Secure Your Karate Training With 30+ Designed-To-Follow-Along Classes While Improving Your Skill At The Same Time


what is the karate class collection?

A better question may be: WHY should you get The Karate Class Collection?

I don't have to tell you this year has been nothing but close to crazy.

Dojo open. Dojo closed. Dojo open without pairwork... All surrounded by insecurity and constantly changing rules.

The math is simple:

Keep momentum
Stay positive
Ease your mind
Be independent
Through Karate training   +

= practise by yourself at home.


It’s difficult to motivate yourself, design your training, keep it interesting and effective.

Many Karateka struggle with this — even motivated senior instructors are having a hard time.

My case is different.

I'm a schoolteacher by profession, so I design classes step by step for a living. Picking matching exercises and add a nice flow to my training is what I do.

Plus, unfortunately, I lost Ishikawa sensei in 2008. And Yokoyama Kancho in 2018. So I know how hard it is to be on your own... 

And I know how to deal with that.

So the second Covid-19 hit us in March:

I don't feel sorry or worried. I don't wait to see what happens. Instead, I record 30+ follow-along Karate classes. To help everybody.

Right now, we're facing another lockdown. And for some people, that will be one lockdown too much.

Karateka all over the world find it difficult to keep up proper practise. The result?

You miss Karate and feel...

❌ Frustrated.
❌ Tired.
❌ Bored.
❌ Stressed or even worried.

And not to mention your Karate level goes down drastically.

What would be even worse is if you don't feel the above, because you gave up and stopped caring...

I applaud all efforts to fight this situation. But the reality is that many instructors can't provide more than an occasional live-stream.

I can't let that happen.

You need more.

That’s why I recorded 30+ follow-along classes so you can enjoy proper training at home.

Classes that even without your Dojo mates, turn any living room into your Dojo where you can enjoy practise and take control over your life.


Give the table a push to create extra space. Take left stance. And GO 👊

✅ You too will be motivated to practice.

✅ Your spouse - or your parents - see your energy after training and encourage you to practise more

✅ You feel more alive, positive and excited just like a kid feels the day before his birthday…

All that by specifically designed Karate classes so you can enjoy practising along in your living room, backyard — even your bedroom…

what classes are inside?

#1—Sonobazuki, Uraken & Junzuki including the #1 step-by-step method to learn how to move from your centre.

#2—Keri & Renrakuwaza with methods that promote better motor control by changing only one thing from your regular basics... (but make it twice as effective)

#3—Heavy bag training (that you can do in the air too) with "AJ value adds" + biggest "point your knee in the direction mistake" revealed (and how you should use that to your benefit).

- including advanced Uraken to Haito Meotode combination

#4—Pinan Nidan. With Key Points you NEVER heard before (100% sure) - especially the one that truly sharpens your Nukite.

#5—Gyakuzuki. I'm lifting the veil of The Training Method Trinity and connect this to one of the best methods I learned from Nukina sensei.

#6—Sai Kihon 1-10. You'll discover Karate versions as well so you can practise along even if you don't have Sai (you'll especially love the Kake Uke + One-Inch Punch method).

#7—Jitte. Including the the "final" answer about opening your front foot when you step forward...

#8—High Pace Basics. Discover how to build your training WITHOUT a warm-up as you squeeze in the important exercises in between of your variety-on-repeat training.

#9—Nunchaku. Join the fun and find out how to catch, strike and control Nunchaku. Step by step with plenty of high-pace repetitions.

#10—Jion. Easy enough to follow if you're new to the Kata. And packed with gems that even senior instructors can use to improve their techniques.

And there's more...

Though 5 Modules packed with follow-along Karate classes you not only get top-notch instruction that motivates you to practice

…you also learn the fundamental key points that boost your skill (high-level sensei use these themselves).

1: JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon

In Module 1 for example, you have 5 classes on the official JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon that reveal keys that drastically improve sharpness and power 

…and the result of minding those key points are what examiners are probably missing in your performance.

You learn the most important fixes that instantly affect your techniques for the better…

And you’ll see how your current way of training is not as effective as it can be.


In Module 2 you enjoy 10 “Various Basics” classes with a variety of exercises

… that create infectious enthusiasm as you progress on my count.

You discover different ways of training that make you go from bored to excited and refreshed.


Next are 9 classes covering Pinan Kata, Jion, Rohai and more…

This training will get you in the zone so you simply enjoy and forget about time

…so you can stop thinking about the everyday issues that occupy your mind right now.

I also reveal common errors and how to fix them…

…plus how to practice Kata effectively so you feel empowered to practice by yourself.

On top of the official JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon, the various basics and Kata training there’s one more module:


You’ll see how Karate and Kobudo connect, learn new fun skills and: Wake up your brain.

Because repeating the same over and over puts you on standby.

If you don’t have a Bo, Sai or Nunchaku there are innovative Karate versions that stimulate and excite you.

All that…

  • even though your Dojo is closed…
  • even though you’re missing your Dojo mates…
  • even though your lack space and your life keeps getting in the way…

Get up from the couch, follow along and reactivate your positive self — ready for training…

… ready to take on life and be the friend and family member you can be.

Without the stress, frustration and insecurity of the days we now live in…

👊 What would it be worth to rise above the Lockdown knowing that YOU did that — through Karate training.

👊 What would it be worth to switch to a positive mindset easily doing the thing you love.

👊 What would it be worth to avoid your Karate level going down drastically

👊 What would it be worth to get your health, power and stamina back to normal

All through practising Karate at home where you lack space, lack equipment…

…and without your instructor that tells you what to do, or your students that keep you on your toes.

It’s possible. Get your infectious motivation back and energize yourself. 

Total value so far: €2087,-

And there's more


get 3 bonuses for FREE if you decide now (488 euro value)

I understand. No matter how much drive you have, sometimes you simply lack time. Bonus 1 & 2 are ideal for that because they contain seperate training methods and Mini-Kata that you can literally execute in few seconds. Bonus 3 is to make sure you understand the deep stuff on a fundamental level. If you love in-depth theory, start there!


"The square-meter methods"

VALUE €97,-

✅ 23 carefully selected methods that are among the best I learned directly from my instructors

✅ Specifically designed if you lack time or space, and no equipment is necessary.

✅ The methods are Fun & Fundamental meaning they work no matter your rank and regardless of style.


"The square-meter series" 

VALUE €197,-

✅ Follow-along demonstrations and short clips so you can even squeeze in training if you lack time.

✅ Complicated high-level movement like “move from tanden” is deciphered and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner.

✅ Discover variations of the methods and how to emphasise aspects so you can develop techniques even faster.


"Fundamentals of advanced kata"

VALUE €194,-

✅ Deepen your fundamental knowledge, so you can apply what you learn for Junzuki to other techniques.

✅ KUSHANKU — From 60 moves to 3 keys by studying and tearing the Kata apart fundamentally.

✅ NISEISHI — Revealing the 5 Fundamental Components that go so deep you can't imagine I would put it in a video and give it away for free.

your investment

✅ The Karate Class Collection — Value €2.087,-

✅ The Square-Meter Methods — Value €97,-

✅ The Square-Meter Series — Value €197,-

✅ Fundamentals of Advanced Kata — Value €194,-

TOTAL VALUE: € 2.575,-


just 197 euro

I want to make sure you too can keep practising Karate and enjoy yourself without worry about what you should practise.

And: to make sure you're not concerned you're doing it the correct way — especially now when there's nobody around to ask right away.

Imagine you get up from the couch and start practising the thing you love the most: Karate.

  • How will throwing those punches and kicks make you feel?
  • How will not having to think what to practise put your mind at ease?
  • How will learning a fundamental key point for Pinan Nidan - that you thought you know - excite you?
  • How will new training methods energise you?
  • How will frequent training boost your positivity?

I bet you can't wait to take the next class. And I guess you'll be the first to try and memorise all 23 "Square-Meter Methods" 👊

Enjoy training at home with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and follow-along you WILL see results. And you will feel more positive and energized. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training. When I see you follow-along properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

Get The Karate Class Collection With Zero Risk Thanks To Our 30 Day Board-Breaking Guarantee.

join now!

If you want to enjoy training, feel happy and energised, get The Karate Class Collection.

Practise along to get excited and discover new depths of your skill. 

From now on, practise enthusiastically and frequently when you want, without depending on when your Dojo training goes back to normal.

Let's enjoy training together 👊 

PS: Enjoy high-level training at home?

Give the table a nudge, take left stance and practise along with me. You are in control to take fun, effective and energetic classes anytime you want.

Your investment is not € 2.575,- but just 197 euro.

PPS: If you join now you get 3 bonuses valued at €488,- for FREE. With them, you get a plethora of hyper-effective training methods to personalise your training. And whenever you lack time, use them as a fall-back plan so even 10-minute sessions will push your quality to the next level.

To top it off, study Fundamentals of Advanced Kata that teach under-the-surface secrets of Kata and core movement. 

PPPS: You get the 30 days no result=refund guarantee. Do the methods and follow the classes to boost your skills.

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