"use this 4-hit combo mobility system to Unlock your martial arts full potential and melt away your stiffness — fast"

FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: How to revolutionise your training, reduce stiffness, and increase mobility without stretching for hours on end.

Dear Martial Artist,

Do you want to increase mobility and "free-up" your body?

Especially melt away aches, pains, stiff muscles and all those things that inhibit you from executing your favorite techniques properly?

And by the way: You also want to hear this if you're looking to achieve peak performance.

Because what if I told you...

  • There are methods that help you move your body freely without restriction FAST — so your knowledge and ability are in perfect sync.
  • Because if you use the right methods your body is ready to execute techniques flawlessly.
  • Your muscles will be lengthened. Supple. And your moblity increased — and you'll automatically have more speed and power too.

Sounds perfect, right?

Why is it then, that the majority of Martial Artists have NO CLUE how this works?

In fact: I didn't know how it worked until 2013.

When I saw a glimpse of how it works by accident, I was determined to figure this out completely. And I did.

That's what I'll reveal to you on this page.

How to increase mobility and "free-up" your body. And also:

How to combine Mobility with Martial Arts training to improve your performance — You'll love training more than ever.

Are you ready to find out?

Keep reading.

my 2013 "lucky accident" that revolutionised my training


What just happened?!

...I thought to myself when Shaun (Chiropractor) did his magic on my shoulder.

It took him no more than 10 minutes, that I tried to fix for well over a year.

It turns out that many techniques he applies, work for LOADS of other things — and you can self-apply them too.

I'm "Resetting the Shoulder Girdle" to unlock naturally-strong alignment for an effective hooking block and strong grip (do this after working on your computer too). 

Use "Melt-Away Techniques" like Myofascial Compression, Foam Rolling and specialised stretching:

  • As a specialised preparation so you can execute faster and stronger techniques.
  • As "In-Practise" quick fixes to remove unwanted tension for smoother movement.
  • As a cooling down to prevent soreness and stiffness. And improve recovery.

Before. During. After training. It ALWAYS works.

Especially in combination...

How I know for sure?

Back in 2013, I injured my rotator cuff. Badly.

I couldn't even put on the seatbelt in my car...

Of course,  I thought I could fix it with my "Karate knowledge" (that's my Martial Art).

Turns out I was wrong:

The worst pain went away naturally, but something was off. I felt weaker. And during longer training sessions it felt like my arm would fall off...

My "Karate knowledge" was not enough to fix this: I had to see Shaun.

In short? I went in with a wrecked shoulder and walked out with a brand new arm.

It was incredible 🤩

That was the turning point 🔥 

I'm on it ever since. So I had to know:

  • How does it work?
  • How many methods and techniques are there?
  • And can you apply it to Karate training?

Let me tell you: 

This stuff not only applies to rehab, but also to injury prevention AND peak performance 👊 

You can apply it to YOUR Martial Arts training. Easily.

But more on that in a sec...

...because the reason I was NOT able to fix myself, may very well be the reason YOUR progress is far from optimal.

And you probably don't even realise it:

The hidden Struggle Of Every Martial Artist — Do You Have It Too?

So... you practise a Martial Art. You go to the Dojo regularly. And you're more committed than most.

Awesome 👊 

Whether you're a dedicated student, an assistant looking to turn sensei, or a head instructor:

What you want is simple

Why did you start Martial Arts? Maybe selfdefense. To gain confidence. Or because you're just crazy about it like me?

Whatever it may be — right now it's likely this:

"You keep honing your skills and enjoy Martial Arts to the max."

  • When you see your instructor smile when your technique is sharper than ever...
  • When your body does what you want without the need for excuses. Stiffness and pain free...
  • When you progress really fast — instantly able to apply your instructors' feedback...

That's when your training is ideal ❤️ 

But what happens?

Still, you can't perform the techniques as well as you would like. 

I know: perfect doesn't exist, but I'm not talking about the obvious...

It's not like you don't practise enough. It's not the amount of years of training. Or your frequency.

And technically — you know a thing or two.

so what prevents you from restriction-free movement?

First of all, whatever Martial Art you do, emphasis is on techniques and application. And for a good reason:

It's what we do. It's who we are. And what we love.

At the same time, that's where "technique only" will become a problem...

Here's 3 examples to make it clear:

  • "Even if you have the technique to kick 2 meters high... You won't make it if you're not flexible enough." 
  • "Even if you know the keys to open into stance sharply... You can't do it if your muscles are stiff. Or if your hips won't open up smoothly and completely in the first place."
  • "You repeat punches over and over that require supple muscles — especially in the shoulder girdle. But repetitive movement creates knots, stiffness and muscle imbalance".

You see?

You're specialised in technique. Motor control.

And you realise that mobility and flexibility are necessary for good techniques — like power steering on a car.

Mobility decreases due to everyday life and repetitive movement. And over the years this get's worse...

Watch this:

Those contracted knots prevent blood flow. They decrease elasticity that you need for efficient movement. There's less to no delivery of oxygen and nutrients... And waste builds up too. 

What's actually worse is that often this goes UNNOTICED.  

What if I told you there's a way to:

👍 Find the knots 

👍 While fixing them at the same time

👍 So you continue to practise with healthier muscles that produce quality movement.

And don't worry...

This doesn't take hours. What I've found and developed are 1-minute solutions. Or less.

Before I'm letting you in on the details though — we need to get one more thing out of the way:

why you still don't have the technical level you want – does 1 (or more) of these apply to you?

The reality: You practise hard and show up for class regularly. You join seminars with high ranking instructors and work on their feedback:

  • So one thing is for sure... you know the key points of a movement. Heck, you can explain exactly how a technique should be performed, but your body is working against you. In fact...
  • After you finish your warm up your body is still not free from "inhibitors" — those stiff or pinchy muscles that stop you from executing techniques properly. No matter how hard you try...
  • You feel stiff in your hips, lower back, thighs — or even your shoulders. And you know that's keeping you from moving smoothly... (Let's not start by summing up on how many occasions that takes fun away from training.)

You would think you know your body after all those years, right?

As I said, I THOUGHT I knew my body. I thought I knew how to fix it...

...only to find it was far from it. My body maintanance. My training sessions. My technical performance...

It's ridiculous how many inefficient moves I've hardwired... 

...only to make it harder to improve them.

And I don't want you to make the same mistakes.

So allow me to say: 

Your love for Martial Arts, your technical knowledge and hours of training:

You deserve more.

Because looking back you could have progressed more — At least you should have said goodbye to that bad habit already...

But sometimes...

  • You think you're naturally stiff.  Some other guys are just "lucky" and you accept that you just don't move as easy. When you accept it all hope for significant improvement is lost.
  • Or it's your age. Either your actual age, or you started "too late". Meanwhile in the back of your head you're still hoping that someday stretching starts to work for you...
  • Some techniques are just not your forte... "It's safer to stay on your feet anyway" — you tell yourself. "And deep stances are not practical". This comfort-zone talk will definately not change anything, and you know it.

So deep down? 

You don't accept it. You don't give up. And you keep training.

You tried stretching (maybe even mobility work and foam rolling) but so far that didn't work for you. Yet.

That's why you still have stiff muscles — and you don't know how to fix you body when it's necessary.

And that's a shame. Because you're true potential is still waiting to be unlocked... Is there a way to solve this?

Here's the thing:

More practise comes with more maintanance. And because you don't know how — you're creating your own vicious circle.

Many Martial Artists have this problem. They can't get out — or worse: don't even realise they're in one!

Others struggle to improve their techniques too. Which is more often than not: down to missing the tools to keep their body in good condition.

luckily for you it doesn't have to be this way...

There is a simple yet professional way to unlock your flexibility and mobility.

A way that simply works to free-up your body. Without programs that take ages. Without exercises that you can only do if you're flexible already...

A way that has direct positive affect on your technical abilities.

How? Use proven-by-science stretch protocols and melt-away techniques that physical therapists use. These exercises and techniques are what you discover inside the online training "Mobility For Martial Arts".

You'll have the tools to turn your vicious circle into an upward spiral:

Boosting your skill every single class.


What would happen to you if your body would be working WITH you, instead of against you? Or when you unlock even more mobility?

Exactly. Renewed enthusiasm — an upgraded body to execute all techniques that you now struggle with or simply want to take to the next level.

But wait a minute AJ...

How will healthy muscles and more flexibility help my techniques?

Good question.

"With fully capable body, there's NOTHING holding you back"

...from executing techniques to the best of your ability. THAT body is your technical knowledge' best friend.

A fresher body equals easier and better technique — and for that you don't have to be naturally flexible. Or 18. Or give up much of your Martial Arts time.

With a "free" body, magical things will happen...


  • Your body is able to move through full range of motion — not inhibited by stiff muscles so you can perform any technique you desire with ease.
  • You hardwire ideal moves into muscle memory in no-time. So fast, that your grading is not years but months away. 
  • When you learn a new technique, you're surprised just how easily your body moves and executes it smoothly (even it's the first time or a difficult technique).
  • At random you smile and think: "Martial Arts is awesome".
  • The second you learn a new key point or in-depth skill, there's nothing hoding you back from quickly grasping that move.

how do you get there?

Whatever new technical training methods come on your path in the future... You can only use any of it if your body is ready — in other words: has the mobility.

Good instructors understand the impact of great mobility.

And they make sure they ARE mobile.

Joint Rotations. Mobility exercises. Flexibility methods. Soft tissue Work...

Combined properly, they save time. They enhance your physical condition so that you focus and enjoy on your favorite Martial Arts techniques — even the ones you avoided before.

Do you want this too? Keep reading.

the solution: use the right tool for the job 

When you need to hit a nail in the wall there's only one logical solution: use a hammer.

When it comes to freeing up your body it's the same...

In the online course "Mobility For Martial Arts" you discover all the tools you need to melt away your stiffness and increase your mobility. Without spending much time on it.

Because of it, your Martial Arts training and techniques will benefit.

And your body finally does exactly what you want.

for martial artists a more supple body improves their technical training and result:

"This program DOES work, even for a stiff 50 year old like myself with highly rigid hip joints... I very quickly noticed clear improvements even though my dedication to the program has been very far from optimal."

Mats Vindefjärd — 1st Kyu Karate, Sweden

why you will increase your flexibility, mobility and melt away your stiffness

Because it's easy. You can do it too: even if you're stiff as a board, have no idea where to start or have tried other things in the past...

Inside the online course "Mobility For Martial Arts" you get the proven-by-science tools to melt away your stiffness and increase your range of motion.

Through a MASSIVE load yet easy-to-find videos of simple exercises & techniques that you can often execute under 30 seconds...

...I'll reveal EXACTLY what you should do — down to the millimeter.

For example, take "The ITR Protocol"...

It's 1 of the 26 Melt-Away Techniques from the course.

Here's a before and after of ITR on my ankle:

You see the tremendous extra range after applying "ITR". And it didn't even take 10 seconds.

Imagine how well you can optimise your training...

...every time you step forward and punch
...every time you execute a roundhouse kick
...every time you take stance
...every time your body feels stiff preventing you from moving well

...when you have access to ALL the Melt-Away Techniques. Plus Joint Rotations. Mobility Exercises. Foam Rolling. And MyoFascial Release.

And that applies not only to your ankle. It applies to all joints and muscles as well...

  • You have the tools and experience to loosen up your body EVERY TIME.
  • You directly see affect on the ease of performing Martial Arts techniques leaving your Dojo mates in awe.
  • The trajectory of the movement will be more optimised and THAT is what your body will remember so you'll get to the next level faster — and avoid bad habits.


Move in and punch with stiff ankles VS Move in and punch with supple ankles. What do you want your body to hardwire?


Only knowing what to do will result in failure if you don't know when to do it. And how: 

That's why you're also getting the deeper fundamentals brought to you in bite-size pieces so you understand and most importantly: apply with ease.

That's where "Mobility For Martial Arts" comes in:

All based on my 20+ years of international level Martial Arts experience — including additional studies and certifications in the realm of physical therapy. You simply login to the online course area to find what you need fast.

Here's what you get:

  • Mobilise any joint in no-time with "The Full-Circle Principle" without Yoga positions you can't get into in the first place. 
  • Discover how “Pre-Workout” coupled with “Side-Stepping” will revolutionise your training — upgrading the quality of every repetition surprising your instructor with your big improvements.
  • Mobilise 10 up to 20x faster with "Grinding" so you minimise exercise time and dedicate your training to what you love the most: Martial Arts.

But also this...

  • INSTANTLY increase range using "The-Other-Muscle Principle" so you turn untapped range into your new normal that makes controlling distance easier.
  • Turn your worst enemy a.k.a. stiffest muscle into your new best friend so he won't bother you again (in fact: you'll be confident in the stance that's uncomfortable right now)
  • Trick your body using “Zero-Tension Positioning” to kick higher than ever — even if you can barely kick to the body.
  • Increase your reverse punch range tremendously using “End-Range Rebound” (you can use it on other moves too).
  • How "Pulling Power Protocols" opens up ANY joint to improve your range of motion: Kicking high, standing deeper... Your friends will wonder how you're pulling that off!

and of course this:

  • Access a wide range of Static Stretches without worry that you can’t get into position — only the practical ones are selected that actually develop flexibility.
  • Why "Functional Stretching" allows you to use a pro skill called "Dimensional Angling" to stretch beyond your max without risk of injury — It’s effortless too.
  • All Dynamic Stretches match your favorite Martial Arts techniques: you can even practise while lying on the couch watching Kickboxer (Bloodsport an Ip Man works too).
  • How the Yoga always-relax method does NOT always work (especially if you want to go from stiff to flexible). And what to do instead so not only relaxtion, but also tension works in your favor — you aways win.
  • Once you discover “The Merged Stretch” you’ll NEVER do a generic static stretch again. Ever. Your instructor will ask YOU how it works so he can start teaching that instead of the one used now...
  • How to use "Yin-Yang Breathing" that allows you to stretch deeper every single time you use it (even if you never used it before).
  • Why this unconventional, counter-intuitive stretching protocol "ITR" will become your ABSOLUTE favorite: You'll stretch deeper right away — even without a warm up.

and this too...

  • There's always a method matching YOU inside the numerous-variations Stretching Exercise Library so you always get a good stretch no matter your current ability.
  • Control the intensity and make every Foam Roll fit your body using “Alternative Positioning”. Unlock a higher quality massage so you enjoy stress-free training (never worry about stiff muscles or injury again).
  • Unlock your hidden mobility with the “Start-Stop & Go” protocol so you move easier than ever before — even your instructor will be impressed.
  • Discover our "In-House Stretching Tech Combo" that let's you elongate ANY muscle you desire so your range and balance increase. Muscle health boost included.
  • Apply “Crush & Go” so your muscles go from restricted to released — Enjoy your day and training with your seemingly brand-new body.
  • These 3 easy “Segmentation Protocols” empower YOU to decide: Pick a quick fix or fully attend to soften tissue — whatever your body needs to feel great.
  • Forget about conventional Foam Rolling positions you can’t hold long (and are sometimes ineffective) — These 3 “Controllers” allow you to release ANY muscle so you can go all-out in your next training. 
  • Drastically shorten self-treatment time with "Mashing" — a key MyoFascial Release Technique that doubles effectiveness so you'll move fast and easy in no-time.
  • Reach uncharted portions of muscle with “Spanning” so your foam roll session has 100% effect. And your Martial Art Skills go next level.
  • Eliminate ANY tension with “Crushing” so your muscle can’t help but to relax (and you can go back to training as usual).
  • Discover how Functional Movement meets Triggerpoint Therapy as if you restore your muscle into optimal condition while practising Martial Arts techniques.
  • Enter "The Mobility Center" for a quick check or a follow along so you loosen up the getting-in-your-way body part (so your body feels close to 18 again)

and even this:

  • Access "The Foam Roller Archive" that shows how to take care of your muscle down to the millimeter (that also works if it's your first time, so you'll be showing your "new" high kick to your friends the very same day). 
  • Up the intensity with “The DLM Protocol” to build compression through functional range — Loosen. Lengthen. And prepare for movement.
  • Find out when to use “Pivots” to soften your muscle while smoothing out your joint at the same time. Your hips will love their freedom.
  • Create a structurally sound shoulder using “Pulls” to get stronger punches and solid controlling techniques. (Ask your Dojo mate to hold the bag for you after you do this)
  • Unlock your speed potential with “Scrubbing” for a turbocharged deep-tissue massage that restores your muscles’ strength and elasticity.
  • Discover "Soft Tissue Work Foundations" to turn your Foam Roller into a multi-functional muscle-fix device: Melt away tension in your living room — or when you practise (you simply always know what to do).

Summarised, the 4-Hit Combo means you get HUNDREDS of carefully sorted photos and videos about Melt-Away Techniques, Methods and Exercises on 

  • Stretching
  • Mobility
  • Foam Rolling
  • Myofascial Self-Release
  • And how to combine them.

total value so far: €1.997,-

and there's more!


get 4 bonuses for FREE if you decide now (€291 value)

With so many exercises at your fingertips, it's sometimes difficult to know where to start. That's why you're also getting:

  • "The Triggerpoint Pro List"
  • The fill-in-the-blanks "Perfect Preparations Blueprint"
  • And: "The Self-Assessment Program"

Get Mobility For Martial Arts now to get them for free (do it before time runs out).


"The Triggerpoint Pro List"

VALUE €197

Whether you feel pain... discomfort... or have a muscle that needs optimisation — turn to "The Triggerpoint Pro List". With a stunning 111 muscles listed, it's all you need to intelligently take care of your body.

(Physical Therapists use these)


"Perfect Preparations Blueprint"

VALUE €197

Prepare your class. Or private training. Whether you're looking to mobilise before, during or after your technical training — this is BY FAR the easiest way to get hyper-ready to perform perfectly and drill that into your muscle memory.

Set your goal and fill in the blanks. It's a simple as that.


"The Self-Assessment Program"


Find your hidden problems before they become injuries with "The Self-Assessment Program". You'll know straight away which muscles you need to release. 

And: which exercises take your skill to the next level.


"The 30-Day Split Challenge"

VALUE €197

Join the 30-Day Split Challenge to melt away that stiffness once and for all in record-time — or simply to reach your absolute peak.

Not only will you open up your hips fast... You'll discover the limits and capabilities of your body.

You'll get loads of invaluable training tips to unlock your hidden potential PLUS daily kick-in-the-butt emails and videos.

Your investment

✅ Mobility for Martial Arts — Value €3.997,-
✅ [BONUS] The Triggerpoint Pro List — Value €197,-
✅ [BONUS] The Perfect Preparations Blueprint — Value €197,-
✅ [BONUS] 30-day Split Program — Value €197,-
✅ [BONUS] The Self-Assesment Program — PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: € 4.588,-

now only 197 euro

I want to make sure you too can access these easy yet proven techniques to mobilise your body and improve your techniques.

Imagine you go to a physical therapist to get minors fixed before they become real problems:

2 visits is already more than your one-time investment.

who this is for — and who is this NOT for?

The Mobility Course is ideal for Martial Artists like you that want to keep their muscles in optimal condition to perform better.

Proven by science and used by physical therapists in rehab and top-performance programs...

...These techniques work 100% of the time for 100% of the Martial Artists that start using them 100% 👊 

 WARNING: if you think "I'll do a quick melt-away technique in 10 seconds to fix my whole body", you better stop reading.

Most techniques will be 10 seconds up to 1 minute work, but you have to repeat them. You have to be motivated.

This is for you if you're looking to optimise your training with smart, fast and proven methods.

why get mY course?

In short...

  1. The 4 elements are usually taught seperately instead of revealing how to combine them into a 4-Hit Combo System for better and faster results.
  2. Focus is on effective quick-fixes taking YOUR body into account. Martial Arts is your main training, and with this Mobility course it will stay that way — but including access to all tools you need for better performance.
  3. Everything you discover is built with Martial Arts techniques in mind: Explanations. Examples. And "In-Training Solutions".

Still you might be thinking... why should you take my course? 

Let me answer your question:

My name is AJ van Dijk, dedicated to Martial Arts since 1996. I've studied under and taught alongside Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami, May and Yokoyama sensei — among the best in Wadokai Karate and Okinawan Kobudo. 

Next to my training, teaching senior instructors internationally and being the author of several books including the bestseller "Wado No Michi", I work closely with Shaun Smith. He's my good friend. Chiropractor. And mentor. 

Next to my training, teaching senior instructors internationally and being the author of several books including the bestseller "Wado No Michi", I work closely with Shaun Smith.

He's my good friend. Chiropractor. And mentor. 

Shaun continues to teach me loads of things that helped me get certified from credible sources in the physical therapy realm such as Functional Movement Systems and Triggerpoint. And above all: understand the human body better. I allows me to optimise my own training — and share it with you.

Over the years, I practised a countless amount of hours. Purchased programs. Trained more. Expiremented. 

And failed.

Inside this course is ONLY what you need. And what works. It contains all my knowledge on the subject brought to you in easy-to-understand terms. And ready-for-action applications.

I continue to study with the best of the best and share the good stuff with you.

New exercises, insights, hacks, assessments — you get all updates for FREE. Continuously.

It's really simple:

You get tools you need to unlock your in-reach Martial Arts body in a matter of seconds. Use the skills to:

  • Quickly get rid of stiffness and muscle aches (even at work or on your day off).
  • Build your personalised routine to enhance your warm up. 
  • Re-design your technical training adding "Melt Aways" to improve your movement


The "Melt Aways" even work if you've never bothered about stretching. Or any kind of mobility work.

You get instant access to the full course and the techniques to improve your practise straight away. That means easier executions. Better techniques. And enjoying your Martial Art to the MAX.

For as many years as you can.

The course is setup to free-up your body fast so you'll see and FEEL benefit 15 minutes from now after your first try — and I bet you can't help yourself but to throw a few punches and kicks ⚡️

improve your mobility with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and apply the techniques you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

melt away your stiffness with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!

do you still have questions? 

Here's an answer list to the most common questions that I get about the course:

Q — Do I need to get a lot of equipment?
A — Essentially no. With a tennisball you can do most of the "equipment needed" exercises. Sometimes a foam roller is more ideal. And resistance bands are used too. For quick fixes and basic body work you only need some space and a tennisball.

Q — I stretched in the past which didn't work, how is this different?
A — It's not the stretches you do, but HOW you do them. The standard "just wait there" and bouncing didn't work for me either. That's why inside the course are many effective types of stretching and in-stretching hacks. Only a few of those combined took me from average to almost splits in little over 3 weeks after 16 training sessions:

Q — I had an injury, can I still do this course?
A — Many exercises in this course are used in professional rehab programs — so yes. There are hundreds of exercises inside the course that you can do without problems. 

Q — I don't have hours to study, is this course useful for me?
A — You don't have to study for hours on end. Lessons are short and sweet — focused on execution. And you can skip background stuff too. The Mobility Center, The Stretching Exercise Library etcetera are designed so you can look up what you need fast — while also have the ability to study the mechanism and reasons behind it. But you don't have to. 

Q — Are there hidden or recurring fees?
A — No. Even though you're getting all future updates for free — It's a one-time payment.

Q — Do I get access to everything right away?
A — Yes! The full course is unlocked the second you jump on board. 

join now!

If you want to free-up your body and unlock your full potential fast. You need tools that increase your mobility.

Regardsless of your skill or age: with the "Mobility for Martial Arts" course  you simply get more mobility. And your techniques improve.

From now on, practise with an unlocked body too.

Join now 👊 

PS: Move more easily? Mobilise your body. You discover how in the "Mobility for Martial Arts" course. 

✅ Melt away your unwanted stiffness to get your body feeling close to 18 again. 

✅ Revolutionise your training with science-based exercises that instantly upgrade your technique so you drill the ideal movement into your muscle memory.

Discover how through hundreds of carefully sorted photos and videos about Melt-Away Techniques, Methods and Exercises on:

  • Stretching
  • Mobility
  • Foam Rolling
  • Myofascial Compression Techniques

Plus the supercharge key: how to combine them.

Your investment is temporarily not € 4.588,- but just 197 euro.

PPS: If you join now you get 3 bonuses valued at € 291,- for FREE that reveal exactly which exercises are most beneficial for you NOW.

PPPS: You get the 30 days no result=refund guarantee: but you'll see you don't need it after applying just 1 technique for 30 seconds. You'll see 👊 

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