[BONUS REVEALED IN VIDEO] The in-depth technical detail from method #13 "Tai No Ido Gata"

get the videos that reveal key points — Just like the one from tai no ido gata you see in the video above

Plus: discover variations and advanced skills through easy-to-understand explanations

*Includes the €64 value follow-along "square-meter methods" karate class (packed with even more methods)

"The advanced skills to generate power exceeded my expectations"

Dave Shephard, 5th Dan

"Confirmation, almost like Eureka moments"

Carl, UK

the videos offer Not only guidance on how to excute the techniques correctly...

...they also reveal hidden-in-plain-sight secrets that can't be covered in a book

"The advanced skills to generate power exceeded my expectations"

Nigel, 2nd Dan

"Incredible insights"

Art, Ireland

"A feeling of satisfaction when you realise how it all comes together"

Neil, 1st Dan

So here's the deal...

✅ All videos including sakagami method bonus — value €197,- 

✅ The follow-along class — Value €64,-

✅ Lifetime Access — Priceless


here's our board-breaking guarantee.

Get The Videos With Unshakeable Samurai-Like Confidence!

It's simple. If you’re not as thrilled as the Karateka that left 5 star reviews, Or Dont' Think That The Videos Didn't Reveal Anything New To You, You Can Still Refund Your Order Within 14 Days. Simply e-mail us "I quit Karate" with your receipt for a full refund within 14 days after your purchase.

No questions asked. No catch.

Alison Morgan 1st kyu, Gary McLenaghan Karate, UK

I learn by watching and doing

The videos were very helpful for me to make sure I was doing the moves correctly. I learn by watching and then doing so now, when I go back to the ebook, I have a picture in my head of what the moves look like.

If you're short on space but want to get stuck in to some real practice at home then the ebook combined with the videos will give you lots of guidance and ideas for training at home.

Jeff 2nd dan, UK

A picture paints a thousand words but...

The book and videos will give you plenty to explore because it has plenty of bullet points and good explanations.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words but a video will give you more.

Carl United Kingdom

Eureka moments

The book gives you guidance, the videos give you confirmation, almost like "eureka" moments.

No matter what style you are studying at present, it's so easy to adapt to suit your own techniques and form, and then add some more of your own.

T. Hotz United States

Unique training aid

The videos help the reader to avoid any confusion with the direction of the techniques and the author is very crisp in his movements and does them perfectly.

This would not only be a great supplement for those who train alone, but for a lesson on using technique in crowded spaces. Techniques are only useful if we can make them work in all situations and surroundings.

Art Dan grade, Northern Ireland

It’s like having AJ in your own room as a private instructor.

AJ shares knowledge that is next to no other instructor that you have seen on the internet.

The videos compliment all aspects of the e-book, with easy teaching methods & a very articulate teacher no other than Sensei AJ van Dijk. It’s like having AJ in your own room as a private instructor.

Neil Bennett 1st Dan

Back the e-book up with the online video series

AJ has many teaching methods, he presents himself well and communicates in a way that is easy to understand, follow and practice.

Back the e-book up with the online video series and a key to The Digi Dojo and you have a world of knowledge available 24/7. Get the videos too, you will not be disappointed.

Gary mcclenaghan 3rd dan wado, 1st dan shotokan, 1st dan taekwondo, 1st dan kick boxing , Bsc (hons) MA Ed.

My students already responded with a very positive attitude towards the content

This book is different from other literature I have studied for Karate training, techniques and theory because the illustrations and reasoning are very clear and precise which enables both the senior student and novice alike

The contents of the information exceeded my expectations because AJ and his team have put together information both from knowledge gained and information gathered from other masters and instructors and home the extra mile to produce and relay the information back to the reader clearly which in my opinion has not been achieved before in the martial arts literary field.

The videos complement the book because some students thrive on being able to visualise the technique from video and watch and re-watch the videos until they start to get a better understanding of what they are attempting to learn. Some students cannot learn from black and white reading materials they need a bit more which is where the videos come in .

I have already recommended the book/videos to my students and they have already responded with a very positive attitude towards the content which is very helpful.

Dave Shephard 5th Dan (Wado Kokusai -Altiplano) Granada, Spain

AJ's teachings are always thoughtful and have meaning and purpose

AJ Sensei is a world class instructor. His teachings are always thoughtful and have meaning and purpose. They will increase your understanding of principles and techniques.

Books are good but seeing movement goes a long way to increasing understanding and confidence. You will not be disappointed.

Hasheem Muththalif Black belt 3rd Dan- Wado Ryu Spinea Sri lanka

The perfect step

AJ's explanations are very clear about karate and techniques, so this book in combination with the videos will be a perfect step to do Karate in a correct way.

Nigel Blackman 2nd Dan, Camberley UK

Essential tool for serious Wado Karateka

This book contains lots of key points that are at your fingertips and you can train straight away. I would recommend training along with the video series first though as the book acts as a great refresher.

The bits that emphasise momentum, timing, and the advanced skills to generate power exceeded my expectations, even though I'm following AJ from quite a few years.

I can go from one to the other very easily as the book and videos complement each other very well. The book is especially good if you want to train effectively but are limited with time.

Getting The Square-Meter Series will improve your karate no end technically and help you relax. They will also motivate you to train more, as there is so much to study and improve on. I watch and I read, then I want to do !

Francisco Neuman Panama

THE Home Training Series

If you want your karate to improve overnight, this book and videos are a must. One of my weakest techniques is uraken, and after practicing one day with this series, I feel I have improved my uraken more than in the last year of dojo practice. Instant results!

Another example: in the video "Fall-In Junzuki", its like having AJ next to me translating the difficult to decipher 'move from tanden'. Instead of that clasically obscure explanation, he turns it into easy to understand ideas like "push your hips while maintaining posture".

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