Ohyo Kumite Is The Bridge Between Kata And Kumite

purpose of ohyo kumite

"That should be in Ohyo Kumite"

Ishikawa sensei told me straight.

He interrupted me to teach me something important.

And you'll learn exactly what, why and how today through these 12 videos on Ohyo Kumite.

But let me finish the flashback first before I let you know what the videos are all about.👇

Ohyo Kumite




"That should be in Ohyo Kumite"

And I was like.. "huh?" 🤔

You see - I LOVED sharing my ideas with him.

I could go on and on. With confidence.

BUT: When he said I was wrong, I never argued.

I would sit down and think...

Why was I wrong? What did I miss?

And in this case: WHY should that be in Ohyo Kumite?

How I ended up in that situation? Well..

I had a strong belief which I shared. And he broke it.

Only to build it back up again supplying me with the keys that I needed to understand Ohyo Kumite.

The keys come down to ONE THING.

The ONE Thing You Need To Make Ohyo Kumite Work

In this 12 minute video, you'll learn EXACTLY how to get the most out of Ohyo Kumite. To use it what it is designed for. 

Discover the ONE THING and how that affects the result of your training.

Eventually I found out that WITHOUT that one thing, all else falls apart.

You know... Before I understood, Ohyo Kumite was a form.

But let me tell you: Ohyo Kumite IS NOT A FORM.

From the day I started to realise that, my Ohyo Kumite TOTALLY TRANSFORMED.

So can yours.

Do you see how important it is to understand...

  • ...the template and DETAILS of all Ohyo Kumite?
  • ...what the PURPOSE of the series is?
  • ...what MINDSET you should have?
  • ...HOW you should practise?

I thought so 😃

So here's my advice:


Learn the one thing TODAY to add MASSIVE VALUE to your training.

All Ohyo Kumite From Ishikawa Sensei's DVD