Revolutionise Your Karate With Deep Yet Easy-To-Understand Explanations, Proven-Effective Methods and technical hints you can apply straight away So You Can Take Your Knowledge And Skill Next Level

FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: How to revolutionise your training, study Karate on a deep fundamental level, while having access to actionable key points you can apply to your training straight away.

Dear Karateka,

What do you learn from daily practise, study and research of  Karate under Japanese supervision?

I can tell you... A LOT.

And that's what I want to share with you today. What I did the last 20+ years is practising every day and getting feedback from the best instructors in Europe (Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami and May).

You'll discover everything I've learned inside my courses in a matter of minutes.

If there's one thing my students have asked throughout the years is where on earth I get all my knowledge.

My training and close relationship with those prominent instructors has obviously helped. As well as my "thirst for knowledge" as Peter May called it.

But the real driver was when Ishikawa sensei passed away back in 2008.

I couldn't give up. And I had to continue his legacy.

It was on my shoulders.

I was already training daily, but then the weight of running 2 Dojo and Wadokai Holland turned everything into a more professional thing...

...Teaching seminars frequently in Holland and internationally

...Re-designing the syllabus based on my experience as school teacher

...Writing the 512 page hardcover "Wado No Michi"

It all turned a wide variety of knowledge and methods into a coherent framework that has now helped thousands of students to practise more effectively.

And that's also why senior instructors tell me that they wish they had "access to the knowledge when they started training".

Andy for example, my student from Germany.

He started to apply the fundamental key points to his training. And every time I saw him again his made amazing jumps in his skill.

He is now able to apply deep skills such as body dropping and compression.

So this works.

Also if your name isn't AJ.

I focus myself (like with all my courses) only on the things that really matter. That means you don't have to fill your training with years of trail and error to find out what works and what doesn't.

I did that for you under Japanese supervision so I could gain experience without going off track or risking bad habits.

I know EXACTLY which key points and methods take your Karate to the next level and how to learn them in a minute. 

❌ Forget about spending afternoons digging through your Karate books, only finding "turn left with Gedan Barai"...

❌ Forget about roaming forums and facebook groups where everybody answers your question — keyboard warriors included...

❌ Or spend hours searching on YouTube to not find your answer...

And when you compare 3 instructors, it will only confuse you.

Been there. And done that. 

But for you it doesn't have to be this way...

What took me years to discover, is a matter of logging in for you.

Spend your precious time practising in the Dojo, your living room, backyard. Or simply enjoy more time with your family.

Here's why it works:

Knowing the key points and methods that improve your techniques drastically is one of the most important skills that you can get as a Karateka — no matter if you're a student or sensei.

But I see many people that don't practise in an effective way. Often not because they don't want to, but because they don't have access to proper teaching from high ranking instructors.

People think it "takes a lifetime" to master Junzuki.

Good news: it doesn't. 

Of course you can always polish your movement, go deeper. More versatile. More efficient. 

But that's marginal.

Upgrading your techniques is possible for you too in a matter of no-time compared to what you think it is. And easier than you think too.

And here's the thing:

The only thing you need to master are the principles. The fundamentals of movement so you can practise without doubt it's the correct way. Plus: 

Every keypoint-based repetition takes you closer to mastery.

You don't have to wait a lifetime. Or wait for skill to just happen overtime.

You may wonder how you can learn these principles, methods and frameworks. And how you can learn the deep stuff as well as the practical knowledge that I've used for years to get where I am now.

How you can use for your own training what I've taught to thousands of students worldwide. Online and offline.

Very simple:

You discover everything I've learned over the 20+ years under Japanese instruction inside courses such as Ultimate Uke Waza, Keys to Crisp Kata and Advanced Wado Kumite.

Your Pro Licence is thé solution to enjoy your Karate to the max, understand it deeply and witnessing your techniques develop as fast as humanly possible.

You can access direct instruction from close-to-the-source Japanese instructors, practise and research for years on end, visit seminars, travel, teach, write books, hundreds of articles and thousands of videos... study to become a professional teacher so you know the ins and outs of step-by-step effective learning to combine and optimise every single thing there is to know about Karate training — and then use that for your own training.


Get your Pro Licence where I've done exactly that.

✅ Go all out with a course on a dedicated subject...

✅ Look up the technique you want to work on...

✅ Or press play on one of the many playlists...

You'll discover the key points that move the needle in a matter of minutes so you can practise knowing that every repetition is fun as well as effective.

Your Pro Licence gives you unrestricted access to all Pro Courses, and more...

Here's what you get:

Ido Kihon Pro

— value €3.770

Discover In-Depth Theory Of Wadokai Ido Kihon And Boost Your Ability To Execute The Official Basics Properly — Take Your Knowledge And Skill To Japanese Level

Ido Kihon Pro not only teaches the official JKF-Wadokai basics properly — you discover what's beyond step and punch, and twist your hip. Through in-depth articles, video training and actionable key points you'll know exactly what to focus on, and what to completely ignore (your next exam will be a walk in the park and your instructor and Dojo mates will wonder how you improve your skill so fast).

i found tips to improve right away

The second I got access to Mastering Shiyobui I checked JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon first and I was already impressed. Even after years of training I found tips to improve my Junzuki right away!

CHRISTOPH  //  Germany

  • Detailed yet easy-to-understand instructions you can apply to your training straight away. Beyond "step forward" or "twist your hip" so you can work on deeper layers of Wado's Ido Kihon. 
  • In-depth articles with details only a few top instructors know — until now.
  • Straight-to-the-point video training without fluff or filler so you can absorb the knowledge you're looking for fast — as if vividly remembering every word of instruction you got at a seminar (that you normally forget)
  • Improve your techniques in no-time with actionable key points that are easy to understand and work like magic (it's your scientifically-proven "shortcut")
  • Including Keriwaza and "Renrakuwaza Complete" so you can transform static basics into dynamic movement that you can apply in sparring and combat

mastering shiyobui

— value €1.235

Boost Your Versatility With 23 Almost-Forgotton Techniques Of Traditional Karate — Make The Obscure Oldschool Forms Part Of Your Arsenal For Effective Self-Defense

Thanks to Mastering Shiyobui you'll know how to turn your hands and feet into weapons. You'll learn how to apply them from a variety of angles and execute punches and kicks on long, medium as well as short distance. You also get access to "The Fundamental Series" bonus that reveals how anything you do affects everything you do (that's the real gamechanger).

The new ways to apply the fists were eye opening

The new ways to apply the fists were eye opening and the application for kumate was very informative. Because of that, I'll definitely be keeping my mind open to even more ways to apply the basics beyond what I've learned. 


  • Discover over 30 oldschool styles that turns your hands and feet into effective self-defense weapons.
  • The fundamental details that drive deeper understanding that are true for all forms (you don't have to memorise 100+ details).
  • The wide range of pairwork and drills are tools dedicated to show you how to apply and how to practice so you start to see results fast (finally, you know where to start)
  • Upgrade your skills with Ido-Kihon Pro covering all 10 JKF-Wadokai official basics, from Junzuki all the way up to Tobikomi-Nagashizuki.
  • Get a thought-through framework for Renraku Waza that not only teaches how to make logic combinations that work, but also increases your ability to apply principles such as Seichusen, Tai no Nuki and Chinshin-Ho.

And you also get:

ultimate uke waza

— VALUE €2.348

Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Plus Matching Pairwork And Training Methods To Make Them Work Against Anything That Comes At You — Self-Defense Included

Thanks to Ultimate Uke Waza you'll know how to block, use your blocks as attacks and control your opponent. All the way from fundamental key points to self-defense applications.

advice that gets you next level

Inspite of my 30+ years in Wado, somehow AJ sensei always manages to give me exactly the right advice that gets me to the next level. I never experienced that before. You can see that same advice shine through this course completely. I highly recommend Ultimate Uke Waza.

ROELAND CUPPERS  //  4th Dan Wadokai

  • Key points of all 20 ways to block so you can execute them correctly because you know the exact criteria to create effective movement
  • Applications of the blocks taught step by step, with easy as well as advanced variations.
  • 30 Sanbon Kumite & 26 Ippon Kumite that provide a coherent framework to learn movement, positioning, defense and counter attack.
  • 4 eBooks on Uke Waza and Sanbon Kumite that reveal details you can easily look up on your phone using search in seconds.
  • Ido Ho Templates (how to move + add a block), full follow-along classes and mini series that contain secrets and methods for practise normally preserved for private seminars so you can turn an average Dojo Monday into an elite training session

So now that you have they keys to effective offense and a solid defense and counter attack strategy, it's time to study Kata deeply with:

Keys to Crisp Kata

— VALUE €3.969

Discover The Below-The-Surface Keys To Perform Crisp Kata And Execute Effective Applications So Your Techniques Become Sharper In No-Time

Keys To Crisp Kata reveals full in-depth analysis of all 15 Wadokai Kata: move-by-move explanations, video walkthroughs, key points and seminar footage. You'll know exactly what to focus on and how to practise to take your skill to Japanese level. Kata applications included.


If you want to get a deeper understanding of Wado karate, this course is a real treasure. The detailed explanations and comprehensive illustrations, especially on the form, execution, and principles behind wado Kata makes it one of the best out there.

ANDY ARDELEAN  //  4th Dan Wadokai

  • Full coverage of all 15 Wadokai Kata: Pinan Shodan, Nidan, Sandan Yondan and Godan. Kushanku, Naihanchi, Seishan, Chinto... and also Bassai, Rohai, Wanshu, Niseishi, Jitte and Jion.
  • 60+ Kata applications of all Pinan Kata, straight from Kata Applications and Analysis book that include self-defense techniques in situations when the opponent takes hold of you.
  • Fundamental theory of how to practise and apply Kata covering Kaisetsu, Ohyo, Henka, Kenkyu, Keiko and Renshu
  • Seperate key point videos so you kow what to do in minutes.
  • Full Walkthrough and follow-along training videos as if your taking my seminar in your living room

The Kata applications are all based on Wado's principles that you learn deeply in:

Advanced Wado Kumite

— VALUE €2.341

Discover Fundamental Keys Of Advanced Wado Kumite That Take Your Wado From Average To Excellent

Advanced Wado Kumite covers Kihon Kumite, Kumite Gata, Tanto Dori and Idori completely. With details only a few top instructors know so you can make your skill look effortless too while being highly effective. Passing your next grading was never this easy.

exceeded expectations

Even though I've been to many seminars with Sakagami and Nukina sensei, access to Advanced Wado Kumite exceeded my expectations. Also, there's too much that will be forgotten, so now I use The Digi Dojo to check the different forms.

MARTIN STRÖM  //  3rd Dan Wadokai

  • Analysis on fundamental principles such as Ko Bo Ittai, Maai and Kiai, Mazakai, and many more. They're explained in simple terms so you can get the inner dynamics of Wado Kumite — nothing abstract or cryptic that you can't use.
  • 3 Wado No Michi eBooks on Kihon Kumite, Tanto Dori and Idori that you can access anywhere and anytime. Look up the answer on your phone with search quickly and go back to practise. No wasting time. And no practising the 'wrong' way.
  • 10 Kihon Kumite that reveal more than form. Even beyond the hidden movement. You also get easy-to-execute fundamental key points so every repetition is a big step closer to mastery. Closer to passing your grading with flying colors.
  • 10 Kumite Gata that drive true understanding of Wado Kumite. The flow of Kumite Gata is unparalled. And you get the ingredients to flow and control your opponent to a high degree of finesse. Effective short-range striking included.
  • 7 Tanto Dori that contain the inner workings of Kansetsu Waza, Kuzushi Nage Waza and projection of Seichusen that allows you to control and takedown your opponent without need for excessive physical strength or raw power. It works against muscular dudes too.
  • 7 Classical Idori with keys of connected body movement that allow you to overcome the opponent even if he resists (no chance you'll be embarrased when that big guy takes hold of you).
  • The core exercises to develop Japanese-Level Taisabaki topped off with "The Seminar Section" where you get access to loads of seminar footage never revealed to the public before.

After Kihon, Kata and Kumite comes the final stage of movement...

the journey to henka waza

— VALUE €1.218

Achieve Freedom Of Movement Through Ohyo Kumite And Henka Waza So You Can React To Any Change And Control Your Opponent

Kata Kaisetsu, Ohyo, Henka... Omote, Ura, Henka... The Journey To Henka Waza guides you to the final stage of training that allows you to transform techniques in a flash. The Journey reveals the framework you need to break the form and achieve freedom of movement so you can react to any change and stay ahead of your opponent.

easy to understand how everything comes together

What's explained in The Journey To Henka Waza is a real eye-opener that gives my training more focus. In Karate, you hear the expression "every block is a punch, and every punch is a block", but in Henka Waza it all comes together. This course presents this ideology in a practical way that is easy to understand.


  • Discover the real meaning of Henka Waza and it's 5 keys that teach the mindset and skills that allow you to adapt to change instantly
  • The Ohyo Kumite eBook that explaines move by move revealing details that "only a few top instructors know".
  • 8 Ohyo Kumite completely unraleved through walkthrough videos that show how to execute overlooked elements that make your technique effective — no power needed to sweep and take him down.
  • 8 Henka Waza of Ohyo Kumite that reveal a plethora of ways to react to change in a coherent framework so you can connect the dots and Henka Waza and make it work for you.
  • [BONUS] The Meotode Crash Course, Nailing Nage Waza, Core Of Kote Gaeshi and Ashi Barai In Action PLUS The Nage Waza Collection that provide you with more strategies, applications and variations you ever need to control and overcome your opponent.

Your Pro License gives you instant access to all Pro Courses + Bonuses:

  • Ido Kihon Pro — Value €3.770,-
  • Mastering Shiyobui — Value €1.235,-
  • Ultimate Uke Waza — Value €2.348,-
  • Keys to Crisp Kata — Value €3.969,-
  • Advanced Wado Kumite — Value €2.341,-
  • And The Journey To Henka Waza — Value €1.218,-

total value so far: €14.881,-

and there's more!


get 3 bonuses for FREE if you decide now (€321 value)


"The Wadokai Special"


Packed with JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon, All Pinan Kata, Kihon Kumite + Ohyo and Tanto Dori, this collectors item is a must-have to add to your list.

The to-the-point explanations to avoid confusion feat SAKAGAMI and NUKINA sensei... no more doubts about how to do Wadokai techniques properly!


"The Square-Meter Methods"

VALUE €294

The 23 methods are carefully selected and among the best I learned directly from Sakagami, Ishikawa, Nukina (Wado Ryu) and Yokoyama sensei (Shorin Ryu).

They're all made to work if you lack time or space, and no equipment is necessary. The methods are Fun & Fundamental meaning they work no matter your rank and regardless of style.

  • With the book come 24 videos featuring all methods 
  • 1 Bonus video with 5 more methods
  • Another bonus video feat the Sakagami Nukeru method
  • Plus a 39 minute follow-along Karate class with even more methods...

You'll discover the advanced skills through easy-to-understand explanations. This series alone will keep you in the Dojo for one year.


"The Pro Premium"


The Pro Premium is pretty much my brain- and harddisk dump where you get everthying I come across that I can share with you.

For example, 

It contains ALL Mini Series. That's a series containing 3-part series digging deep into one subject:

  • Stages of Otoshi Uke...
  • Creating Kesa Uchi...
  • Secrets of Sonobazuki...
  • Great at Gyakuzuki...
  • Gems of Jodan Uke...

...and Keys of Kokutsu Dachi are just a few examples of The Mini Series that provide you with insight and methods you can enjoy + copy paste so your training will never be the same.

On top of that, you also get: 

✅ Pro-Only Invites to live online classes

✅ Beta Invites to test new products with discount or even free

✅ The ability to place requests for new content

Your investment

✅ All Pro Courses + Bonuses — Value €14.881,-
✅ [BONUS] Wadokai Special eBook — Value €27,-
✅ [BONUS] The Square-Meter Methods — Value €294,-
✅ [BONUS] The Pro Premium — PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: € 15.202,-

now just 297 euro

For years I've struggled to find the stuff that makes the difference — even under Japanese supervision.

I've spent well over 100K to travel to, and invite the best of the best to my house for private seminars. 

And since educating is in my blood, I want you to skip the trial and error. Start training effectively now.

Spend a fraction of the time and money to get access to the same knowledge. In fact — knowledge that you can access through frameworks in a coherent way. 

Fire stones >> Torch >> Candle >> Light bulb >> LED & Neon... >>

Where do you want to start?

Get your Pro Licence now. Login, pick a key point and start your fastest way to excellence.

Here's what other pro's say about the digi dojo:

Dr. Missaka Senanayake 2nd Dan - Sri Lanka

The search for a comprehensive resource ended...

Coming from a family of Wado karate practitioners we always felt that there was a serious lack of educational material available to Wado students outside of Japan.

Hours spent online looking for resource material on katas, techniques and details regarding on how to execute them correctly fell painfully short. The negative consequence of such lack of information makes learning, understanding and progress in karate, dependent on the short period of time you get to interact with your Sensei at personal level.

As karate has transitioned into a more of a sports and competition oriented model, the time spent on thorough analysis of each technique is lost, thus we see kids blindly emulating the seniors without much attention nor understanding on technique, body mechanics and aesthetics.

The search for a comprehensive resource ended when I stumbled upon AJ's Wado No Michi. It was an All-in-One (albeit a few which he has since added on to The Digi Dojo site) compendium to fill the void of a true reference book. It covers Basics, Pinan & Advanced Katas, Kumite Techniques all with detailed explanations answering the vital questions of Why/What/When/Where and How?

AJ's Video collections on The Digi Dojo complements and completes where "Wado No Michi" fell short due to its limitation as a book.

Personally it has helped me to learn, discover and identify many areas in which I was lacking may it be in Katas, Kihon or Kumite. It also helps me to incorporate learning in the comfort of my own home during by busy work schedules. The magnificent gifts of modern technology, bringing access of this invaluable information on a global scale, and at your fingertips.

I recommend this to all practitioners of Wado, young and old, to sign up and use this invaluable resource and take your karate to the next level.

Matthew Allen United States

Great course for mastering the basics!

I have always enjoyed learning new ways to apply the basics of karate. This course definitely did not disappoint!

The new ways to apply the fists were eye opening and the application for kumate was very informative. Because of that, I'll definitely be keeping my mind open to even more ways to apply the basics beyond what I've learned.

This is the first video series that has taught new ways to apply the basics.

I've always looked for new ways and been disappointed. I was cautiously skeptical when I started the series, but I'm glad that I got it and would definitely recommend this series to anyone who wants to study the basics of karate in a new way.

Having a good foundation in the basics of karate is essential, and this series definitely provides that necessary foundation.

Martin Ström 3 dan Kungälvs Karate Klubb


When I got a glimpse of what The Digi Dojo contains and it's value, getting my Pro Licence was a no brainer...

And it exceeded my expectations.

The Digi Dojo is a great place to get inspiration that I can put into my teaching and my techniques. For example, I now study Meotode and try to implement it as an extension of other techniques.

I've been on many seminars with Sensei Sakagami and Sensei Nukina and learned Kumite Gata which we had little or no experience from before. But there is too much that will be forgotten, so now I use the Digi Dojo to study to check the different forms.

Give it a try. You will not be disapointed.

Geoffrey Légat 1st Kyu - Wadokai Belgium

Best Wado-ryu resource

I was looking for a source to improve my martial arts skills and then I found AJ’s book Wado No Michi. All the details help me to understand techniques better and principles deeper.

I like AJ’s precision about anything he demonstrates, his training methods (and his jokes). What is definitely one of the best things is the simplicity. AJ’s ability of teaching hard concept with simple word and pictures helps me to better understand and to improve my skills and also my teaching.

For example Meotode principle. Before I only focused on one hand and took distance after attack (like in kumite competition). And now I use both hands, one hand for a punch, the other hand for controlling the opponent then I can reverse hands to do combination. It allows me to score more easily and make my techniques more effective than before.

The biggest difference between Wado No Michi and other books are the plenty pictures, lot of details for each technique and complete course of Wado in one book. I have many books about martial arts and this is the best about Wado-ryu karate and would therefore definitely recommend this book and AJ’s work to other Karateka.

Roy Solheim 1.Dan/Skedsmo Karateklubb, Norway

Setting the Mind in Motion with Every Visit to the Digi Dojo

After looking on the Internet to find information about Wado Ryu, I found The Digi Dojo.

My Pro Licence has provided me with the most comprehensive knowledge gathered at one place on the World Wide Web. Especially because I access to all videos, showing the different techniques, kumites, katas and more.

I think that the idea behind the Digi Dojo is excellent and an invaluable asset for studying and evolve myself and my students in both Wado and karate.

Bill Wands 4th Dan

It will not only help beginners

The technical information will not only help beginners but act as a reference source for more experienced practitioners as well. You should be proud of your accomplishment.

Christoph Mau

After years of training...

The second I went Pro I looked up the database and I'm already impressed. Even after years of training I found some tips to improve my Junzuki right away!

杜 Bernard Wiseman 3rd Dan - Kenshikai Shanghai, Shidoin

It doesn't matter which school you are in

I got my Pro license because I wanted access to all the videos, not just a few or having temporary access.

Even though I'm in Shorin Ryu, it's really useful. It will do me good for sure as this fabulous website contain so much details, regardless to the school you are in.

And it's not just the detailed explananations. AJ is always ready to answer your questions thoroughly and never backs down to take a extra step if necessary.

Don't hesitate if you're thinking to go pro too :)

Francisco Neuman Panama

Should be called the Wado Wikipedia

I had been following Sensei AJ's YouTube channel for a while, and had always wondered how can I learn from this person while being a continent apart. The answer: The Digi Dojo.

What stood out to me from Sensei AJ's videos was his sharp execution of technique, which to me means that he has that rare combination of thousands of hours of practice plus the understanding of the principles at work behind the techniques.

The biggest takeaway for me was that sometimes the smallest detail will have the greatest impact on improving or progressing to the next level of karate training/understanding.

His teaching style allows me to look at karate from a completely different perspective of not just repeating movements endlessly, but to train with a specific purpose in mind. He even encourages that we change that specific purpose between training sessions in order to improve as a whole.

The best example has a not particularly important video regarding Hikite. Sensei AJ said don't focus on your fist, focus on your shoulder and the fist will automatically find itself in the "correct position. And after some practice, by God was he right!

I believe Sensei AJ's content would help Karateka from other styles, not just Wado, because his focus is on principles and natural movement. He even shows Kobudo training and educates how armed training can translate into unarmed training.

And finally, most other publications are limited to their syllabus. Sensei AJ's content is always evolving, and he constantly asks for feedback on what topics to address.

This is not something I see any top-level instructor do.

who this is for — and who is this NOT for?

A Pro Licence is ideal for Martial Artists like you that want to get easy access to the most difficult to come by knowledge so you can train what works. And understand deep stuff more easily.

The content of The Digi Dojo are science-based methods that only a few top instructors know and teach...

...These techniques work 100% of the time for 100% of the Martial Artists that start using them 100% 👊 

 WARNING: if you think "I'll check the videos and teach it in my Dojo", you better stop reading.

The keys I've spent well over 100K on to aquire - not even counting hours of study and training - are not meant for taking advantage of in a negative way.

I'm sharing all my discoveries for educational purposes so you can enjoy your Karate to the max without limit.

This is for you if you're looking to learn the deep stuff and optimise your training with smart, fast and proven methods.

why get mY course?

My name is AJ van Dijk, dedicated to Martial Arts since 1996. I've studied under and taught alongside Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami, May and Yokoyama sensei — among the best in Wadokai Karate and Okinawan Kobudo. 

Next to my training and teaching senior instructors internationally, I'm the author of several books including the bestseller "Wado No Michi", Wadokai Karate Special Edition and Kata Applications and Analysis.

Plus: I work closely with Shaun Smith.

He's my good friend. Chiropractor. And mentor. 

He opened my eyes to knowledge that we Karateka desperately need, but that has never been part of "standard" Karate. 

Shaun continues to teach me loads of things that helped me get certified from credible sources in the physical therapy realm such as Functional Movement Systems and Triggerpoint.

And above all: understand the human body better. I allows me to optimise my own training — and share it with you.

Now before you think this all sounds too perfect:

Over the years, I practised a countless amount of hours. Invited the best of the best for private seminars. Travelled internationally. Purchased programs. Trained more. Experimented. 

And failed.

But under Japanese supervision, that's what built my experience.

Inside this course is ONLY what you need. And what works. It contains deep battle-tested knowledge brought to you in easy-to-understand terms. And ready-for-action applications.

I continue to study daily on the frontier and share the good stuff with you.

New exercises, insights, instant-feedback experiments — you get all updates for FREE. Continuously.

It's really simple:

You get keys you need to break through your plateau, or simply get to the next level faster. Use your Pro Licence to:

  • Focus on what matters
  • Practise the methods that work
  • Enjoy the immense depth of Karate
  • Feel your immense inside-power grow
  • And last but not least: pass your grading with flyers colors


Your Pro Licence is your gateway.

You get instant access to all Pro Course and the key points and methods to improve straight away. Every repetition is a step closer to your goal. You'll be enjoying Karate to the MAX.

For as many years as you can.

The courses don't contain Medieval exercises that damage your body in the long run. Or what only works if your young.

This stuff is proven-effective and "tested on" 16 year old students as well as tested by senior instructors from 50 to 75 years old.

You can't lose.

Get your Pro Licence now 👊

Get your Pro Licence with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. Get access and apply the techniques you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

Improve your skill with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!

do you still have questions? 

Here's an answer list to the most common questions that I get about the course:

Q — Is this a subscription?
A — No. The price is one-off so you'll have lifetime access. Sakagami sensei said: "I love Martial Arts, but you are crazy about it". So rest assured I'm not quitting anytime soon.

Q — I am not in JKF-Wadokai. Is this for me?
A — Yes. It's even for you if you don't practise Karate. Although most is based on Wadokai or it's the exact curriculum, it contains fundamentals that are universal. Gravity is true for everybody. That said, if you're looking for pure style stuff and you do Shotokan, you should not get a Pro Licence. If you want to study Karate more deeply, this is the place to be.

Q — There's plenty on Youtube, why should I get this?
A — There's plenty on Youtube, but it's not coherent and designed to help you. Youtube can be a great source of entertainment, but if you're looking for keys and methods that help you progress your Karate this is the place. Has Youtube helped you so far? 

Q — I don't think I have enough time to watch everything, should I get this?
A — You don't have to watch everything. It's not like a traditional VHS or DVD where you're entertained for 30 minutes. Simply pick the topic you want to work and go to the article or video that you need for your training tomorrow.

Q — Do I get access to everything right away?
A — Yes. All Pro courses and bonuses are unlocked the second you jump on board. 

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