✅ 10 Sanbon Kumite Chudan Uke

✅ 10 Sanbon Kumite Maegeri Uke

✅ 10 Sanbon Kumite Maegeri Uke

✅ 10 Ippon Kumite Tsuki Uke

✅ 10 Ippon Kumite Keri Uke


✅ eBook Uke Waza from Wado No Michi

✅ eBook 10 Chudan Uke from Wado No Michi

✅ eBook 10 Jodan Uke from Wado No Michi

✅ eBook 10 Maegeri Uke from Wado No Michi


✅ Ido Ho Templates

✅ 2 Full Follow-Along Classes:

  1. "Uke Waza" (follow along 33:24 min) 
  2. "The 10 Uke Waza Drill" (follow along 35:45 min)

✅ 5 Mini Series:

  1. "Gems of Jodan Uke"
  2. "Secrets of Morote Uke"
  3. "Moves against Mawashigeri"
  4. "Stages of Otoshi Uke"
  5. "Applications of Otoshi Uke"

Your investment

✅ Ultimate Uke Waza — Value €997,-

✅ 30 Sanbon & 20 Ippon Kumite — Value €997,-

✅ 10 Ido Ho Templates (incl. exercises) — Value €197,-

✅ 2 Follow-Along Classes — Value €112,-

✅ 5 Mini Series — Value €135,-

TOTAL VALUE: € 2.438,-

now only 97 euro

excellent resource

I highly recommend Ultimate Uke Waza, it's an excellent resource. AJ not only gives step by step instructions, but also the reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well as the correct mental attitude required for the techniques of Wado Ryu.

DAVE SHEPHARD  //  5th Dan Wadokai, Spain

a consistently high standard

I have trained in Okinawan and Japanese karate since the mid-sixties, so I have seen or got most publications, tapes/dvds since that period. I must praise AJ, his material is to a consistantly high standard. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

JOHN  //  UK


A.J.’s thirst for knowledge was apparent even in his younger years, always questioning, always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado. He has painlessly researched Wado.

PETER MAY  //  7th Dan JKF-Wadokai

get Ultimate Uke Waza with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and apply the techniques you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

From average to excellent with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!

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