[LAST INTERVIEW] Yokoyama Kancho explains how to get deeper Karate knowledge and skill through Kobudo training

Are you interested to learn Kobudo?

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of The Turtles...

...but I didn't care about the weapons.

Even years into my Wadokai Karate training I didn't see the benefit of Kobudo. To me it was just something else.

But that changed.

When Yokoyama Kancho accepted me as his student, he explained stuff more deeply.

And as he said in the interview — the conclusion was this: 

"You have to start weapon training to get deeper Karate skills"

Just like you have to change your training or diet when you hit a plateau (or change your tactic when that girl still doesn't want to go on a date with you).

But back on topic:


And if you know how it works EVERY Kobudo training is Karate training too.

Kobudo is good to...

✅ Develop your Karate techniques on principle-level...

✅ Unlock fundamental skills difficult or impossible to achieve through empty-hand training alone...

✅ Add variety to your training and spice-up your classes...

....or simply to enjoy it 🙂

But, there's a problem with oldschool Kobudo.

Or actually 3:

❌ Techniques are taught in isolation, so it's difficult to understand and experience direct affect on your Karate.

❌ Most systems are part of a Karate style — and you only learn weapons AFTER you reach 3rd or 4th Dan.

❌ And often you learn advanced Kata straight away (as if starting with Kushanku instead of Kihon and Pinan Kata).

It's a too big jump so it takes longer to see benefits, or you never get any because the steps towards advanced skills are missing.

Luckily, there's a solution...

In Japan, they practise Yokoyama's system as part of Shorin-Ryu Karate. 

But "The Kobudo Curriculum" is not made for that specifically:

It's designed as a standalone or add-on to your training — regardless of your style.

Even if you only take Bo techniques on board of your training...

Benefits are:

✅ Reinforcement of core muscle and stances so your stability and control increase.

✅ Progress finger sensation of grip of empty hands so you can take hold of your opponent more easily.

✅ Learn balance of two-hands movement which is the foundation to use your whole body in harmony.

✅ Build up stamina.

✅ Understanding existance of different distance and focus so you can adapt to real-life circumstance more easily.

✅ To use all different materials as your weapons which comes into play in self-defense situations where you can "apply" Kobudo without walking around with your Sai.

And remember: It's fun 🤩 


"The Kobudo Curriculum" is the carefully-crafted system you can use no matter if you're an enthousiastic yellow belt, or a senior instructor — regardless of style.

"Having never formally trained with weapons before, AJ's breakdown of each movement was a great help in speed of learning and understanding of combinations. An excellent way of learning."

Chris — 4th Dan Wadokai, UK

Here's what you get for Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa:

— 40 Kihon Waza 

Each section in the members area comes with 10 basic techniques.

That's a total of 40 exercises. And since they're all principle-based, you'll learn how to handle the weapon faster and more easily.

Plus: you'll discover the connection with Karate movement.

Check this one about Bo Kihon #2 👇

Yokoyama drew this in his hotel room waiting for me to pick him up.

He was so crafty and imaginative...

And it helps: you instantly see the concept.

The basic Bo strike is just like Karate and this one works especially good for Tobikomizuki-like moves — front hand punches where you don't pull back your other hand.

✅ On the surface, you train balanced and coordinated movement of two hands.

✅ Internally, you can develop high-level striking dynamics.

✅ So it helps you no matter your level 👊

Check this one. It's Bo Kihon #2 — the easy version.

Imagine you practise this next to front hand striking.

For example: 10 reps with a Bo. 10 "empty-hand" strikes — focusing on the fundamentals.

That's what your training can look like when you get access to The Kobudo Curriculum.

10 Bo Kihon. 10 Sai. 10 Nunchaku. 10 Tonfa.

And there's more:

"You not only learn weapons, but also the tools you need to learn Karate fundamentals and take your Karate to new levels."

Sofia — Yudansha Shotokan, UK

— 12 Fukyu Kata

Yokoyama developed 3 Fukyu Kata for each weapon, so 12 in total.

Fukyu translates into universal exercise. They're TRAINING KATA. 

It's not meant for Bunkai or application training.

All these Kata are designed to teach you core principles of each weapon while developing physical ability.

They're made so you can master the weapon (so no headaches trying to figure out what obscure moves are supposed to mean).

"Kobudo training gives me better balance and understanding of the movements."

Jessica — 4th Kyu Wadokai, Sweden

— 20 Kihon Kumite

For Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa, Yokoyama designed 5 Kihon Kumite.

How I know? I was there. Yokoyama appointed me to "Komon", which means advisor.

He asked me to build the curriculum with him. So I had to practise countless prototypes, provide feedback and design the structure.

Here's a screenshot from informal practise at my house when we were working on Tonfa Kumite.

The process took about 3 years, because what you get is not only well thought through, but also tested in the field.

We needed to see students of all levels and styles react to the methods. And to see the results.

So finally:

Deflection, 2-Hand Skills, Off-Line Movement, Centerline Control... 

...all Kumite are principle-based so you can understand actual application and connect it to your Karate techniques (it's not straight-forward Gedan Barai, Gyakuzuki stuff).

That's The Kobudo Curriculum.

  • 10 (40) Kihon
  • 3 (12) Fukyu Kata
  • 5 (20) Kihon Kumite

If you know enough you can get it now if you click here.

But wait — There's more!

I want to be absolutely sure you can enjoy a variety of training. Plus that you can practise  other methods, applications and variations on top of that — just like Yokoyama Kancho taught me.

That's why you also get these bonuses if you decide to get access now:

— 5 Bonuses

Bonus 1: 10 Follow-Along Classes — Give the couch a nudge and you're ready to practise under my guidance.

Bonus 2: The Training Center — packed with exercises and routines. This add variety to your training as well as focusing on specific elements from the basic movements. THIS is how you progress your skill fast.

Bonus 3: The Applications Archive — the place where you find variations of the official Kihon Kumite plus loads of additional Ippon Kumite. With these Kumite, you can see the principles of the official Kihon Kumite at work, so you'll grasp them more easily.

Bonus 4: The Kobudo Mini Series — 3-part training videos digging deep into 1 subject.

Bonus 5: Yokoyama's Seminar Footage — Exercises, explanations and demonstrations from Yokoyama Kancho himself.

I'm walking you through the whole thing in the members area in this video ⬇️

"The exercises to drill familiarity and how AJ relates back to the empty hand aspects of Karate are my biggest take-aways. I couldn't recommend his courses and The Kobudo Curriculum enough."

Pete — 3rd Dan Wado Ryu, UK

Your Investment

When you login to the members area you have access to:

✅ The Kobudo Curriculum — Value €3.988,-

  • BO - 10 Kihon, 3 Fukyu Kata, 5 Kihon Kumite
  • SAI - 10 Kihon, 3 Fukyu Kata, 5 Kihon Kumite
  • NUNCHAKU - 10 Kihon, 3 Fukyu Kata, 5 Kihon Kumite
  • TONFA - 10 Kihon, 3 Fukyu Kata, 5 Kihon Kumite

✅ [BONUS 1] 10 Follow-Along Classes — Value €595,-
✅ [BONUS 2] The Training Center — Value €297,-
✅ [BONUS 3] The Applications Archive — Value €297,-
✅ [BONUS 4] The Kobudo Mini-Series — Value €108,-
✅ [BONUS 5] Yokoyama's Seminar Footage — PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE €5.285,-


just 197 euro

It's a one-time payment. No recurring fees. and lifetime access.

"I wanted to get familiar with traditional Okinawan weapon training for a long time, but I didn't know where to start.

The Kobudo Curriculum provides a very well organised and approachable study to the four main weapons: Bo, Sai, Tonfa, and my personal favorite: Nunchaku. 

No juggling show-off circus tricks, but a martial and traditional approach. It's especially interesting for Karatekas, since cross-training with weapons will benefit your empty hand practice, as you will soon notice the connection of techniques and principles with Karate."

Yann — Wadokai, Sweden

Add variety to your training and improve your skills with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and practise the techniques you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

Get The kobudo Curriculum with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!


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David Shephard
- 5th Dan

He explains reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well
AJ not only gives step by step instructions to Wado, but also the reasoning behind the execution and delivery as well as the correct mental attitude required for the techniques of Wado Ryu.
Peter May
- 7th Dan

AJ is always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado

A.J.’s thirst for knowledge was apparent even in his younger years, always questioning, always probing into the deeper learnings of Wado. He has painlessly researched and cross referenced differences within the three main styles of Wado.
Nukina Nobuyuki
- 5th Dan

AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess
Through many gasshuku, practices, conversations, e-mails and chats, he has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. His work will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

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