Boost Your Versatility with 23 Almost-Forgotton Techniques Of Traditional Karate — Make the obscure oldschool forms part of your arsenal for effective self-defense

FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: The explanations, applications and drills are dedicated to show how to APPLY the forms and DRILL the movement so you can execute spot-on techniques like clockwork.

Dear Martial Artist,

Do you want to discover those oldschool forms beyond their shape and name?

Those weird animal-like handshapes that were normal for Higashionna, Itosu, Motobu and other pioneers that practised Karate before it was even called Karate...

If you want to be versatile so you can react to anything that comes at you with traditional Karate techniques like Koken and Kumate...

You're in luck.

Because what if I told you:

  • Mastering Shiyobui covers rarely taught details so you can focus on what makes the oldschool forms truly effective (and make them work).
  • You can understand their versatility on a fundamental level so you always know which weapon is your best choice.
  • And: there are specific methods to master the oldschool ways to attack — Pairwork included.

Sounds perfect, right?

Why is it then, that the majority of Martial Artists have NO CLUE how these oldschool forms actually work?

Unaware of how to train them. Unaware of their application.

Maybe they've seen pictures here and there. And they know a dangerous move. But they're just a trick, or Gyakuzuki with a different handshape.

So unfortunately: they can't use it. 

But you can.

On this page I'll reveal exactly what you can do to...

  • Strengthen many oldschool techniques without hitting buckets of sand for years.
  • Have an immense arsenal of weapons at your disposal and methods to train them alone — and with your friend.
  • And your instructor will wonder where you got it from.

In other words: 

If you want to know how to become versatile beyond Gyakuzuki and discover the old ways in clear, practical and proven ways — keep reading.

my painful story That forced me to find the real answer (and run into the hidden problem)

While my classmates were doing their homework properly (or not at all), I was drilling types of the fist: shape + name. Out loud.

Seiken. Uraken. Tettsui. Ippon, Nihon, Yonhon Nukite.

And there are many more...

You probably know the oldschool forms — but do you KNOW them? Can you apply them without hurting yourself in a dynamic situation AND do you know when to use which one? 🤷‍♂️

I had NO CLUE when I got Ishikawa sensei's book.

To "learn" them, I designed drills like the above to memorise shapes and names.

Pretty cool, but it didn't help.

In fact... I hurt myself when I put it to the test. Twice.

It's an embarassing story really...

I (tried to) use Haito to hit one of those punching-balls on a fair. Ouch.

I had to seriously man-up to hide the pain for using it the wrong way.

And fundamentally speaking, I made the same mistake one year later.

Hey, what did I now... I was 15!

If only I knew... 

  • which weapon to use
  • which target to strike 
  • from what angle
  • how to align my arm
  • and how to put my body behind it I could deal with the impact rather easily (and deliver an effective blow).

Plus: know how to train that. 

The good news is that you can access that knowledge rather easily today.

Many Karateka dream about knowing all the fancy stuff. Weird hand shapes and oldschool ways to strike...

  • ...but when you're in the Dojo, all you do is a straight punch, Uraken and maybe Shuto and Shotei if you're lucky. 
  • And when you actually try to use it you fail or hurt yourself...
  • no matter how many forms you've seen pictures of — you can't apply them if you don't know the subtleties. And have methods to develop them.

The reality is that most Martial Artists have seen pictures or a video. And they do Gyakuzuki with a different handshape.

That's "The straight-punch problem".

Hidden in plain sight.

I was fortunate to learn from Ishikawa sensei who taught me a loads of oldschool stuff. Pointing out the straight-punch problem quite early in my journey.

That said, I still tried stuff on a fair. In my backyard.


And after failing miserably too many times I felt forced to find the real answer. 

You see, I didn't want to copy-paste some techniques from Ishikawa sensei and call it a day. Because deep down I knew I didn't really know them.

And remember I hurt myself putting it up to the test?

Clearly I didn't understand the techniques well enough yet.

That was the turning point 🔥 

🔥 On top of Ishikawa sensei's teaching, I started to research all I could. Even extreme stuff like Monkey Kung Fu.

🔥 Ishikawa checked my moves and findings that allowed me to test loads of stuff. 

🔥 And finally — I got a feel for how to apply them.

Years later after Ishikawa sensei passed away (2008), I was able to discover even more through Sakagami and Yokoyama — and reach fundamental level.

That's when I could finally "see" the full circle. How all of them were connected fundamentally.

It's versatility through fundamentals. 

No tricks...

There are effective ways to train this which I'll reveal on this page.

And here's why:

Most Martial Artists stick to straight punches — or Haito and Shuto at best...

Don't misunderstand: your focus on a straight punch is good.

Your straight punch is the fundamental principle of Karate. It's lifeblood. 

You can use it to strike effectively. Fast and strong. And your instructor will have a smile on his face when he sees your best Gyakuzuki performed 👍

And if you're ok with an arsenal that limited, that's fine...

But. My guess is you're on the edge of your seat to find out how to master the oldschool techniques:

  • Become more versatile
  • Understand, feel, and apply alignment
  • And use parts of your body in ingenious ways

That said...

Many techniques you want to know are not in our Kata. And the few that are? They're executed in too straight forward ways that don't reveal their actual use and effectiveness.

Unless you have access to that knowledge.

And that right there, is "The Practise Problem".

  • If you don't know the important details of the oldschool ways beyond their shape...
  • If you don't have the methods at your fingertips to practise them purposefully so you can make them work next time...
  • And if you don't know specifically-designed Kumite... You can't expect to broaden your horizon and discover more than you already know.


Do you have good news AJ?

I do 😃

I noticed Karateka that are crazy about the traditional side ALWAYS show interest in the obscure ways to use the fist.

"So now there's a collection of fundamental-based explanations that go beyond form. 

Plus it includes training methods and pairwork you need to master them"

—You can add these obscure types of striking to your arsenal — including ways to practise them.

What if the straight-punch and practise problem didn't exist?

Picture thIS:

You're in a clinch. And your average punch won't work because you don't have the space.

Your short range punch won't work either. It's his arm — blocking your very last option.

But there it is...

The gap in his Kamae a straight punch, or Haito can't reach.

Still — you hit him with a strike nobody in your Dojo even knew existed.

And your friend can't help to wonder what just happened...

Sounds unlikely?

Actually, it's quite normal if you practise the methods and pairwork that are designed for it.

  • You discover everything I learned from Ishikawa sensei — put in a neat package...
  • ...with highly specific fundamental teaching that connects the dots straight away.
  • For example, you'll know how to use "Koken" in ways that turn you into the encyclopedia of your Dojo.

It's one of my favorite techniques for close range fighting (fast, surprising and pretty much invisible if done right)... 

And if I can do it, YOU can pull it off too.

Would you like to know how to use it, train it, from what angle, when and where to hit?

And for the other 22 ways too?

It's all inside Mastering Shiyobui ⬇️

  • Discover 23 oldschool fist styles that greatly expand your arsenal so you become more versatile and have a better chance to defend yourself — it's fun and practical.
  • The fundamental details that drive deeper understanding that are true for all forms (you don't have to memorise 100+ details). 
  • The important elements that make your oldschool skills strong and effective are revealed (beyond the standard stuff that doesn't help you).
  • The wide range of pairwork and drills are tools dedicated to show you how to apply and how to practice so you start to see results fast (finally, you know where to start)
  • Including Mythbusters — Turn the obscure forms into your new normal but in a way that actually works (video 8 at 2:31 reveals how your average Shuto doesn't work and what to do instead).

And to make absolutely clear how they work and what methods you need to develop the oldschool fist styles...

...there are lessons dedicated to teach the shape beyond the form and seperate videos going into drills and applications so not a single bit of information is rushed.

You get access to absolutely everything you need to dramatically increase your versatility, knowledge and performance of the old ways.

here's what other martial artists got from Mastering shiyobui:


The new ways to apply the fists were eye opening and the application for kumate was very informative. Because of that, I'll definitely be keeping my mind open to even more ways to apply the basics beyond what I've learned. I'm glad that I got it and would definitely recommend this series to anyone who wants to study the basics of karate in a new way.

Matthew Allen — USA

Here's what you get:

With Mastering Shiyobui you...

  • Discover 3 types of the fist so you can connect your attack to your opponent no matter if he's close or far away.
  • Punch harder naturally with methods that develop the 2 key elements of Seiken that connect your knuckle to your whole body.
  • Learn the secret of rapid finger movement making the fist you need in milliseconds — like a pianist fingers move all over the place in a controlled manner.

And also this...

  • Guide your energy through your knuckle using "The Dent" so you can strike the bag without ever having your wrist collapse again
  • How to use the "2-Knuckle Focus" to withstand pressure so you can strike with full power without worry of damaging your hand.
  • Improve the alignment of your fist and develop wrist strength with a super-easy method that supercharges your structure (you'll punch harder).
  • Use "The Instant-Feedback Method" to know if you have a correct fist or not (it reveals the best way) so you can hardwire proper punches.
  • Get a heavier Tateken with "Waving" so you can deliver an effective punch even on close distance.

And of course this:

  • How Tettsui's weakness becomes your advantage so you can quickly combine your movement and overwhelm the opponent.
  • Execute a Bottom-Fist Whirlwind-Strike that you can turn into a takedown in a flash — so your opponent can't escape from this one.
  • How to turn your block into a strike that makes your opponent don't want to attack you again.
  • The "Pressure Point Hack" that even an 8-year old can do so you don't have to worry to miss that ultra-small spot. (Your opponent will hurt himself when he attacks, so he'll become scared to attack again)
  • The 2 meanings of "Uraken" that instantly opens up loads of applications so you can surprise your instructor with your newly found moves
  • Uraken's "Secret Of The Wrist" that makes your strike MUCH faster (not what you think) to create that whiplike-effect
  • Sharpen your back fist with "The Reverse Snap" and bring your telegraph to absolute zero (while still striking effectively)

And this too...

  • Strike lightning-fast with "The 3-Joint Move" that blinds even your toughest opponent — even if it's just arm movement this does the damage you need.
  • How to turn the easy Kumite into challenging Dan Grade Training so you can put yourself to the test to more realistic training growing your confidence.
  • The "Speed-Striking Method" that loosens up your arm so you can strike twice in a row with ease (your friend won't know what happened when you come at him blazing)
  • The ideal attack-the-limb Uraken that morphs into another Uraken before your opponent can react so you feel you're actually getting the hang of this
  • How to overcome rigidness using "The In-Out Principle" that forces you to relax (your instructor will smile when he realises he can stop saying "relax" when you move)
  • Avoid the kind of Hikite that puts you at a disadvantage (don't tell this to your sparring partner)
  • The truth about the perfect Shuto that actually makes your Shuto FAR from perfect (and ineffective)
  • How to transform "The 3 Shuto" drastically to go from a movie-like "Karate chop" to advanced Kumite in no-time.
  • How to turn a fixed robot-style form into 2 open-hand applications that work for defense and attack (it's also easy to change your move halfway)
  • The ideal Meotode Kumite that reveals open-hand functionality and effectiveness — you'll never want to take Kamae with closed fists again (it's that effective)
  • How Shuto as you read it the books doesn't workrevealed in Kumite + what to do instead (you're likely to make this painful mistake)
  • The 3 open-hand techniques you can execute without hitting buckets of rice, sand and stones for years (that are equally effective and less risky).
  • The secret application of Nukite that acts as a failsafe to takedown ANY opponent — even if your Atemi didn't work. And especially if he tries to fight back.
  • Create Kuzushi using your fingertips to get instant leverage over the opponent (you make it look so easy even your instructor will be impressed).
  • Discover feedback methods that reveal your perfect alignment that don't require conditioning or materials so you can strike with confidence and minimise risk to hurt yourself.
  • Turn your fist into concrete with "The Squeeze Test" to discover the ideal location of the thumb so your power starts to concentrate to one point and reach final compression.
  • Suprise your opponent applying "The Small-Space Secret" of Hiraken so you can attack him where he doesn't except to need defense 
  • How your opponents posture has direct affect on which tool you need to pick for the job — so you can always land your blows.
  • Use Haito's hidden technique thats work all the way from long to short distance so your opponent has nowhere to run (and won't see it coming).

And even this:

  • How your body movement dictates how to strike next so you can lure your opponent into your trap and set him up perfectly for your unblockable counterstrike.
  • "The block-to-Haito Flow" that defies all straight-line-is-the-shortest-route laws and catches your opponent off-guard so you can increase chances of attacking success.
  • The unique characteristic that turns Shotei into your absolute favorite — like those new all-in-one retro game consoles that have everything you loved as a kid. In one.
  • Boost your finger movement "fine actions" — down to the millimeter... that give you the edge you need to overcome your opponent.
  • The #1 key to focus your energy in your palm so you can strike decisively even if your form is not remotely like the generally excepted version (this one works better) 

And this is less than HALF of the instructional videos inside Mastering Shiyobui...

Total value so far: €997,-

Summarised, Mastering Shiyobui not only provides beyond-basic explanations... also gives you access to training methods and pairwork specifically designed to master the old ways.

For example, the application of Hirabasami forces you do to do it right (starting at 2:27) — so you can't go wrong.

Your ways to attack and overcome the opponent drastically increase, from large to close range. And from devastating moves to fine actions that free you from his grip.

and there's more!


get 5 bonuses on top if you decide now (€238,- value)

No matter how many forms you know — they must be the result of rock-solid fundamental movement. Attached to your core. So when you get Mastering Shiyobui now you also get these 5 bonuses:

  • The Best Fundamental Video I Ever Made (value €47,-)
  • Kushanku — from 60+ Moves to 3 Keys (value €47,-)
  • The 5 Fundamental Components of Niseishi (value €97,-)
  • The 2 Wado Core Principles (value €47,-)
  • + 3 Seminar Hacks (PRICELESS)

Get Mastering Shiyobui now to get them for free (do it before time runs out).


"The Best Fundamental Video"

VALUE €47,-

You'll discover what fundamental means and especially how that affects your techniques. More importantly: You'll know what is key to focus on in your training so your techniques improve MUCH faster. The knowledge revealed in this video allow you to apply the 80/20 rule to your Karate training so your "Shiyobui Skill" grows faster than you can imagine.


"Kushanku — from 60+ Moves to 3 Keys"

VALUE €47,-

Reduce 60+ movements to 3 Keys that finally let you see how it's all connected so you can improve your Kushanku overnight. Simply apply these 3 keys to all Shiyobui to at least double their effectiveness.


"The 5 Fundamental Components of Niseishi"

VALUE €97,-

The 5 Fundamental Components of Niseishi that go so deep you can't imagine I would put it in a video and give it away for free. Connect this advanced body movement to your arm and your weapons become even more effective. 


"The 2 Core Wado Principles"

VALUE €47,-

In this presentation (23:47 min), you'll find out what the 2 Wado Core Principles are. So whenever you apply you newly discovered fist-styles — execute them following Wado's core principles.


"3 Seminar Hacks"


During a seminar from Suzuki sensei with say 100 people, I managed to get one-on-one attention from him...

...while the other 99 Karateka practised by themselves without getting ANY feedback from him. I share the story AND how I pulled it off (so you can 'copy me' and take advantage too).

*The pulled-it-off strategy is 1 of the 3 hacks.

Your investment

✅ Mastering Shiyobui — Value €997,-

✅ The Best Fundamental Video I Ever Made — Value €47,-

✅ Kushanku: from 60+ Moves to 3 Keys — Value €47,-

✅ The 5 Fundamental Components of Niseishi — Value €97,-

✅ The 2 Wado Core Principles — Value €47,-

✅ 3 Seminar Hacks (PRICELESS)

TOTAL VALUE: € 1.235,-

now only 97 euro

I want to make sure you too can access the beyond-basic explanation of the oldschool fiststyles — about what actually matters.

And: to provide you with solo and pairwork trainingmethods and drills you need to master this.

Imagine how many hours of training you can spend EFFECTIVELY — simply because you shortcut your trial and error years (hoping to find out the ways that work in the first place)

You won't find this knowledge and matching exercises anywhere else.

who this is for — and who is this NOT for?

Mastering Shiyobui is ideal for Martial Artists like you that want to become more versatile and able to use the oldschool techniques.

These methods works 100% of the time for 100% of the Martial Artists that start using them 100% 👊 

 WARNING: if you think "I'll watch a few videos and magically use Kumate next time sparring", you better stop reading.

You'll love the in-depth content, mythbusters, exercises and pairwork — but you'll not get the hang of it if you don't practise.

This is for you if you're looking to discover how the oldschool fiststyles really work including how to practise them.

why get mY course?

My name is AJ van Dijk, dedicated to Martial Arts since 1996. I've studied under and taught alongside Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami, May and Yokoyama sensei — among the best in Wadokai & Shorin Ryu Karate and Okinawan Kobudo. 

Next to my training, teaching senior instructors internationally and being the author of several books including the bestseller "Wado No Michi"...

...I've studied closely with Naoki Ishikawa who is one of the few instructors I know that actually taught the various oldschool ways.

I was fortunate to learn Wado's curriculum from him completely before he passed away in 2008 — including skills beyond the curriculum.

After loads of persuasion, I managed to convince Ishikawa sensei to shoot a DVD. We discussed the whole project that I created  from zero to end product ⬇️

During this time we discussed, planned and evaluated recordings and the contents of his DVD. Naturally, the oldschool ways were discussed in depth.

We called on the phone for 30 minutes up to 1 hour per day — heck, I even lost a girlfriend over it.

I've accompanied him to several international and local seminars. That provided me with numerous occasions to ask, discuss and practise the old ways (especially the ones he didn't show to the general public).

Mastering Shiyobui is exactly as Ishikawa sensei taught me — including knowledge I learned from his son Hiroki Ishikawa sensei.

That, plus skills I got from Sakagami and Yokoyama sensei turn Mastering Shiyobui in a practical package. 

Based on fundamentals with deep contents, well beyond the shape so you can apply this effectively.

Access this course today to transform your skill.

expand your arsenal with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and do the exercises you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

Expand your arsenal with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!

do you still have questions? 

Here's an answer list to the most common questions that I get about the course:

Q — I've already seen plenty of this stuff, how is this different?
A — The key lies in the fundamentals in combination with the drills and matching pairwork that force you to laserfocus and see results. Random applications or turning your reverse-punch fist into an open hand are not the same as drills and pairwork that are designed with surgical precision.

Q — Higaonna from Goju Ryu hits walls. Do I need to do that?
A — It depends on what you're after. But I'm not advocating it in the course. There are several conditioning exercises but not ones that go that far (or that take years to master). The conditioning is alignment training and building reaction of passive muscles. And the ways to apply these techniques are smart so you dont require to turn soft hands into a brick. So in short: don't worry.

Q — I don't have hours to study, is this course useful for me?
A — Every step of the way is a seperate video. You can study the first video and practise that in week 1. Progressing slowly but surely if you lack time. 

Plus: it's more physical than theoretical so you can enjoy it during your Dojo time.

Q — Are there hidden or recurring fees?
A — No. Even though you're getting all future updates for free — It's a one-time payment.

Q — Do I get access to everything right away?
A — Yes! The full course is unlocked the second you jump on board. Bonuses included.

join now!

If you want to expand your arsenal and master the oldschool fiststyles, you need to know the in-depth keys beyond the shape. 

And above all: get access to the drills and specifically designed pairwork so you can practise what works and execute the techniques you desire.

From now on, have a wide range of tricks up your sleeve that even your instructor won't see coming.

Join now 👊 

PS: Increase the effectiveness and variety of your techniques?

Use the proven-effective exercises and pairwork that are the result of decades of research and training. For now on, use your hands in countless ways so you can overcome the opponent in any situation.

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PPS: If you join now you get 5 bonuses valued at €238,- for FREE that allow you to understand fundamentals and core movement. So your techniques will be body moves instead of just a wave of your arm.

PPPS: You get the 30 days no result=refund guarantee. Do the exercises and pairwork to boost your skills.

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