Motari Komi Dori

Looking for Nagashi and Irimi with a twist? 

Here's the first video of the series where Edgar Kruyning (8th Dan Jujutsu) walks you through the basics of Motari Komi Dori. 

It's the first technique Edgar taught at "Budo Masters 2", which was all about Tanto Dori.  Check it out 👇


After seeing the students at work he explained more, which is inside the "Motari Komi Details" video. You can watch that and many more inside the "Budo Masters 2" course 👊

Enjoy the "Budo Masters 2" seminar recording covering Wado Tanto Dori and knife self-defense applications that turn obscure Kata into practical applications — connected to priciples that make your technique work, even if your opponent resists.