BLACK FRIDAY is coming!


Boost your ability move and attack with your whole body — from the deepest fundamentals to official Ido Kihon & renrakuwaza, all the way to the Almost-Forgotton Authentic techniques of traditional karate

In Mastering Shiyobui you'll discover how to move, kick and punch with your whole body using not only your fist but the oldschool forms as well. So your Karate becomes truly effective and versatile.

✅ 29 Effective Te & Ashi Waza (basics+applications)

✅ 10 JKF-Wadokai Ido Kihon

✅ Fundamental Movement Collection + assessments

✅ eBook Mastering Shiyobui

✅ Official kicking techniques (Maegeri, Mawashigeri...etc)

✅ 18 Renraku Waza (the complete framework)

2: ultimate uke waza

Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Plus Matching Pairwork And Training Methods To Make Them Work Against Anything That Comes At You — Self-Defense Included

Thanks to Ultimate Uke Waza you'll know how to block, use your blocks as attacks and control your opponent. All the way from fundamental key points to self-defense applications.

✅ 19 Uke Waza (keypoints, drills & applications)

✅ Uke Waza eBook

✅ 3 eBooks Sanbon Kumite (Chudan, Jodan & maegeri uke)

✅ 30 Sanbon Kumite (Ishikawa style)

✅ Templates for Ido Ho

✅ 2 Full follow-along online classes

✅ 26 Ippon Kumite (Sakagami style)

3: keys to crisp kata

Discover The below-the-surface Keys To Perform Crisp Kata and execute Effective Applications So your techniques become sharper in no-time

Keys To Crisp Kata reveals full in-depth analysis of all 15 Wadokai Kata: move-by-move explanations, video walkthroughs, key points and seminar footage. All so you know exactly what to focus on and how to practise to take your skill to Japanese level. Kata applications included.

✅ Profound and fundamental Kata theory

✅ 15 In-Depth Wadokai Kata presentations (images, explanations & videos)

✅ eBook Tachikata

✅ [PREMIUM] The Stances Masterclass

✅ The Advanced Lecture

✅ eBook Kata Applications & Analysis

✅ 15 Kata Walkthroughs and Seminar recordings

✅ Full Seminar-level Kata classes — as if you're there.

4: advanced wado kumite

Discover Fundamental Keys Of Advanced Wado Kumite That Take Your Wado From Average To Excellent

Advanced Wado Kumite covers Kihon Kumite, Kumite Gata, Tanto Dori and Idori competely. With details only a few top instructors know so you can make your skill look effortless too while being highly effective.

✅ 10 Kihon Kumite

✅ 10 Kumite Gata

✅ Analysis of Kihon Kumite & Kumite Gata Martial theory

✅ Fundamentals & principle-based key points (+ applications)

✅ 7 Tanto Dori

✅ 7 Idori

✅ eBook Tai No Ido

✅ 3x eBook: Kihon Kumite, Tanto Dori & Idori

✅ In-Depth explanations, Pro Videos, Seminar Footage

✅ [BONUS] Japanese Level Taisabaki 

5: the journey to henka waza

Achieve Freedom Of Movement Through Ohyo Kumite And Henka Waza So You Can React To Any Change And Control Your Opponent

The Journey To Henka Waza guides you to the final stage of training that allows you to transform techniques in a flash. On the spot. The Journey reveals the framework you need to break the form and achieve freedom of movement so you can react to any change and stay ahead of your opponent.

✅ Deep-dive lecture into "what is" & "how to" of Henka Waza

✅ 5 Keys To Henka Waza

✅ 8 Henka Waza to develop adaptability & freedom of movement

✅ Ohyo Kumite eBook from Wado No Michi

✅ 8 Ohyo Kumite (move-by-move images & explanations + walkthrough videos)

✅ Ishikawa Sensei DVD: Ohyo Kumite

✅ [BONUS] Ashi Barai In Action, Nailing Nage Waza & Core of Kote Gaeshi

✅ [BONUS] The Nage Waza Collection


black friday 2020 special

No matter how many key points, drills, methods and hacks you know — you can improve even faster if you know which ones YOU need to address right now.

If you already know 1+1 and 3+4, you don't need to practise that. Obviously...

In Karate this is no different, but the trouble this:

It's not easy to know your "1+1". You maybe repeating stuff that's simply a waste of your time.

So especially and ONLY for BF2020:


"Personally Tailored Training Method"

VALUE €47,-

Take your techniques to the next level now with a personally tailored method.

It's simple: send me a 30 sec video of your basics or Kata. I'll analyse your movement and give you the training method that you need right now.

*Assessing your Karate and designing a you-specific training method is normally only part of the Video Review Intensive (€297). This can't be purchased outside an intensive and won't be available for a long time.


"Video Review Intensive"

VALUE €976,-

Pick a Kata. Film your performance and send it to me.

For 6 weeks straight.

I'll personally assess your movement and provide you with a weekly review and key point bulletlist so you'll know what to focus on to execute the techniques correctly. I'll even shoot videos of specific methods to make sure you get a skill boost in no-time.

You'll be on fire to work on your key points every day so you can see big improvements in your performance. 

We'll build your momentum together so nothing is holding you back to crush 2021. Turn in into the year that you got the biggest improvement of your Karate techniques. 

From all purchases, a winner will emerge that I'll guide for well over a month so your New Years resolutions will have accountability like no other.

In short:

✅ Gameplan Video Call (value €197)

✅ 6-Week Video Review Intensive (value €582)

✅ Key Point Bulletlist (value 197)


✅ Private Review Page (PRICELESS)