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Discover Internal-Level Secrets Of Karate That Boost Your Knowledge And Ability To Perform And Teach Basics Properly



By the end of the course I knew one thing:  I didn't know the basics.  Thanks to Ido Kihon Pro I finally feel I'm doing the techniques how they should be done. It's a real gamechanger.

You crash into phrases that make you stop and re-read to realise — it's forehead-smacking obvious.

AJ turned Kihon around on its head for me.

FRANCIS  //  Wadokai Canada

FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: How to improve your Wadokai Ido Kihon through in-depth knowledge made actionable and easy to understand.

Dear Wado enthusiast,

Everybody else watches beat-the-crap-out-of-him UFC videos.

You search the internet to find another video on Junzuki.

After all those years. Still Junzuki — step and punch. 

Or any of the other official Wado basics...

No theatrics, no drama. Pure Wado.  

You love to put on your Karategi and practise basics. And you're crazy-in-a-good-way enough to read books and watch videos to dig deeper.

You heard "relax", "punch staight" and "twist your hip", but now you want keys that help you break through your plateau.

  • Whether it's high level knowledge that you share with your students...
  • New focus points for training that unlock stuff you never focused on before... (or even knew existed)
  • Or simply discover how to execute Ido Kihon properly... you enhance your expertise, knowledge and skill to make a 5th Dan Junzuki a walk in the park.

Note: I'm not talking about "use your hara", internal energy, "mind your centerline" and Tanden explanations. 

You heard them already and let me be clear on that:

 It sounds good but doesn't help you. 

If you want high-level ability, you need fundamental profound theory taught in language you can understand. Then make it actionable through methods and keys you can PHYSICALLY execute.

✅ "Twist your hip" is effective.
❌ "Use your internal energy" is not.


When you can twist your hip well, progress to next-level hip movement — or fundamentally deeper skills.

What's the best way to increase your knowledge and get sharper basics?

The way that...

  • Allows you to focus on what matters so you can work on your techniques without developing bad habits…
  • Shows the techniques in a clear and precise way, encouraging correct rhythm, speed and power…
  • Teaches proper techniques beyond form so you can understand and execute that same ol' Junzuki on high level...
  • Reveals actionable key points so you're crystal clear on how to use your body...

…or one that does ALL that?

Of course. 

How does this sound?

Detailed yet easy-to-understand instructions you can apply to your training straight away. Beyond "step forward" or "twist your hip" so you can work on deeper layers of Wado's Ido Kihon. 

Hi 👋 

I’m AJ, founder of The-Digi-Dojo, Chief Instructor for Wadokai Holland and Kenshinkai Kobudo Europe. 

Over the last 23 years, I've studied and practised tirelessly under Japanese instruction. Hungry to dig deeper into Wado's Ido Kihon so I could deepen my knowledge and sharpen my skills.

During a seminar & demo in Bulgaria 2007 — Ishikawa, AJ, Nukina

Showing my loft soon-to-be Dojo at my under construction house in 2014 — May, Sakagami, Yokoyama, AJ

I want to be able to do what I explain, so there's no gap between my theoretical knowledge and physical ability (it's not complicated).

You may wonder what private training under the top Japanese like Sakagami sensei looks like? I ask for Junzuki 👇

Like Ohtsuka sensei said: "there's no end to training".

Not like you can always execute one more rep though — It's about digging deeper and practising more effectively.

Yann can execute Junzuki without the key point for Hikite that he discovered in the course...

He can repeat Gyakuzuki without using his front hand correctly...

...10.000 times.

Here's the truth:

  • Without the key points that matter, the 10.000 hour rule doesn't count. 
  • You likely hardwire bad habits and poor technique.
  • And even if you're mindful in training: you attack the symptoms. Or work on the surface.

Go internal. Fundamental. And fight the cause 👊

For example, "straight your back" fixes one thing — it does nothing for speed, power, balance and impact. 

Most likely you lean back... sending power in the opposite direction of your punch 😱

This is better:

"Push your hip forward". This AUTOMATICALLY moves your hip below your upper body, straightening your back. It also shifts your weight forward adding speed, power and stability.

"Straight your back" is a cue, not a key point.

Imagine what happens to your techniques when you apply effective key points to your movement...

The differences in result are astronomical 🔥 

You can now discover how to execute Wado's official Ido Kihon properly — beyond form

✅ Junzuki
✅ Kette Junzuki
✅ Gyakuzuki
✅ Kette Gyakuzuki
✅ Junzuki No Tsukkomi
✅ Kette Junzuki No Tsukkomi
✅ Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi
✅ Kette Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi

✅ Tobikomizuki 
✅ Tobikomi-Nagashizuki

Hit the button to get access right away to video training, in-depth articles and key points that take your Wado to the next level.

Inside The Course You Enjoy Video Training, In-Depth Articles And Actionable Key Points — Combined

Video training

Peter May sensei told me stories about classes with Ohtsuka sensei. And one thing stuck:

"He compared Karate to money and banks. I can still picture it, but I can't remember what he said".

If only May sensei had it on video...

Inside Ido Kihon Pro are loads of videos that explain without fluff or filler. They're not inflated with special effects or showing the same shot over and over.

The difference with free stuff on Youtube and Google? Fair question.

  • Search "Wado Junzuki" in Google and you get 11.200 results (and there are 9 more official basics, so good luck with that).
  • Search Youtube for the same phrase and there you have it: a bottomless Youtube wall of Karate videos of which almost ZERO actual videos on Junzuki...
  • ...and if you happen to find one after diligently going through the videos, it's questionable you can actually learn from it and improve your skill.


When was the last time you watched a Karate Kihon video on Youtube that had you look back a few weeks later thinking "wow, thanks to that video I took my skill up a notch".

Thought so.

Even if you find a find a video that helps you: it's a stand-alone.

To progress exponentially...

To understand deeply...

To connect the dots and have epiphany after epiphany... need a coherent framework: "Ido Kihon Pro".

  • Videos are neatly organised so you can find them fast in just a few clicks
  • Content is to the point in language you can understand — "with brutally clear explanations"
  • Videos are scripted around topics, accompanied by text and images so you can understand and apply even faster.
  • Did I mention you won't be bothered by ads?

Originally shot for DVD, you get it edited into small clips. Check them in a flash waiting for your coffee to finish, during your water break, or take your time and lie down on the couch.

You can check it anywhere (even 🚽: Karate beats finding the bottom of your facebook wall or reading the birthday calender).

Whether it's watching crisp performance, slow movement, or study the key point for Tobikomi-Nagashizuki that takes it to a whole new level: It's all there.


Even after years of training I found tips to improve my Junzuki right away!

CHRISTOPH  //  Wadokai Germany

In-depth articles

Back in the day when I ordered a Karate book, I was like Spongebob.




But deep down I was disappointed.

Did most instructors really had nothing more to say than "step forward and execute Junzuki"?

Or "turn left with Gedan Barai in Zenkutsu Dachi"?

Tell me something new. Something inspiring!

When I set out on a mission in 2009 to write a biggest Wado book on the planet 🌍 ...

...I wanted to do things differently.

Sakagami sensei receives his copy of Wado No Michi to thank him for his contributions making the production possible. 

I wanted to create an unparalleled in-depth publication. Like a world record that nobody would even consider attempting to break.

And I did.

But know this: it's not enough.

It's my knowlegde from over a decade ago. And books have limitations.

That's where Ido Kihon Pro comes in.

It contains the in-depth stuff from the book, but also newly updated articles.

For example, when you're about to complete the step and execute Gyakuzuki — that ultra-small point in time when you touch the floor with the tip of your toes...

It's worth explaining details that include how-to. So you not only understand how it works, but also how to practise.

That 0,0001 second point in time is the key of your impact power. It's where you connect your step to your strike.

Get that right and your Gyakuzuki goes from average to excellent.

Such articles are the norm inside Ido Kihon Pro. And they're updated continuously.


Through many gasshuku, practices, conversations, e-mails and chats, AJ has evolved into a karateka with techniques and knowledge that few in Europe possess. 

NOBUYUKI NUKINA  //  6th Dan JKF-Wadokai

Actionable key points

In-Depth articles are awesome. But let's be real:

You read about gravity. You learn that dropping your body makes your techniques heavier...

Now what?

In-depth knowledge should be equal to your ability to execute — so you don't turn into a keyboard warrior.

Here's the thing:

Sheer repetitions won't get you there.

Partials will. Look:

For a small spot like that, you don't scrub the whole plate. Just that part.

Don't pet it with your finger... use your nail. And press hard.

And since it's giving you a hard time — lean into it.

Improving Tobikomi-Nagashizuki is no different.

Don't do the full move including the ritual if all you want is correct your foot position. That's like scrubbing the whole plate to get rid of a small spot...

Quick question: Do you think Usain Bolt get's told to run faster?

Or do you think he uses fine tuned training methods along with key points and spot on verbal cues?


Now think about Nagashizuki...

You don't want to hear "punch faster", but what and how you should do so your punch becomes faster. 

You don't want to hear "imagine avoiding the attack",  "bring your back leg across", "point your foot there", "keep your shoulders down" or "twist your hip"...

...what you need are key points that create movement:

  • So you instantly strike moving offline, without your back leg still moving after you punch.
  • So you correctly use your hip caused by 1 key point that creates high-level hip movement (don't twist).
  • So you automatically position your front and back foot properly while increasing striking power at the same time.
  • So you undetectably use your elbow to control centerline applying Nagasu, Inasu and Noru all at once.

Ohtsuka sensei would be proud.

Anyway — the problem is how you practise. 

❌ "Today we practise Nagashizuki".

Instead of

✅ "Let's work on front foot positioning mechanics of Nagashizuki".

It's time to zoom in. Highlight. Emphasise.

Use reliable key points. Hyper-target areas like the top of your hip bone. Movement dynamics that create a chain of events — like domino.

Apply the key point and let your body take care of the rest.

You visualise and execute precisely that, so when you look down to check your foot position, you can't believe it yourself:

Fixed. Automagically 🪄 

Another thing:

❌ Curriculum and proper-form lovers always go for the demo on the left.

 And that's exactly the reason why it takes them a lifetime, or why they never get a proper skill level at all.  

Best case scenario you get good at the official execution, without ability to apply it...

...or to have it affect your knowledge and skill overall.

How I know?

I used to train like that untill I understood Karate fundamentals. And teaching.

The solution is simple ⬇️

The "official" curriculum-style Tobikomi-Nagashizuki is the END RESULT.

Most instructors will only show the end result. And tell you what surface stuff needs fixing.

  • Direction of front foot.
  • More hip twist.
  • Punch straight.
  • And of course the classic: "more power".

All good, but HOW?

Think back of your schooldays...

You've been taught step by step — gradually getting toward the end result.

Plus: when a specific element needed improvement, you got an assignment that focused SPECIFICALLY on just that.

Why is a lot of "traditional" Karate training revolving around the practise of the end result?

It doesn't make sense from a learning perspective.

That's why this course goes beyond the standardised stuff. So you know not only what direction your foot must point to, but also how to do that.

You discover the full spectrum of each technique plus keys for proper execution.

Key points are what you physically focus on. And what generates the in-depth stuff. 

With Ido Kihon Pro you have access to the what, why and how. 

Total value so far: €1.997,-

And there's more

Kicking techniques

Fair enough. 

It takes more time to explain that Maegeri, Mawashigeri, Sokuto and Ushirogeri are NOT part of JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon... the path of least resistance is adding them to Ido Kihon Pro 👊

Key points + officially-do-it-like-this comments for these kicks are just the start.

Think targets, variations, applications and strategies. So your skills become more versatile.

When you login to the course you'll have access to:

  • Performance-style demonstrations and slow motion moves from different angles so you can see how it's done
  • Keypoint-based explanations that not tell you to lift your knee, but HOW to lift your knee. So you can progress exponentially faster
  • Tactics and strategies that reveal how to apply the basic techniques so you at least double the odds of using them effectively
  • Variations like Mawashigeri with the instep of ball of the foot, and how that increases your versatility and adaptability so you always have a kick ready to launch
  • Training methods that unlock powerful skills that regular up-and-down-the-dojo training doesn't address well.

fabulous inspiration

You describe it so detailed it's difficult not to get the point. Thanks A LOT for this fabolous inspiration.

LENA  //  Wadokai Norway

renrakuwaza complete

How do you transform static basics into dynamic movement that you can apply in sparring and combat?

In education there's something called "the continuous learning line". As a professional school teacher I naturally look for this...

...but after analysing many syllabi I found a ton of inconsistancies — especially in Renrakuwaza.

Most syllabi lack logical progression: It should be seemless from 8th kyu till 5th Dan.

For Wadokai Holland I felt obligated to create a new framework that includes the best from Ishikawa's syllabus. Plus the best from Sakagami.

Result: 18 Renrakuwaza — logically structured so you can develop your skills step by step.

Even if you're not interested to switch syllabus, it's a great framework to use in your classes. 

And simply: to improve your transitions and ability to connect one technique to the other.

Total value now: €3.291,-

And you get this too

get 6 bonuses for FREE if you decide now (452 euro value)

Your official basics up and down the Dojo come with Mawatte Jodan Uke, Gedan Barai, and a punch on the spot. That's why you're getting 4 "Mini Series". That's 12 videos revealing specifics of the techniques — training methods included. Follow along and add the exercises to your regime 👊


"Gems of jodan uke" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] How the hip joint position affects your movement, so you always know which stance to use to achieve your goal — for example: Naihanchi and Shiko Dachi have completely opposite functions (you'll see)

✅ [VIDEO 2] Use "The Vertical Axis Method" to merge Jodan Uke with Wado Taisabaki while keeping perfect balance.

✅ [VIDEO 3] The "Fall-In Combo Method" unlocks your ability to add momentum + high-level mechanics in step by step training so progress is inevitable.


"Secrets Of Morote Uke"

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] Revealed: The ideal position of both arms, and how that relates to not only other techniques but fundamentally to naturally strong alignment.

✅ [VIDEO 2] Use "The Dynamic Elbow Method" to create sharpness, stability and a high power output without more effort (this is the Budo minimum effort maximum effect expression at work)

✅ [VIDEO 3] How to use "The Sai-Ready Method" to forge compression skills and step up your game to internal level techniques.


"Great at gyakuzuki" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] How "The Stationary Method" allows you to focus on hip twisting and axis rotation to get more power in your punch.

✅ [VIDEO 2] Discover "The Shifting Method" to develop the whole-body skill so you won't punch with your arm alone and rely on muscle strength.

✅ [VIDEO 3] Use "Center Gliding" to move dynamically so that you can adjust the distance and connect your techniques.


"Shoulderblade striking" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] How to emphasise shoulderblade movement with "The Double Shoulder Method" so you can turn dormant or even absent shoulder movement into sophisticated skill.

✅ [VIDEO 2] Discover how the Neko Ashi Dachi "Back Foot Secret" connects shoulderblade to whole body movement so you can easily make your punches more heavy.

✅ [VIDEO 3] "The Ultimate Feedback Method" not only tests your shoulderblade skill, but also isolates and forges it so you can take your techniques to the next level.


"Maegeri Mastery" 

VALUE €27,-

✅ [VIDEO 1] Discover the key points of Maegeri that you focus on when you're in the Dojo (the stuff you need to perform a good kick).

✅ [VIDEO 2] Revealed: The 6 elements of Maegeri plus methods to improve each one individually so you can take your front kick to the next level easily.

✅ [VIDEO 3] How to use a bag to improve your kick (not how most people use it).


"the Follow-Along classes" 

VALUE €317,-

your investment

✅ Ido Kihon Pro — Value €1.997,-

✅ Keriwaza & Renrakuwaza Complete — Value €1.294,-

✅ [BONUS] The Mini Series — Value €135,-

✅ [BONUS] The Follow-Along Classes — Value €317,-

✅ [SECRET BONUS] Mastering Mawatte — Value €27,-

TOTAL VALUE: € 3.770,-

now just 97 euro

Fill out your details to get access now!

why you should take my course?

The last 23 years, I’ve studied tirelessly under Japanese instruction, published several books (The Hardcover Bestseller Wado No Michi being one of them) and scripted, directed and shot THOUSANDS of videos. 

Shooting for the 2-disc DVD "Wadokai Karate Curriculum" that eventually transformed into The Digi Dojo.

Photoshoot for Yokoyama Kancho's "Principles of Karate".

I’ve guided senior instructors throughout Europe in person through seminars and private training. 

Using effective keypoint-based explanations and tailored training methods, they managed to get to the next level and improve techniques they had been working on for decades.

And it’s exactly these teachings that you get inside Ido Kihon Pro.

While I'm putting the final touches on the course, you get access for just 97 euro.

It's the accumulation of all my years of study and research — neatly explained through articles and videos so you have access to eleborated Japanese level instruction too.


join now!

If you want to enjoy training, feel happy and energised, get Ido Kihon Pro.

Study the key points, practise along and get more excited then ever about punches like Junzuki. 

The knowledge inside Ido Kihon Pro is why the grandmasters never get fed up with the "simple" punches they learned the first time they entered the Dojo.

You'll be blown away and feel like a white belt again. 

— In a good way 👊 

PS: Want a beautiful looking technique that's also effective?

This course reveals JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon in depth — unlike you've ever seen before.

Your investment is not € 3.770,- but only 97 euro if you join right now.

PPS: If you join now you get 7 bonuses valued at €479,- for FREE. Do the methods and follow the classes to boost your skills and enjoy training at home under high-level instruction.

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