discover intricate details of kihon kumite, new insights and fresh key points that lead to you nailing that next-level move…

Including Hidden Techniques Revealed By Sakagami Sensei

✅ Move-by-move explanations on Kihon Kumite with "useful key points" and "intricate details" you haven't heard before. This beats 9 out of 10 Wado books that you have standing on your shelf.

✅ 5 Hidden techniques like Ura-Nagashizuki, Oku Eri Dori that reveal the inner workings of Wado Karate. 

✅ Kihon Kumite & Ohyo eBook you can download to all your devices with additional explanations. 

🎁 BONUS: 4 in-depth articles on Wado's Kumite Principles with how-to-do-it-physically explanations, demonstrations and applications that turn vague and cloudy Japanese terminology into laserfocused and crystal clear keys you can execute (with this you can actually APPLY Nagasu, Inasu, Noru and San Mi Ittai).

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