[LAST INTERVIEW] Yokoyama Kancho explains how to get deeper Karate knowledge and skill through Kobudo training

Are you interested to learn Kobudo?

When I was a kid, I was a huge fan of The Turtles...

...but I didn't care about the weapons.

Even years into my Wadokai Karate training I didn't see the benefit of Kobudo. To me it was just something else.

But that changed.

When Yokoyama Kancho accepted me as his student, he explained stuff more deeply.

And as he said in the interview — the conclusion was this: 

"You have to start weapon training to get deeper Karate skills"

Just like you have to change your training or diet when you hit a plateau (or change your tactic when that girl still doesn't want to go on a date with you).

But back on topic:


And if you know how it works EVERY Kobudo training is Karate training too.

Kobudo is good to...

✅ Develop your Karate techniques on principle-level...

✅ Unlock fundamental skills difficult or impossible to achieve through empty-hand training alone...

✅ Add variety to your training and spice-up your classes...

....or simply to enjoy it 🙂

But, there's a problem with oldschool Kobudo.

Or actually 2:

❌ Most systems are part of a Karate style — and you only learn weapons AFTER you reach 3rd or 4th Dan.

❌ And often you learn advanced Kata straight away (as if starting with Kushanku instead of Kihon and Pinan Kata).

It's a too big jump so it takes longer to see benefits, or you never get any because the steps towards advanced skills are missing.

Luckily, there's a solution...

In Japan, they practise Yokoyama's system as part of Shorin-Ryu Karate. 

But "The Kobudo Curriculum" is not made for that specifically:

It's designed as a standalone or add-on to your training — regardless of your style.

Even if you only take the Bo techniques on board of your training...

Benefits are:

✅ Reinforcement of core muscle and stances.

✅ Progress finger sensation of grip of empty hands.

✅ Learn balance of two hand movement.

✅ Build up stamina.

✅ Understanding existance of different distance and focus.

✅ To use all different material as your weapons

And remember: It's fun 🤩 


"The Kobudo Curriculum" is the carefully-crafted system you can use no matter if you're an enthousiastic yellow belt, or a senior instructor — regardless of style.

Here's what you get:

For Bo, Sai, Nunchaku and Tonfa

  • 10 Kihon
  • 3 Fukyu Kata
  • 5 Kihon Kumite 

That's 40 basics, 12 Kata and 20 sets of pairwork.


Bonus 1: The Follow-Along Classes — 10 classes are ready and waiting for you. Give the couch a nudge and you're ready to practise under my guidance.

Bonus 2: The Training Center — packed with exercises and routines.

Bonus 3: The Applications Archive — the place where you find variations of the official Kihon Kumite plus loads of additional Ippon Kumite.

Bonus 4: The Kobudo Mini Series — 3-part training videos digging deep into 1 subject.

I'm walking you through the whole thing in the members area in this video ⬇️

Interested? get access to "the Kobudo curriculum" for just €197,- 47 euro

The only-now bonus I explain in the walkthrough video is a 90-minute live class where you discover:

  • How Kobudo works for self-defense even if you can't carry weapons
  • How to use Kobudo to supplement your private training
  • How to use Kobudo to spice-up your classes (and attract more members or have them stay longer)

You get this bonus (incl the recording). But only now before the timer hits zero.