FROM: AJ van Dijk — Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: "11 Days of Awesome"

Dear Martial Artist,

When my birthday comes up I want to do something special.

Last year I turned 36, so I gave out 36 hours of Elite access for free. 

This year I'm turning 37...

37% off is boring. 37 euro too.

I can't really make anything from that number. Then I figured my birthday is 11 June.

"11 Days of Awesome" it is!

From 1 until 11 June...

  • You get MASSIVE discount on course combos so you can stack your skills — like "Ultimate Uke Waza" + "Mastering Meotode".
  • You get a different offer EVERY DAY plus a free goodie in your inbox that boosts your knowlegde and skill.
  • And there's a €224,- "Extra Awesomeness Edition" waiting for you as well...

Sounds good?

Today's offer is...




"Ultimate Uke Waza" + "Mastering Meotode"

so you can forge an iron defense and lightning fast couterattacks


"Ultimate Uke Waza"

VALUE €2.438,-

Discover The Finer Points Of All Uke Waza ("Blocks") Plus Matching Pairwork And Training Methods To Make Them Work Against Anything That Comes At You — Self-Defense Included.

Thanks to Ultimate Uke Waza you'll know how to block, use your blocks as attacks and control your opponent. All the way from fundamental key points to self-defense applications.


"Mastering Meotode"

VALUE €2.438,-

Increase Your Striking Ability And Turn Your Basics To Life With Level-3 Meotode And Compression Skills Using Yokoyama's Proven-Effective Framework.

Use Yokoyama Kancho's step by step system that he created after a lifelong study. With Mastering Meotode, you'll use both hands effectively so you can control your opponent.

And there's more!



"Extra Awesome Edition"

1/3: wadokai BOOK feat. sakagami & nukina €97,- 27 EURO

Inside the ebook you'll find key points that instantly makes your techniques look better. And principle-based explanations so you can tell right from wrong with confidence.

  • 6 Ido Kihon (From Junzuki to Tobikomi-Nagashizuki)
  • All 5 Pinan Kata on consecutive pages so you can study without turning pages.
  • 5 Kihon Kumite with close-ups revealing targets precisely
  • 5 Kihon Kumite Ohyo that reveal Wado's hidden techniques
  • 5 Tanto Dori demonstrating Wado's Koryu heritage

*The book is sold out. There's no reprint, and the ebook is not sold seperately. But you can get it here.


40 videos feat. Ishikawa sensei. 

  • DVD recordings
  • Demonstrations
  • Seminar footage
  • Private stuff

It's waiting for you inside The Vault.

3/3: The Karate Class Collection €2.575,- 197 Euro

Secure Your Karate Training With 30+ Designed-To-Follow-Along Classes While Improving Your Skill At The Same Time — Including 

Plus: study Fundamentals of Advanced Kata that teach under-the-surface secrets of Kata and core movement. 

value: €2.672,-

Regular pricing €224,-

with today's deal: FREE


It's all yours. It comes with any deal during "11 Days of Awesome".

Fill out your details and secure your killer combo 👇

here's the deal (day 1)

"Ultimate uke waza"

VALUE €2.438,-

✅ Ultimate Uke Waza — Value €997,-

✅ 30 Sanbon & 26 Ippon Kumite — Value €997,-

✅ 10 Ido Ho Templates (incl. exercises) — Value €197,-

✅ 2 Follow-Along Classes — Value €112,-

✅ 5 Mini Series — Value €135,-

"Mastering Meotode"

VALUE €2.091,-

✅ Mastering Meotode — Value €1.597,-

✅ Principles of Karate eBook — Value €297,-

✅ The Meotode Video Vault — Value €197,-

✅ Yokoyama Kancho Seminar Footage — PRICELESS

BONUS: "Extra Awesome Edition"

VALUE €2.672,-

✅ The Karate Class Collection — Value €2.087,-

✅ The Square-Meter Methods — Value €97,-

✅ The Square-Meter Series — Value €197,-

✅ Fundamentals of Advanced Kata — Value €194,-

✅ Wadokai Book feat. Sakagami & Nukina — Value €97,-

✅ The Ishikawa Special — PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: €7.201,-

Regular pricing: 418 euro


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