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Japanese level taisabaki

Value: €997,-

Add Turbo Boost To Advanced Wado Kumite Through Specifically Designed Taisabaki Training

  • Specialised exercises that laserfocus on specific parts of Taisabaki so you can practise what takes your skill next level.
  • Tailored methods that counter common mistakes even senior instructors make.
  • Including seminar footage with in-depth lectures that drive holistic understanding.

 🎁 PLUS: The Japanese-Level Taisabaki eBook containing the 6 key methods you now carry in your pocket 24/7. You can start reading and training 1 minute from now if you click the button and grab this offer.


Even though I've trained for 30+ years under Japanese instruction, it's AJ sensei who always gives me the right advice that gets me to the next level. His crystal-clear key points and simple, straightforward methods are the true power of his teachings. I've never experienced anywhere else. That same stuff is what AJ selected and added to Japanese Level Taisabaki. I recommend you to take these on board any day.

ROELAND CUPPERS  //  5th Dan Wadokai Holland


Value: €97,-

Boost Your Skill With The Best Methods I Learned From Sakagami, Nukina And Yokoyama Sensei

  • 23 carefully selected methods that are among the best I learned directly from my instructors.
  • Specifically designed for at-home training, and perfect if you lack time or space: no equipment is necessary.
  • The methods are Fun & Fundamental meaning they work no matter your rank and regardless of style.


This book made me re focus and give me ideas on different ways to study. And to be honest, all contents met and exceeded. It has opened my mind to other square metre options.The book gives you guidance with "eureka" moments.

CARL  //  Wadokai England


Value: €197,-

Hardwire Advanced Skills Like Compression With Premium Methods That Are Execute-While-Waiting-For-Your-Coffee Ready

  • Follow-along demonstrations and short clips so you can even squeeze in training if you lack time.
  • Complicated high-level movement like “move from tanden” is deciphered and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Discover variations of the methods and how to emphasise aspects so you can develop techniques even faster.


AJ shares knowledge that is next to no other instructor that you have seen on the internet.The videos compliment all aspects of the e-book, with easy teaching methods & a very articulate teacher no other than Sensei AJ van Dijk. It’s like having AJ in your own room as a private instructor.

ART DORE  //  Wadokai Northern Ireland


Value: €1.218,-

Achieve freedom of movement so you can apply the official forms and hidden techniques instantly

  • Unlock the steps to the final stage of training that allows you to transform techniques in a flash — it's how you go from Kihon Kumite to Ohyo, and from Ohyo to free application.
  • Discover the framework to break the form and achieve freedom of movement so you can react to any change and stay ahead of your opponent.
  • Feel confident your techniques are now truly "alive" so you can use them outside of prearranged and karate-specific techniques too.


What got me interested is that I had never been exposed to training with a'freedom of movement' focus. Yes, I had been told before 'a block can be a strike' or 'move fluidly', but never had I been explained how it worked. Or more to the point, how to make it work.This series addresses the hilarious line by Jim Carrey's karate instructor sketch from In Living Color: "Like a lot of beginning students, you attacked me wrong". The biggest criticism karate practitioners get is, your training is not realistic because it lacks unpredictability, and that is exactly what this series is about.Thanks to this series, now I have a way to train karate with the same goal that was planted in my brain by Bruce Lee: "And when there is an opportunity, I do not hit. It hits all by itself".I am afraid this series did not meet my expectations, it far exceeded them by the simple way Sensei AJ presents his ideas, that I was almost embarrassed for not understanding something that now seems so obvious.I would recommend this series not only to all Wadoka but to all karate practitioner because anyone can benefit from it, regardless of style.Don't wait. Watch this series now!


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✅ Japanese Level Taisabaki — Value €997,-
✅ BONUS: The Square-Meter Methods — Value €97,-
✅ BONUS: The Square-Meter Series — Value €197,-
✅ BONUS: The Journey To Henka Waza — Value €1.218,-

value: €2.509,-

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