FROM: AJ van Dijk β€” Chief Instructor Karate & Kobudo, Founder of The Digi Dojo

SUBJECT: "11 Days of Awesome" β€” Day 5

Dear Martial Artist, 

My birthday is around the corner πŸŽ‰

And you know what that means: you get an it's-AJ's-birthday special.

So what's it about this year?

I'm turning 37. 

On 11 June.

Combine that and you get a killer-combo: "11 Days of Awesome" πŸ‘Š 

From 1 until 11 June you can get pretty much all courses with a massive discount. 

Think "Ido Kihon Pro", "Mobility for Martial Arts", "Advanced Wado Kumite" and the beststeller: "Keys to Crisp Kata" β€” to name a few.

Normally sold at pricepoints varying from €97,- till €197,-... can get access for just 37 euro. And they come with 3 out-of-proportion bonuses.

It's my birthday after all πŸ™‚

Every day, there's 1 course on sale β€” at random.

And today's AJ-turns-37 birthday offer is...






Discover The Below-The-Surface Keys To Perform Crisp Kata And Execute Effective Applications So Your Techniques Become Sharper In No-Time

Keys To Crisp Kata reveals full in-depth analysis of all 15 Wadokai Kata: move-by-move explanations, video walkthroughs, key points and seminar footage. You'll know exactly what to focus on and how to practise to take your skill to Japanese level. Kata applications included.

the most in-depth course on the planet

This is one of the first courses, if not the only course, which combines clear pictures and videos with thΓ­s in-depth explanations. In fact, it contains so much information that even for very advanced karate people there's a lot of excellent insights that provide true value for your practise and understanding.

WILLEM UIJLINGS  //  3rd Dan Wadokai, Holland

with KEYS TO CRISP KATA, i help you...

βœ…  to never worry again what is the correct way through images, text, video walkthroughs, in-depth analysis, key point videos and high-level seminar footage.  

On all 15 Wadokai Kata.

I was hooked on Karate right from the start and wanted to know everything.

So I trained as much as I could. Got books, videos. And eversince internet was available to us mere humans I looked everwhere to learn more.

But that only lead to confusion.

Ishikawa said this. Suzuki said that.

And then I saw Ohtsuka sensei's video...

It was really frustrating.

Karate was still fun, but there was always that voice in the back of my head... doubtful. 

Is this the correct way?

Or worse: that after training a certain way for years, it appeared to be "wrong". And Kata changed.

That's the way Karate looks if you have insufficient understanding of the fundamentals.

Today, I don't have to worry or think about variations for a second. 

Or to wonder about what is right.

I enjoy practising Kata will full confidence. And I know exactly what to focus on to get my movement to the next level.

This is what I want for you too. Because it's not a matter of talent, it's about access to the knowledge.

I've been trained "the Japanese way" by Ishikawa sensei. And although he explained if you ask about it, it's just not the same as getting it all layed out clearly from the start.

That's why I created Keys to Crisp Kata.

It gives you everthing you need to develop sharp, solid and effective movement.

Plus the confidence it's fundamentally correct so you can truly enjoy your training without doubt.


Without Keys to Crisp Kata:

❌ You have to look up videos on YouTube. 

❌ You don't get a clear answer. 

❌ And when you compare 3 instructors you'll only confuse yourself more.

Exactly what I had when I didn't have the knowledge and ability.  

Result: you keep changing your Kata on the surface. Running around in circles. Looking back after 10 years realising you haven't progressed much.

And frankly, always in doubt about something that you should have complete confidence in after all those years. 

You need clear and concise answers you can work with. That you can execute right away.

Not cloudy and Zen-like answers that sound good but don't help you. 

And because that's exactly what I went through, I know how you feel. And how you can fix it.

The most efficient and interesting way is through fundamentals so you can:

βœ…  discover the deepest secrets of Wadokai Kata beyond stance, direction and technique β€” Even senior instructors with decades of training under Japanese were impressed by the sheer depth of the explanations.

Without these fundamentals it's very hard to connect the dots which is what keeps you stuck on this level. Or fix one thing at a time.

It deepens your knowledge AND generates momentum because working with the fundamental keys revealed in this course you can...

βœ… fix one move that affects and upgrades the quality of ALL your movement β€” The principle-based key points emerge from the fundamentals so whatever you discover in Pinan Nidan... it applies to every other movement you know as well.

With Keys to Crisp Kata you'll grow exponentially and stay ahead of the rest (they'll respect you for your skill, not your age).

The key points allow you:

βœ…  to understand and apply the high-level techniques easily β€” because the complex stuff is taught with simplicity so you know exactly what to focus on when you execute the technique.

Example: Bringing your arm across is NOT a key point. Because it doesn't tell you HOW to bring it across. Keys to Crisp Kata tells you how:

Leave the "I wish I could do that" days behind you...

You'll go from "knife hand block" to "move your hip the opposite direction" all the way to internal movement with compression and expansion. 

Now you have this knowledge you can practise without any doubts. You can truly enjoy every block and every punch you execute especially because your training is not maintanance but an upgrade.

And now you know exactly what to do, it's time to apply. Time to...

βœ…  create Kata applications even though Wado has no Bunkai. You'll discover why we don't have Bunkai. And how to use Kata.

  • With the eBook Kata Applications and analysis...
  • That contains well over 60 applications...
  • Plus the guide "How to create your own Kata applications"...
  • In combination with the fundamentals, key points and trainingsmethods that are inside Keys to Crisp Kata...'ll finally be able to practise and use Kata the Wado way. 

Download the eBooks, study the explanations and watch the videos to go to the Dojo armed with actionable key points that take your Kata and applications to the next level. 

this course will help keep your kata sharp

Thanks to Keys to Crisp Kata, I have a better understanding of stances as they relate to each other. This will facilitate learning the basics in a way that it β€œsticks” because each stance is not taught in isolation.

This course will help keep your Kata sharp.


what do you get?

Inside Keys to Crisp Kata you'll find move-by-move analysis and applications ranging from Tanren to Kaisetsu and Henka Waza:


βœ… Purpose & Analysis of Kata

βœ… Centerline shifting

βœ… Wado has no Bunkai

βœ… Kaisetsu, Ohyo & Henka

βœ… Kenkyu, Keiko & Renshu


βœ… Tachikata from Wado No Michi

βœ… Kata Applications & Analysis

βœ… Guide: "How To Create Your Own Kata Applications"

 PINAN KATA β€” including 60 applications  

βœ… Pinan Shodan

βœ… Pinan Nidan

βœ… Pinan Sandan

βœ… Pinan Yondan

βœ… Pinan  Godan


βœ… Kushanku

βœ… Naihanchi

βœ… Seishan

βœ… Chinto


βœ… Niseishi

βœ… Rohai

βœ… Bassai

βœ… Jitte

βœ… Wanshu

βœ… Jion


βœ… The Follow-Along Classes

As if you're taking my seminar. There's 9 inside right now, and in time new ones will be added so you have sessions for every Wadokai Kata.

βœ… [PREMIUM] The Stances Masterclass

You get 17 to-the-point videos that reveal the basics as well as fundamental skills so you can take stances properly and sharply. 

You discover how to move in a way that generates your stance AND fuels the speed and power of your technique. All in one.

βœ… The Advanced Lecture

In this 3-part videoseries you'll find what top-instructors (Sakagami, Yokoyama & Yanagawa) think about stances and how that affects their training and result β€” that they never disclose in public seminars. 

βœ… The Mini Series "Keys of Kokutsu Dachi"

This cherry-on-the-cake series contains the perfect example of surface level correction versus fundamenal understanding that allows you to upgrade your body movevement (instead of fixing your foot postion).

And there's more!



"The Extra Awesome Edition"

1/3: wadokai BOOK feat. sakagami & nukina β‚¬97,- 27 EURO

Inside the ebook you'll find key points that instantly makes your techniques look better. And principle-based explanations so you can tell right from wrong with confidence.

  • 6 Ido Kihon (From Junzuki to Tobikomi-Nagashizuki)
  • All 5 Pinan Kata on consecutive pages so you can study without turning pages.
  • 5 Kihon Kumite with close-ups revealing targets precisely
  • 5 Kihon Kumite Ohyo that reveal Wado's hidden techniques
  • 5 Tanto Dori demonstrating Wado's Koryu heritage

*The book is sold out. There's no reprint, and the ebook is not sold seperately. But you can get it here.

2/3: THE ISHIKAWA SPECIAL β€” Priceless

40 videos feat. Ishikawa sensei. 

  • DVD recordings
  • Demonstrations
  • Seminar footage
  • Private stuff

It's waiting for you inside The Vault.

3/3: The Karate Class Collection €2.575,- 197 Euro

Secure Your Karate Training With 30+ Designed-To-Follow-Along Classes While Improving Your Skill At The Same Time β€” Including 

Plus: study Fundamentals of Advanced Kata that teach under-the-surface secrets of Kata and core movement. 

value: €2.672,-

Regular pricing €224,-

with today's deal: FREE


It's all yours. It comes with any deal during "11 Days of Awesome".

Fill out your details and secure your killer combo πŸ‘‡

here's the deal (day 5)

"Keys to Crisp Kata"

VALUE €3.969,-

βœ… Keys to Crisp Kata β€” Value €2.997,-

βœ… 9 Follow-Along Kata Classes β€” Value €551,-

βœ… [PREMIUM] The Stances Masterclass  β€” Value €297,-

βœ… The Advanced Lecture β€” Value €97,-

βœ… Keys of Kokutsu Dachi β€” Value €27,-

BONUS: "The Extra Awesome Edition"

VALUE €2.672,-

βœ… The Karate Class Collection β€” Value €2.087,-

βœ… The Square-Meter Methods β€” Value €97,-

βœ… The Square-Meter Series β€” Value €197,-

βœ… Fundamentals of Advanced Kata β€” Value €194,-

βœ… Wadokai Book feat. Sakagami & Nukina β€” Value €97,-

βœ… The Ishikawa Special β€” PRICELESS

TOTAL VALUE: €6.641,-

Regular pricing: 321 euro


a deeper understanding of wado karate

If you want to get a deeper understanding of Wado karate, this course is a real treasure. The detailed explanations and comprehensive illustrations, especially on the form, execution, and principles behind wado Kata makes it one of the best out there.

ANDY ARDELEAN  //  4th Dan Wadokai, Germany

no more doubts about techniques

Keys to Crisp Kata is an amazing course. I use it so I have no more doubt about technical criteria. You learn many keys to work your basics and applications that you need as an athlete as well as a teacher.

JP TORNATORE  //  4th Dan President Wadokai Belgium

get keys to crisp kata with unshakeable samurai-like confidence!

It's simple. If you take the course and apply the techniques you WILL see results. 100% Guaranteed. 

So if you don't, simply send me a video within 30 days of your training so I can see it doesn't work for you. When I see you do the training properly and it really doesn't work, I'll refund your investment the very same day.

From average to excellent with zero risk thanks to our 30 day board-breaking guarantee!

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