Meotode means using two hands in harmony

meotode is advanced karate skill

Using two hands together is called Meotode.

夫 means husband and 婦 means wife. Together, they (夫婦) also mean pair or couple. A husband and wife should live in harmony and coexist with each other, not leading separate lives. Well, they could but in that case you may wonder why they got together in the first place?

The foundation of Meotode lies in controlling the centre line with both hands, not just one hand.

Most of the time when taking Kamae, the front hand is considered to control with the back hand ready to strike. This kind of Kamae is fine for beginners, but when you are becoming a more seasoned Karateka, your Kamae should have Meotode.

It is like Ohtsuka sensei said: "Meotode Ni Kamaeru".

This can be roughly translated into Take Kamae with Meotode or Kamae should have Meotode. It is a waste of potential, if you only use one hand when you have two. 

So what is Meotode?

  1. Meotode is using both hands continuously, one after the other.
  2. Meotode is using the left and right hand at the same time.
  3. Meotode is using one hand to control the other to strike.

To understand these three applications better, I recorded a video series for you.

here's why meotode works

Weird right? Claiming that 3 moves are faster than 2 seems a fantasy. Watch me prove otherwise easily.

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the mini series
the meotode crash course

You can't go wrong with these methods to develop Meotode.

These are the methods that I used myself to develop my skill. In fact, I still use them to get sharper. Faster. More effecient. 

meotode as a follow up

1,2,3. Without stopping and that means filling all gaps in space and time. 

using two hands at the same time

Logically it seems faster to use both hands at the same time, one for attack and one for defence.

use hikite in your meotode

It's common knowlegde that you can use your retracting hand (Hikite) to grab your opponent. And how does that relate to Meotode and your training?

meotode seminar footage

I have a SD card with my 2017 seminar on it - but it wont read the card... You can watch footage from my 2013 and 2014 seminars though. If you know how to fix a memory card that doesnt work anymore due to short circuit issues, mail me at please. 

meotode seminar 2013

This 8 minute video is packed with applications of various types of Meotode.

meotode seminar 2014

What happens if you apply Meotode to Kata movement?

typical wado meotode

Yokoyama Kancho and myself have had many in depth Karate conversations. Before watching the videos bear in mind that he stressed: "Meotode is not the techniques".

wado meotode in combination

Towards practical fighting that is. Apart from Meotode you learn how to transform static type of Taisabaki to flowing movement that you can apply.

change your centre line

One of the keys in Wado is NOT to twist your body. It's to change your centre line. 

shuto uchi to empi

Usually in Kaisetsu from Pinan Yondan, It's Haishu Uke first, then Shuto Uchi. If you use our typical Wado Taisabaki and Meotode however... That becomes one movement.

meotode otoshi uke

This Kata is from Sakagami sensei's Ippon Kumite Tsuki Uke - number 10 to be precise. You may recognise movement from Kihon Kumite 5, which also includes this type of Otoshi Uke.

nagashi gyakuzuki

Twisting deeply on the ball of the foot is fine for beginners. After that hough, you are looking for something more profound. Here it is...

nagashizuki with meotode

In basic Nagashizuki, Hikite is in front of the chest meaning that it t can be used to attack or for defence. In this video, I demonstrate both. 

nagashizuki and takedown with meotode

Simply one of my favorites which has a lot of important elements inside one Kumite.

soto uke with meotode

soto uke to urazuki

Strictly speaking, this amount of Meotode can be considered a bit much. BUT: This Kumite is excellent if you want to install the typical follow up movement.

soto uke to nage Waza

This video shows you exactly how I build my class from the ground up. From basic Soto Uke to advanced Meotode with Nage Waza.

nagashi Uke to Shuto uchi

PACKED. Step by step methods, variations in speed for lerning and training methods to hardwire.

soto uke to shuto uchi

Why "block" with two hands? Here's why:

use meotode to attack

As with any movement, it should not be for one purpose only. And remember Kancho said Meotode is not the techniques. It's the principle. 

use a three beat

1: Distract. 2: Close gap. 3: Strike.

For example 🙂

a two beat works too

This rhythm is different. And you need to learn both ways.


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