increase your striking ability and turn your basics to life with level-3 meotode and compression skills using yokoyama's proven-effective framework

FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: How to build your Meotode from the ground up, while at the same time increasing compression skills, trapping and one-inch-punch ability.

Dear Martial Artist,

Do you want to unlock fundamental skill and improve your Meotode so your basic blocks come to life?

Especially the ability to strike with compression without relying on low-level hip twisting that inhibits you from executing techniques with the speed and sharpness you're looking for?

And by the way: You also want to hear this if you're looking to boost your trapping skills.

Because what if I told you...

  • There are methods that develop compression FAST — so your punches become sharper than ever (your friends will wonder how you're pulling that off).
  • It's these very same methods that hardwire Meotode into your body — so your defense and offense will be more effective. Automatically.
  • And there's a framework that teaches Compression and Meotode simultaneously from the ground up — trapping skills included that unlock your 1-inch-punch ability.

Sounds perfect, right?

Why is it then, that the majority of Martial Artists have NO CLUE how this works?

Unaware of the deeper skills. Unaware of the framework.

Maybe they know some techniques. But they're stand-alones — not fundamentally contributing to their level.

And unfortunately: it's arm movement. 

But you can fix that.

On this page I'll reveal exactly what you can do to...

  • Turn your regular basics into impenetrable defense.
  • Have an iron defense inside your attacks.
  • And your moves will get that WOW factor 🤩

In other words:

If you want to know how to unlock your Meotode and Compression skills — keep reading.

my unexpected Discovery That Connected The Dots And Skyrocketed My Skill

If it wasn't for my discovery...

...I would still be thinking I "know" Meotode — instead of able to do it properly (so that it actually works).

Let me bring you up to speed first:

  1. Level 1 is a basic as-you-know-it "block". Jodan Uke, Uchi Uke, Soto Uke, etcetera (the ones you repeat over and over, but seem to have no place in sparring or real fighting).
  2. Next is blocking with Meotode — your basic block done with two hands so it becomes more practical and "fight-ready".
  3. Level 3 is Meotode with quality. With trapping and compression skills.

The reality is this: 

Level 2 is more practical than level 1, but it still won't work well because it's too slow. And it's not strong enough.

There's good news though👇

You can get to level 3 fast with a proven-effective framework.

But I didn't realise this untill 2011...

  • Even though Meotode was in my skillset...
  • Even though Compression was something I emphasised...
  • Even though I studied under highly skilled instructors...

It wasn't untill I privately trained with Yokoyama Kancho to see that.

Here's how that started (and what I found out) ⬇️

Back in 2009, I got my hands on Yokoyama's DVD on Naihanchi.

And not even 5 minutes in...


Desperate to study under him directly.

What was even more crazy is this:

At the end of the DVD it showed an email address. I figured it must be one of his students — like I produced Ishikawa sensei's DVD.

As it turned out, it was Yokoyama himself! 

We emailed up and down and kept in touch untill I finally met him in person in 2011. The rest is history.

Through him, I started to understand how Meotode and Compression skills are intertwined.

I was able to merge and internalise the skills more deeply.

And to make sure you don't think I'm making this up ⬇️

And although not on written record, he asked me to teach his Meotode to the next generation. 

That's why I created "Mastering Meotode".

Anyway — enough about me. 

You need to know only one thing:

Meotode and Compression can't be separated. 

The reason is simple.

  • Without compression, Meotode is nothing more than arm movement.
  • You can't marry lower-level hip twisting with Meotode, so you need Compression.
  • So no matter how many applications you know — you can't apply them if Meotode and Compression are seperated. Or simply: if your ability to compress is too low.

There are effective ways to train this which I'll reveal on this page.

The problem is that most Martial Artists stick to the twist-hip level type of Karate.

Of course hip twisting will help you to get powerful techniques. You can deliver impact effectively.  And when you hit a bag your friend can still feel it.

And if that's you, maybe you're happy where you are...

It's fine — but there's more 👇

You can go deeper skill wise:

  • Get more power
  • Increase sharpness
  • Boost your versatility
  • And do it more efficiently (it opens up other applications too because you don't need much rotation or space)

So that said, you know you need Meotode and Compression to get there.

And I'm sorry to drop the bomb, but that's problem number 2.

  • If you don't have a framework where Meotode affects your Compression and the other way around...
  •'ll never connect the dots and get the skill.
  • And if you still get it through trial and error, you're lucky. But you wasted decades of training that you could have used to perfect the skill. Or study other elements more deeply...

So you might be wondering:

Is there a way to improve Meotode and Compression at the same time?

"Yes — and there's a framework for it."

—Yokoyama demonstrating a Meotode Application - from his book "Principles of Karate"

The Framework that builds Compression and Meotode simultaneously — from the ground up

Remember your schooldays?

Chapter 1, chapter 2. Every thing done step by step. And each lesson had a subject.

The reason it's like that in school is simple: it's effective.

But in Martial Arts we often jump from A to Z. At random. 

So let me ask you this:

How do you think you can master a skill more effectively...

  • At random? 
  • Or step by step with a framework that takes out all guesswork...

Yokoyama didn't have a framework when he studied Meotode. He only had Kata and applications.

He developed his skill through subconciously merging Praying Mantis (Wei Hsiao Tang) with Shorin Ryu Karate (Shugoro Nakazato).

fun and fundamental framework

Decades of training later, he analysed how he got the skill and concluded it needed a framework. To study effectively. Not needing to be lucky like he was...

A setup that all Karateka can use — regardless of style.

And that's where it get's interesting...

Like Naihanchi forges your body, this framework turns your body into a Meotode Machine:

It creates high-level Compression skill such as Ten Chi Jin and what Yokoyama called "instantaneous strike"...

And: it's fun too ⬇️

  • All methods inside The Framework follow Naihanchi's concept so your body will get used to compression and one-inch punch skills fast.
  • Plus, it teaches Meotode on internal and external level — preparing your Meotode for quality so even your instructor will be impressed with your movement.
  • The Framework is built on this foundation so you can benefit directly from the Kata's essence with practical movement.
  • You skip years of trial and error so you can practise without doubt and frustration.
  • Every proven-effective step of the way matches your needs. No over-complicated stuff like a stretch you can't get into in the first place — so you'll enjoy your training even more.

And to bridge the gap between your basics as-you-know-it and application...

...there's a specific step-by-step system to go from static basics to applicable two-hands movement.

here's what other martial artists got from Mastering meotode:


When I first saw it in action I was fascinated.

This has not been anything I've been taught during all the years. It's like a new dimension added to technics you already practice, but put in a more effective way. 

To block or trap with striking in the same movement is an effective weapon indeed, and thanks to Mastering Meotode I have methods to practise this. 

I would strongly recommend to others that are interested to deepen their knowlege and discover a new effectiveness of Karate. Mastering Meotode will improve your fighting and defense ability, body contol and body centerline.

Martin Ström — 3rd Dan Wadokai, Sweden


I got Mastering Meotode to fill in the gaps in my karate skills.

The biggest eye opener I got from the series is the importance of the basics. If you know the basics you can progress quickly, even without dojo training.

The best reason for using Mastering Meotode is to understand advanced technics and the quick progression you will have. Just get the Mastering Meotode - you wont regret it.

Kristiansen — Norway

Here's what you get:

With Mastering Meotode you...

  • Discover Meotode STEP BY STEP so you can progress your basics from the ground up.  
  • Add INNOVATIVE TRAINING METHODS to your arsenal that unlocks compression and kickstarts your one-inch punch skill
  • Find out how basics transform into ADVANCED PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES — and have the methods at your disposal that make it happen.
  • Turn your Hikite that your normally bring to your solar plexus or hip into a hand that grabs, pulls or traps your opponent AUTOMATICALLY through the framework
  • Study The 8 Meotode Kumite that provide in-depth high-level study of the core fundamentals in application. These Wado-Kihon-Kumite like series are the ideal next step after you build your skill with The Framework combined with the Crash Course.

And also this...

  • Discover what Meotode is in detail, so you can focus on the important characteristics when you practise — improving faster.
  • What Yokoyama fundamentally emphasised to his top-level students that built their skill (so you can get amazing movement too). 
  • How to apply Meotode for attack and defense so you can use it in any situation without limitation
  • How 3 moves are faster than 2 allowing you to flow from one move into the other making it very difficult for anyone to block your attacks.
  • How to use your body so your connect movements while increasing speed and sharpness

And of course this:

  • How you can fill gaps in space and time so you'll always be one step ahead of your opponent (do this and he won't stand a chance)
  • Use Meotode's supreme method that puts an end to every bout within a second so your opponent becomes afraid to attack.
  • How Hikite turns into leverage when combined with Meotode so you can position your opponent setting him up to receive the perfect strike — you can't miss.
  • The #1 Key to harmonise your grabbing skills with your strike so your opponent can't take advantage and counter you. 
  • The exact timing and movement necessary to turn your supporting hand into an invisible control your opponent can't see coming — he'll notice you 'have him' when it's too late (suprise your friends with this one)
  • How Soto Uke becomes sticky Soto Uke while summoning power inside your body for your counter so you can increase impact power without more muscular force.
  • The unexpected position of your thumb that doesn't allow your opponent to escape from your strike so you can counter faster with a blink-of-an-eye movement.

And this too...

  • Discover the distraction-free distance needed for the first step to programming Meotode so you can master Meotode faster and more effectively.
  • The secret of Shuto that makes Meotode easier than your regular basic blok so you defend 2 attacks with 1 block automatically.
  • You get the 5-Step System to break your robotic basics and turn it into fluid, fast Meotode. With instant-action counterattacks, grabs and trapping skills that finally show the practical value of your basics.
  • Boost your trapping instantly by changing your current way to grab into the split-second trap-technique so you can strike right away before your opponent turns it into a struggle (not even your instructor can bypass this one)
  • How to adjust The Meotode Naihanchi Drill easily to suit your Karate style.
  • The exact part of the arm you must use to control the opponent technically — so you can apply an armbar even if your small or if your opponent is stronger.
  • Discover the "Dimensional Attack" that ALWAYS works because the human body is not setup to withstand force in that direction (you can even make it work on the biggest guy from your Dojo).
  • The early stage trap that makes your opponent feel it's no use to even finish his attack so you can gain mental control over him.
  • The 2 stay-close secrets that connect your counterattack in a minimised timeframe so it's difficult for him to react.
  • The one-two rhythm that morphs Gedan Barai from a loose canon into a laser-precision device so you have full control over positioning.
  • The flow you need to break free from isolation that allows you merge one Meotode application into the other so you can deal with combinations or even multiple attackers more easily.
  • Boost your fist VS open-hand awareness so you'll be more versatile in many different situations (and find out how to use it).
  • How to execute larger movement and Kamae leaving your opponent wonder how it got there (so you can strike when he freezes).
  • Discover the 2 kinds of Chudan attacks so you can draw your opponent and set him up for failure (+ the ideal "guaranteed" counterattacks)
  • How your body movement becomes the disguise to trap your opponent without reaching to grab his arm.
  • What to look for in your opponents posture to detect to read his attack (don't share this unless you want your friend to take advantage with sparring)
  • Do the "Posture-Detect Reverse" to strike your opponent harder.
  • The ideal hand-to-kick flow so you can angle to damage your opponents knee while controlling him at the same time.
  • Use the Square-Meter Skill Drill to hardwire your arm and leg to move independently so you can apply Meotode effectively in any situation.

And even this:

  • Turn every movement into Meotode and create that muscle memory so Meotode become as normal as Gyakuzuki.
  • Use the EXACT SAME METHODS that Yokoyama used so you can't go wrong: It's what made him famous and why he's called "Lighting Flash Hands".
  • Forge your "blocks" to overcome even the biggest opponent with the can't-fail instruction that's meticulously built to bring the most complicated concept in bite-size and easy-to-understand pieces.
  • It provides a structured way to develop your Meotode so you'll see results in a matter of hours with the "stacking system" that professional teachers use.
  • Discover in-depth skills through simplicity so you can apply directly without doubt if you understood correctly.

Total value so far: €1.597,-

Summarised, Mastering Meotode not only provides structured practise allowing you to internalise every skill every step of the way... also gives you access to training methods and pairwork that's specifically designed to build compression skills. Automatically.

Your movement becomes sharper, heavier and more effective than ever.

and there's more!


get 3 bonuses on top if you decide now (€494,- value)

Structured practise is the most reliable way to progress your skills.  Sometimes though — you need to dig deeper into theory to gain new momentum. Or practise other applications. That's why you're also getting:

  • The eBook "Principles of Karate" (value €297,-)
  • The Meotode Video Vault (value €197,-)
  • Yokoyama Kancho Seminar Footage (PRICELESS)

Get Mastering Meotode now to get them for free (do it before time runs out).


"Principles Of Karate"

VALUE €297,-

Yokoyama shares his incredible findings after a lifelong search for balance and simplicity in Martial Arts. He reveals the fundamental concepts of nature used in Karate that connect dots you didn't even know existed.

The last physical copy was sold for €97. Claim your ebook for free now.


"The Meotode Video Vault"

VALUE €197,-

You'll get access to loads of applications and training methods. This turns this deal into killer-combo you can't refuse. 


"Yokoyama Kancho Seminar Footage"


You get access to footage from Yokoyama teaching The Meotode Drill. And much more. These raw edits will give you a true unstaged and personal feel for his Meotode so you can practise with his image in mind. As if you learned from him directly.

Your investment

✅ Mastering Meotode — Value €1.997,-

✅ Principles of Karate eBook — Value €297,-

✅ The Meotode Video Vault — Value €197,-

✅ Yokoyama Kancho Seminar Footage — PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: € 2.491,-

now only 197 euro

I want to make sure you too can access the proven framework that drills Meotode and Compression skills into your body.

Imagine how many hours of training you can spend EFFECTIVELY — simply because you shortcut your trial and error years.

Even if you would go to a seminar of a Meotode specialist, you still need to remember all of it. And be lucky that you get a step-by-step system to teach the deepest skills from the ground up.

Joining 1 seminar is already more than your one-time investment...

who this is for — and who is this NOT for?

Mastering Meotode is ideal for Martial Artists like you that want to take the effectiveness of their techniques to the next level.

This framework works 100% of the time for 100% of the Martial Artists that start using them 100% 👊 

 WARNING: if you think "I'll sit back, watch the series and magically become the next Bruce Lee", you better stop reading.

Most skills will instantly have surface level effects, but you have to repeat them. You have to be motivated.

This is for you if you're looking to optimise incorporate Meotode and Compression into your training with smart, fast and principle-based methods.

why get mY course?

In short...

  1. Stand-alone theory may be interesting. And applications are cool. But without a framework that only serves as entertainment. No other instructor has ever provided a Meotode Framework that holds your hand every step of the way. So you develop the quality of your skill.
  2. Focus is on effective training methods that generate understanding and better execution at the same time.
  3. Everything you discover is handed down from the purest of Karate lineages merged with the "Stacking System" that professional teachers use. 

Still you might be thinking... why should you take my course? 

Let me answer your question:

My name is AJ van Dijk, dedicated to Martial Arts since 1996. I've studied under and taught alongside Ishikawa, Nukina, Sakagami, May and Yokoyama sensei — among the best in Wadokai & Shorin Ryu Karate and Okinawan Kobudo. 

Next to my training, teaching senior instructors internationally and being the author of several books including the bestseller "Wado No Michi"...

...I've worked closely with Kazumasa Yokoyama who is well known for his extraordinary skill level. Especially his Meotode.

I'm his successor in Europe for Kenshinkai Kobudo and studied Karate and Meotode with him deeply.

This video is our Kakie demonstration in Japan — Okinawan Karate sticky hands.

You'll see Yokoyama's Meotode in action — merged with Wado Taisabaki.

The Meotode Drill Series is exactly as Yokoyama taught me — up untill his precise words where applicable.

All theory and applications are directly from him, or drawn from the essence of his teachings. 

Access this course today to transform your skill.

improve your Meotode with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and apply the techniques you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

Improve your meotode with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!

do you still have questions? 

Here's an answer list to the most common questions that I get about the course:

Q — What style is this?
A — Essentially this transcends style. I am Wado, and Yokoyama was Shorin Ryu. The focus of the skill is to transform YOUR basics, no matter what style you do. The template of the drill is based on Shorin Ryu Naihanchi, but since everything inside "Mastering Meotode" is method and application training it doesn't matter what style you do.

Q — I've already seen some Meotode, how is this different?
A — The key lies in the fundamentals in combination with the framework. Naming techniques "Meotode" or knowing that you need to use both hands is not the same as a step-by-step system that's designed to build your skill.

Q — I don't have hours to study, is this course useful for me?
A — Every step of the way is a seperate video which you can "binge watch". But you can watch them one by one as well. You can study the first video and practise that in week 1. Progressing slowly but surely if you lack time.

Plus: it's more physical than theoretical so you can enjoy it during your Dojo time.

Q — Are there hidden or recurring fees?
A — No. Even though you're getting all future updates for free — It's a one-time payment.

Q — Do I get access to everything right away?
A — Yes! The full course is unlocked the second you jump on board. Bonuses included.

join now!

If you want to turn your basics to life with Meotode and boost your skill to Compression level — you need a framework that teaches both for best results.

Regardsless of your skill or style: with Mastering Meotode you simply get deeper fundamental skill.

From now on, practise with high-skill Meotode and on Compression level too.

Join now 👊 

PS: Increase your Meotode and Compression skills? Build it step by step. You discover how in Mastering Meotode.

Use the proven-effective step by step system that Yokoyama Kancho created after a lifelong study. For now on, use both hands effectively so you can control your opponent.

Your investment is not € 2.491,- but 197 euro if you join right now.

PPS: If you join now you get 5 bonuses valued at €494,- for FREE that allow you to understand and master Meotode even faster.

PPPS: You get the 30 days no result=refund guarantee. Follow the Framework for enhanced techniques.

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