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How to take stance for Sonobazuki


chokuzuki momentum training


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The full recording of the Sonobawaza Masterclass is online inside the course. Head over there and get ready to discover:

  • WHAT IS SONOBAWAZA — including the core conclusion.
  • CHOKUZUKI — ANALYSING MOMENTUM that uncovers a secret that may surprise you.
  • NAIHANCHI VS SHIKO DACHI’s fundamental difference that takes your skill to the next level (if used correctly).
  • HEISOKUZUKI — STRENGTHENING THE TAIKAN in a way that even senior instructors overlook.
  • SONOBAZUKI — THE CONCLUSION that provides key insights on significantly improving the effectiveness of practicing.
  • JODAN UKE — RISING ENERGY AND WAVING using a leg-switch exercise that maximises power output and forges high-level internal dynamics.
  • GEDAN BARAI — COILING PINAN YONDAN GAMAE transforming the posture unlike you’ve ever seen before.
  • HAITO — TAI NO IDO STYLE to unlock hip twisting with shoulder control.
  • HAITO — EXPANSION STRIKES to amplify effectiveness on close range (incl. clinch-style training).
  • EMPI — ELBOW APPLICATIONS you can easily practise by yourself.
  • SHUTO — FULL-CIRCLE SHUTO UCHI that unlocks dynamic Nagashi movement
  • SHUTO — PALM-CONDITIONING SHUTO’S that show the simplicity of training while revealing “the opposite principle”.
  • KERI WAZA — CENTER OF GRAVITY CONTROL that allows you to master weight shifting completely.
  • MAEGERI — SONOBAGERI HENKA WAZA that not only provides different ways of training, but also uncovers deeper layers of Maegeri applications.
  • MAWASHIGERI — DELAYED KICKING and how to add power fundamentally.
  • SOKUTO — FORM & ALIGNMENT plus rhythm training to encourage subconscious movement.
  • SONOBAWAZA — THE CONCLUSION that interconnects the origin and result of your stances and movement taking your skill up a notch.

Part 2 of the masterclass is also online. Here's what you've missed out on too:

  • Secrets of Nanamezuki (+ step by step instructions on how to execute high-level internal dynamics)
  • Ushirogeri Mastery (including methods and keypoints that set you up for success)
  • Brilliantly-easy fundamental combo's that become your go-to when you desire to increase the quality of your techniques.