Discover Practical skills That Professional Teachers Use So You Can run smooth perfectly-structured classes, keep your students motivated and Unlock their Full Potential

Don't Spend 4 Years Fulltime Behind A Schooldesk — I Did That For You

The tips, strategies, suggestions, ideas and skills...

Anyone who hasn't learnt any formal teaching skills should take the course. The tips, strategies, suggestions, ideas and skills will all add up to a far deeper appreciation and understanding of teaching abilities.

CHRIS WHITTAM  //  3rd Dan Wadokai

Teaching For Martial Arts reveals Skills That Improve Your Teaching, your Techniques And Above All: Your Ability To Provide Your Students With THE BEST They Deserve.

Here's what you get:

  • 91 lessons on simply everything you need to know to teach classes professionally
  • 16 Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • No uneccesary theory that doesn't apply to the Dojo or that's sounds good in theory but doesn't work practically
  • The Insight Booster Workbook with 26 practical scenario's and 100 questions
  • The Insight Booster Workbook Answers (eleborated video answers that leave no stone unturned).

And this too:

  • A plethora of class ideas and setups
  • How to control your classroom so you can run the class and make your students do what you want (in a good way)
  • Find out what Type Of Students Do You Teach so you can tailor your actions
  • Essentially There Are 2 Types Of Students (tap into this to save headaches)
  • Why 2 Polar-Opposites Draw Equal Attention
  • How This Aikido-Like Attitude Generates Energy For The Masses
  • What Energy Drainers Do And How To Block And Diffuse It
  • How Observing Makes You A Better Teacher
  • Expected Behaviour Can Make EVERYTHING Go South

And also this...

  • 3 Steps To Avoid Impulse-Buy Teaching And Drive Better Results
  • How Your Response Can Have 2 Effects
  • How To Respond To Behaviour With The Students Goal In Mind
  • There's 2 Ways To Address The Group (+ 1 Advanced Skill)
  • 2 Ways Of Dealing With Your Favorite Student
  • How to Avoid The Tendency To Address The Negative At All Times
  • Encourage Desired behaviour Using A Simple 3-Step System
  • 3 Lines To Drive Desired Behaviour
  • What To Say To Pinpoint The Issue
  • You Need These 2 Words To Give Step 1 Meaning
  • And It Takes Just 2 More Words To Create A Motivated Atmosphere


I would rate Teaching for Martial Arts a 9 out of 10 because the course makes you think about all the areas needed to become a teacher of karate rather than an instructor of karate

Even though I'm a professional teacher myself, I found areas of teaching that could make a session easier to prepare and run much smoother.

You also discover how to be flexible in terms of the expectations of your student being able to learn techniques. With it, you can be prepared to adapt the session to suit the students.

STEPHEN SMITH  //  3rd Dan Wadokai

And of course this

  • How To Use Your Voice As If You're A Puppetmaster
  • How To Use Your Voice To Control Your Students Actions
  • How POWERFUL A Quiet Voice Can Be (But Beware Of These Issues)
  • The Advantages Of A Loud Voice But You'll Loose Authority If You Don't Do This One Thing
  • How Your Voice Can Make Your Student Punch Faster Or… (Don't Make This Mistake)
  • How To Switch Voices That Gets Them Hanging On Your Every Word
  • How To Control Without Getting Angry Ever Again
  • Why You Should Keep The Peace And Quiet
  • How To Use Your Eyes Effectively (But Don't Do This)
  • How To Seize Attention With Silence
  • How to use the power of your students' name wisely
  • Stop Lining Up Your Students In The Proper Order
  • The Nuances Of Rewards And Penalties That You Didn't Know


Thanks to Teaching for Martial Arts my teaching has improved. Now I have the knowledge and tools to look at each student differently and give them the training they need individually.

The old way of teaching works, but only for a few people.

AJ teaches how to teach a modern way that helped me get more out of my students.

HENRIK HANSSON  //  5th Dan Wadokai

We just getting warmed up...

  • Why You're Ignoring Most Of Your Students (unintentionally)
  • Why You Should Master The Art Of Bending
  • The BEST Type Of Rewards (And When NOT To Give Them)
  • 3 Things To Take Into Account When You Can't Avoid Collision
  • Discover how to understand your group and how your students learn so you can advise accordingly —
  • How To Leverage Any Class Even If It's White Up To Black Belt
  • Divide Your Students In These 2 Groups To Make Life Easier
  • Why This Concept That Doesn't Exist Is STILL Effective
  • Here's How You Can Take The Quality Of Your Class Up A Notch
  • How To Reach Your Students' Core Operation To Tailor Your Teaching
  • The True Meaning Of The Individual Student And How That Affects Your Teaching
  • The Story That Changed My Perspective Forever
  • My BIG Mistake In Teaching That You Can Easily Avoid With This 3-Step Process
  • Why You Need To Tap Into Your Students' Brain
  • 3 Powerful Ways To Avoid The Trap That Even Professionals Fall
  • How To Access Your Students' Deepest Habits To Make Your Teaching Extremely Personal
  • How To Push One Student While Protecting Another – Tapping Deep Into Their Social Affective Knowledge 

AJ's program is truly inspiring

AJ's course "Teaching for Martial Arts" offers a treasure chest of information, both enhancing my own current knowledge and adding to my skillset.

In turn, this enables me to improve what I offer when teaching my own students.

The results speak for themselves; my students remain excited and stimulated whilst continuing to learn and develop. What is more my student retention is greater since joining this program.

We should never forget that we are all students and are forever learning. AJ’s program is truly inspiring.

DARREN REYNOLDS  //  3rd Dan Wadokai

And there's even more...

  • Understand when to teach what and develop perfect timing
  • What Psychomotor Learning Practically Comes Down To Without Over-Simplifying It
  • How Differentiation Can Kill Or Skyrocket The Quality Of Your Teaching
  • How To Do Justice To ALL Students, Even If They're Miles Apart In Needs
  • How To Apply Pre-Teaching In 5 Minutes Without Losing Results
  • How To Teach 3 Classes In 1 And Automate It
  • Why I Don't Recommend You To Use This Method
  • How To Systematically Divide Your Attention While Simultaneously Increasing Learning Efficiency
  • Know When To Help Your Student And When To Back-Off Completely To Optimise The Learning Process
  • Why What You Did At 10 Years Old Should Be The Cornerstone Of Your Teaching
  • Why This Is The Best (And Only) Moment To Truly Hardwire Your Skill
  • The Number 1 Teacher Error Of All Times (That You Can Avoid By Doing This)
  • How To Create The Environment That Produces Self-Motivated Students
  • How To Use Your Dojo Mates (In A Good Way)
  • How To Turn ANYTHING Into A Strength – Even If It's Actually A Weakness
  • The Truth About You Always Practising With The Same Partner (And How That Affects Your Training) 
  • How to use variables to your advantage
  • How To Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Teaching (Best Ways Revealed)
  •  REVEALED: The Most Effective Ways To Learn (+How To Apply)
  • You Can Stop Searching For What's The BEST Class After Reading This
  •  Stop Saying You Teach Traditional Karate And Do This 
  • The 2 Must-Apply Components That Your Class Can't Do Without
  • How Effective Instruction Maximises Practise Time Without Losing Quality Of Performance
  • Why You Need To Add Extended Instruction To Your Skillset (+Use Qualifiers)
  • The 2 Types Of Study That You MUST Leverage 
  • How To Maximise Individual Training Without Making It Boring
  • Why The Setup Is Critical Unless You Don't Mind Doing Your Students A Disservice (Yourself Included) 
  • How To Use The Space To Your Advantage
  • How to make sure traditional karate is not limiting you
  • Discover The Various Ways To Setup Your Training That Drives Better Results (And Keeps Your Students From Getting Bored)
  • Discover The Various Ways To Setup Your Training That Drives Better Results (And Keeps Your Students From Getting Bored)
  • Tap Into These Ready-To-Implement Structures To Uncover Endless Variety
  • 4 Things To Take Into Account BEFORE You Start Class
  • How To Start Your Class Well Beyond "Line Up And Take left Stance"
  • How To Grab Their Attention As If You're A Celebrity
  • How To Set Your Baseline Even If You Don't Know Your Students
  • Without Prior Knowledge It Can Go South Fast So Make Sure You're Doing This
  • How To Magically Turn The Fundamental 4 Into Easy-To-Execute Actions 
  • The Only Types Of Goals In Karate You Need To Know (Even If You Hate The SMART Model)
  • How to Develop Your Flexibility WITHOUT sacrificing your authority

insights and frameworks to explain in different ways

Teaching For Martial Arts is a way to the top. A great tool when to plan for dojo training. 

Specifically, I like the many point of views to describe techniques. 

I used to explain techniques one way, but this course provided insights and frameworks to explain in different ways that allowed me to take different students into account, even if they have the same level."

LEIF BJÖRN  //  1st Dan Wadokai

Your investment

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✅ The Insight Booster Workbook — Value €397,-

✅ The Insight Booster Answers — Value €197,-

✅ 16 Quizzes to test your knowledge — Value €97,-

✅ [BONUS] Level 1 Certification Exam — Priceless

TOTAL VALUE: € 10.688,-

now only 497 euro

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meet aJ

AJ van Dijk is a teacher, Chief Instructor of Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe and founder of The Digi Dojo.

He is a published author of several books such as Wado No Michi, Wadokai Karate Special Edition and Kata Applications and Analysis.

AJ has 20 years of training under Japanese supervision that lead to his broad and in-depth knowledge which he can apply. You'll notice by his clear explanations and demonstrations. That, plus his effective Taining Methods allow you to learn faster.

Because of his diligent work, AJ has become internationally regcognised Wado and Karate instructor to beginners, advanced students and instructors - reaching Karate enthusiasts worldwide through internet and up close in person at international seminars.

AJ’s mission is to help Karate students and instructors understand and implement simple yet extremely powerful Key Points and Training Methods that can unlock shortcut-like growth and get you to the next level without wasting time, money or theoretical overwhelm.

His unique and holistic approach combines traditional training with cutting-edge training methodology leveraging fun and illuminating experiments with effective and straight forward Training Methods.

When not training, teaching or being busy with Karate, AJ is interested in science, enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and binge-watching Netflix series while secretly still thinking about Karate.

AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. He will without doubt enlighten the way to improve your karate.

Nukina Nobuyuki, 6th Dan Wadokai

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